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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5/25/2011: Good Support Is Less Political Bickering, More Of Following One Logical Standpoint

We Are! Minute!: Not very massive six rows deep as of late.

Apparently in 2011 the Nordeckehas lost it's punch. Myself, who was so invested in the whole Nordecke thing (hell I even suggested the Nordecke name), saw the writing on the wall and believed the Nordecke was beginning to lose it's punch in the second half of 2009.

The Nordecke was becoming less rambunctious, passionate, creative, and less volatile (becoming less volatile was possibly the only good change that occurred from the FO stepping in after the KC game stoppage and other events in early 2009). The Nordecke was also much more concerned with what the FO thought about every supporter issue (swearing getting out of control, YSA chant, etc.).. Which was fine, the north corner that we call home is the front offices property (tell that to ultras groups in Poland or Italy), but I understand were in America and some behavior was unnecessary. On the other hand, in the process of getting rid of the unnecessary behavior, some of the harmless support and passion was stamped out unintentionally in the process.

In late 2008 and early 2009, when the front office started laying down their foot, it was part necessary and part the fault of the supporters group leaders for not doing it themselves in a way that would have maybe curtailed some of the stamping. In the process some of the changes took away what made the Nordecke a success, and well interesting and appealing.

Eventually, the front office posted rules in front of every supporters entrance. That wasn't a big issue (as most of the rules concerned legitimate issues like throwing objects on the field and racial, ethnic, or religious-slanted language). But, then after the KC game in early 2009, the front office took the advice of the SG(supporter group) leaders that the issues were coming from outsiders migrating to the section. So, logically if this was true, the front office needed to shut down access to the Nordecke for anyone who didn't have a season ticket or single game ticket in the Nordecke.

And they did.. Which shutdown the second half migration where the Nordecke grew as the game went on.

This Nordecke Lockdown didn't make sense for a number of reasons:
1.) An outsider could still purchase a single game ticket in the Nordecke and cause a racial and smoke bomb throwing ruckus.
2.) Outsiders and migrating fans from the family-orientated seats are usually more passive in their support in comparison to Nordecke regulars. Therefore, these outsiders were usually migrating over, as a response to the passion in the section, and to get a taste for the section to see if this passionate way of supporting was for them.

So, by recommending to prevent these potential Nordecke supporters from migrating over, in the most mind numbing way, the SG leaders were messing up the growing surge of potential Nordecke supporters by failing to place blame on the Nordecke.

As a result, it comes as no shock to me that our numbers have been down ever since or that there's less electricity/magic in the corner.
3.) Finally, the diehard Nordecke supporter from 2008-early 2009 was responsible for any issue in the section at that time. It made no sense that an outsider, probably at their first or second Crew game, would have enough of an emotional connection to the club to throw a smoke bomb or beer cup on the field, yell a racial slur, throw a handful of streamers, or fight a bunch of West Ham United fans. Or try to stop a corner kick as in the KC game. Or start a You Suck Asshole chant. The list goes on.

An outsider just isn't emotionally invested enough in the team to cause that much trouble and put themselves on the line or get that pissed about the other team scoring or taking a corner kick.

Sure, a newbie trying to impress others in the corner may have been responsible for taking part or starting some of these issues. But, I find it unlikely that the blocking of migrating fans curtailed all or any of the issues caused by possible new "troublemakers" or season ticket holding, Nordecke mainstay "troublemakers.." Instead, I think increased security, increased SG self-policing, and increased persecution from police for smoke bomb throwing caused a more-subdued, less volatile Nordecke.

Nevertheless, unintentionally, the only result of making the Nordecke a non-open seating section was that it curtailed some of the passion at games and the continual growth of the section.

Now that we got that little nugget of an issue out of the way, let's go to issue number two:

First off I agree with LaMacchia's point number one, especially the bolded-

1 – The Nordecke is not a free-for-all party, it's a rally to support The Crew. That's all. There are a lot of people this year saying that the Nordecke, and therefore Crew Stadium, has lost it's punch. A large part of the reason people are saying this is because it has become about individuals, or groups of individuals, and not about the Crew. No good. I've heard from many people – some from outside Columbus – that the Nordecke has become a laughing stock. Is that what you want? Is that what you're buddy with the vuvuzela wants?

It's always been half about individuals and half about supporting the Crew. Let's face it.

It's the most logical reason for getting involved in a supporters group for a soccer club no matter if your on this side of the ocean or in Europe. Some individuals just never get noticed in real life, so they try to become a big deal by becoming a supporters group leader.

I had this problem a bit back in 2008.. My dad passed away, we lost our house, I felt a bit downgraded by society so tried to make myself a big deal elsewhere.

I pushed the envelope by throwing countless loan bucks into banners and etc.. And this leads me to another problem with the Nordecke.

7 – Make a banner, or two-stick, or flag. I can honestly say I've never done this, and I regret it every gameday. Have you seen Section 8 in Chicago? Or The Cauldron in KC? Or the Sons of Ben in Philly? You can do that, you have done that, you should do it more

The Nordecke has a problem with lazyiness.. Always had one. If it had half the focus of the Timbers Army or ECS on banners and etc., instead of getting drunk and acting like a lame ass fool we would be 10 times as good as 2008.

Everyone wants to say make a banner. But, is anyone willing to pick up a brush or coordinate anything. No. Do they wish to criticize or tell someone who does pick up a brush and throw a couple bills at the project what to do. Yes.

This has always been a main problem with the Nordecke.. Everyone has a point of view, no one wants to take action to prove their point of view correct.

And more importantly, there's too many leaders not enough followers. It's always been this way. We need more yes men, that will shutup and follow a capo. We got too many people who are like look at me.

Well trust me, I've had this website. I've been in the papers a little before (Toronto Sun, Norweigan soccer mag, 614 Magazine). But, there is no fame or glam or money that comes out of being a soccer hooligan. So, just shutup.. Follow a capo with a megaphone.. Everyone put in 2 or 3 bucks for a crowd display that fills the whole Nordecke area.. And will command so much more respect.