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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6/30/2010: $1 Dollar Draft Beers For July 14th Against KC


This is what happens against Kansas City with $10 dollar beers (fast forward to 2:57 mark):

Which makes you wonder of all the possibilities against KC when you make the beer price $1 dollar at Crew Stadium.

Should be a bit interesting. Glad I can make it and take advantage of the cheap drinking fest.

6/30/2010: Crew Sneak Past Rochester, While Other MLS Teams Fail

Lenny's 94th minute strike gives the Crew striker confidence, gives team ticket to U.S. Open Cup Quarterfinals.

Apparently some teams can do without $100,000 extra dollars; as both the New York Red Bulls and Chicago Fire fell to the Harrisburg City Islanders and Charleston Battery respectively in U.S. Open Cup play. These were two USL-2 clubs. The Columbus Crew, on the other hand, were able to move on last night against the USL-1 Rochester Rhinos in the third round. The Crew beat the Rochester Rhinos 2-1 on a late goal by Steven Lenhart. The result should help erase some thoughts of the Crew's early exit in 2009 at the hands of the Rhinos.

The road from here to the finals for the Columbus Crew is rather easy. All the Crew have to do now is beat the Charleston Battery at home on Tuesday next week and the Crew will be in the Semifinals. From there, the Crew will likely just have to beat two MLS teams to lift the U.S. Open Cup and gain a $100,000 dollar payday. Beat one USL-2 team and one MLS team and the Crew will get $50,000.

The Crew didn't have the best of games last night. Duka and Francis both received their first meaningful starts, as the Crew played a mix of seven starters and four reserves.

The game winner was a relief to Lenhart (who has been on a bit of a scoring hiatus) as the 94th minute flick will improve Lenhart's confidence. A confidence that wasn't helped, this previous weekend, when Lenhart was gifted the penalty kick duties by Schelotto and missed a nice opportunity to get on the scoresheet in stoppage time against D.C. United. The 2-1 last minute goal by Lenhart was also a relief to the whole Columbus side, as none of them wanted to play extra time.

"We just didn't want to stick around," Lenhart said. "No one wanted (to play 120 minutes). We didn't play well, but it was a relief."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/2010: One Minuto, Sergio Herrera Released By Crew

Some overseas signings work for a club and some blow up in your face. The Crew, Warzycha (and Sigi), and Bliss were able to capture some gems such as Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Gino Padula, Adam Moffat, Emilio Renteria, and some inconsistent gems such as Emmanuel Ekpo. But, Sergio Herrera apparently was not one of them. As the Crew's midas touch in the transfer market dimmed a bit on that acquisition. But, the Crew were likely overdue for a mulligan and that mulligan appeared to be Sergio Herrera.

But are the Crew to blame for overvaluing Herrera and deciding to go through with the transfer? Herrera was a Columbian with top experience coming off a strong few seasons with a strike rate of over a goal every third game for Deportivo Cali (93 appearances, 33 goals) from 2007 to 2009. Herrera also played 11 times for the Columbian national team. One would of thought that Herrera could be the missing piece up top that the Crew desperately needed.

However, Columbian fans warned Crew fans online that this could all be a red herring as Herrera was not fit and had injuries (not passing two physicals in December of 2009 with top Columbian clubs). Apparently, this was something the Crew missed and paid for later.

As the Crew paid Herrera nice wages for 1 minute. The Crew also waived Bright Dike, a first round pick, who is killing it right now in Portland. The thing I find odd is why put enough faith behind a guy to take him in the first round or transfer for him and not even give that player a full regular season game to see what he has to give? As practice is practice, you see what a player really has to offer in a game that matters.

Dike is trying his best with the Portland Timbers to show the Crew they were wrong by letting him go. Hopefully, there is no repeat with Herrera but I think we'll be safe there.

Monday, June 28, 2010

6/28/2010: Crew First Rounder Bright Dike Finding Form With Timbers, 4 Goals In 2 Games

If you thought being cut as a first rounder from the Columbus Crew would be a death keel for Bright Dike, think again. The striker is now starting for the Portland Timbers and combining with fellow Crew forward George Josten for goals. Bright registered his first goal with the Timbers in a 1-0 win over the FC Tampa Bay Rowdies and Dike could find his way back to MLS as a starting striker for the Timbers when Portland joins MLS in 2011.

Dike's good form started the previous Tuesday with a hat trick in a 4-1 win over the PDL Kitsap Pumas in the U.S. Open Cup. Four goals in two games has to make Crew fans wonder if Dike would've been the better option over Herrera as another striker option for the Crew? Dike will look to continue his form this Wednesday as the Timbers face off against rivals the Seattle Sounders in the U.S. Open Cup.

Highlights of Dike's goals (Dike also was robbed twice by the post against the Rowdies):

6/28/2010: A Lot of Locker Room Drama For The Crew In A 2-Nil Win

In Saturday's game, the Columbus Crew had their chances and so did D.C. United early on. The Crew converted their opportunities and had a little bit of luck on a Schelotto handball to get themselves back to their winning ways. The Crew won the game 2-nil in front of a happy sea of over 15,000 fans decked in yellow. But, the Crew seem oddly far from happy overall in the locker room after the win.

A couple of points of concern..
1. Oddly, Warzycha berated Crew star Guillermo Barros Schelotto for ceding the penalty duties to an unconfident Lenhart. Guillermo was just attempting to give Lenhart a boost of confidence with the team already up 2-nil in the 92nd minute. The Columbus Dispatch touched on this and it's definitely odd and a concern in my opinion as well. As I feel that Warzycha should save the battles with Guillermo for another day when he actually does something really wrong (well maybe that is the worst thing Guillermo has ever done in the last few years).

Warzycha said on his frustration with Schelotto ceding the penalty:
"There’s no way they would come back from 3-0 down but as everyone says 2-0 is the worst (lead) in soccer.” Warzycha said.

But, who scores two goals in the 92nd minute with a minute remaining in the game. An odd time to get mad at one of your most influential strikers.

2. Lenhart was M.I.A. from the locker room after the game. Unhappy with his form and likely unhappy to be dropped to the bench.

3. Sergio Herrera was M.I.A. from practice today for "family reasons" which in soccer terms means transfer or we'll likely never see Sergio Herrera again. Kevin "Superstar Savior" Burns is back in practice, and that likely means that Herrera's few minutes of play for the Crew earlier this year may be his last. An odd relationship the Crew have had with Herrera, who was supposed to be our star striker and ended up being a flickering, bench-riding disappointment.

4. Dilly Duka, who looked very promising in a friendly against PDL side- Dayton Dutch Lions- this previous week, is overly frustrated with his lack of a role with the Columbus Crew. The young, talented midfielder has only dressed for three games this season and unless something changes will likely look to ply his trade with another MLS team by the 2011 offseason.

5. Emmanuel Ekpo is unhappy with his time as of late with the Crew and has been nearly snatched up with a Turkish Super Lig side.

So, the question is who is happy at the moment with the Crew? As this has to be the largest ammount of visibly frustrated players on the Crew that I can remember pre-2008. It's suprising for the first place team in the Eastern Conference. And, maybe that's what you get with too many talents and not enough spots for them to play?

Anyways, I think Warzycha needs to find out who is with the ship and who is not during the transfer time of this Summer. It may be time to cut Herrera and a couple of others that may bring the ship down.

The one positive for the Crew, other than getting on the winning route again, is that the Crew are finally playing Renteria as a starter continuously. The guy is balling out at the moment and is a great addition to the starting eleven, even outside on the wing.

The Crew will try to keep building on the positives (and maybe give Duka, Ekpo, Lenhart, Oughton, etc. a start to build overall team morale) in their next matchup which is tomorrow against the Rochester Rhinos in the U.S. Open Cup at 7:30 p.m., Columbus Crew Stadium.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

6/20/2010: Dutch Lions vs. Crew Pictures

Many high quality pictures from the Dayton Dutch Lions vs. Columbus Crew "Battle of Ohio" can be found on Crew fan website, The Massive Report. Pictures taken by Sam Fahmi and Jason Mowry:


6/20/2010: Dutch Lions vs. Crew Video Footage

Just some video footage before yesterday's game, highlights should be up sometime early Monday:

6-19-2010: Guillermo Signs Autographs After Dutch Lions Game

6-19-2010: Crew vs. Dutch Lions In Game

Saturday, June 19, 2010

6-19-2010: Crew vs. Dutch Lions Pregame Pics

6-19-2010: Dutch Lions vs. Crew Pregame Pics

6/19/2010: Live Audio Webcast Link For Crew vs. Dutch Lions

The Dayton Dutch Lions vs. Columbus Crew live audio stream is here at Teamline:

Friday, June 18, 2010

6/18/2010: Koman Coulibaly A Disgrace, Should Sign Up For Slovenian Passport

The Americans were down 2-0, it looked like their World Cup hopes were done and dusted. I was hanging out at The Pub in Dayton, Ohio; The placed was packed, the atmosphere was jumping, and after 45 minutes there were shocked faces. As I went out to get a cigarette at half (I quit for the last four weeks but the first half was too much), a guy with an American flag draped around his shoulders said, "don't worry man, I'm telling you it's going to be 3-2 us."

I was like, "your off your nut, the U.S. has screwed the pooch again for the second World Cup straight, I'm going to be in shambles for a good few months." But then in the 47th minute, Landon Donovan rifles one into the back of the net.. And everyone was jumping. Then Micheal Bradley made it 2-2 and I almost did a somersault, no way we had a third in us?

Then there it was, a magnificient ball by Landon Donovan and a magnificent finish by Maurice Edu. And seriously, a midwestern bar in the U.S. (11 a.m on a workday) turned into an absolute ruckus, people absolutely jumping up and down, going insane, fully packed, full adrealine and jubalation. 3-2, we got to be in the second round.

I turned around and I see protesting and absolute bullcrap, the goal was called back for a foul that didn't exist. I wind up and hit a wall with my palm open.. And do this to my hand (looks a lot worse than it really was, just a minor cut really). But, ouch it hurt for a good 30 minutes. Thanks a lot Coulibaly..

But, that was just the start of it. Because I was a wee bit drunk at the time, I found my injury predicament a bit amusing because lets face it, I was on my third tall Newcastle at that moment, so for whatever reason I figured I would post it to facebook with a caption about hitting a wall when Coulibaly screwed us. Well, I get a call from a co-worker saying "is everything alright?"

Lol, so thanks Coulibaly, now everyone at work is giving me weird eyeballs and asking if I'm "okay, okay." My day turned into a Zoloft commercial thanks to Coulibaly. And, I had to assure everyone "no, no, it's alright, I'm just really a nut about soccer and this is really important to me." So I had an angry reaction of disbelief because it was a horrible call. It would be like losing the Superbowl on a bad call, if you had a chance to qualify for a Superbowl every four years.

Thankfully, though, all is good at the end of the day as England limped to a 0-0 draw against Algeria and now all the U.S.A. has to do is find a way around the weakest opponent in the group in Algeria in their final game. Which I think the U.S. will do; as I think they started to get the right players on the field in the second half.

So, a win against Algeria next Wednesday and the U.S. moves on. I'm going to try to keep my hands in my pockets that game, hopefully the U.S. makes that possible by getting the result in not so round about a way.

What happened if you somehow missed it:

6/18/2010: Hejduk Nearly Back To Full Health

According to Tom Reed, Crew captain Frankie Hejduk is around 80-90 percent healthy after right hamstring problems. Hejduk could see a few minutes, to get back to fitness, against Premier Development League side the Dayton Dutch Lions tomorrow at UD's Baujan Field. But, I find that to be unlikely since the Crew shouldn't risk Hejduk until he's 100% percent and there should be enough training before D.C. United to get Frankie closer to that goal.

The Columbus Crew need to bring Hejduk along when he's 100% percent fit because the Crew really need the veteran around down the stretch, as it was apparent that the team missed their captain in the last three games. Therefore, it may be a week or two before we see Hejduk as it might be best to make sure his hamstring is fully recovered before giving him a run out. As the Crew cannot afford anymore defensive injuries.

6/18/2010: Crew To Play Rhinos-Riverhounds Winner In Open Cup

According To Shawn Mitchell:
The Crew will host a third-round US Open Cup match on June 29 at 7:30 p.m.. The Canaries will play the winner of the Rochester Rhinos-Pittsburgh Riverhounds match. The Crew went out quickly last season from Cup competition. It will be interesting to see the type of lineup coach Robert Warzycha fields.


**The Crew will likely be hoping that their side finds the Pittsburgh Riverhounds waiting in the Third Round as they didn't have too much success against the Rochester Rhinos last season up in Rochester, New York. The Crew went down 2-1 against the Rochester Rhinos in what was typecasted as an embarrassing performance for the Cup named after the club's cherished owner.

**However, the Crew have lucked out with the chance to host this game and this will make a repeat of results for the Rhinos tougher should they advance against Pittsburgh; As it will be much more to ask of the Rhinos to get the 2-1 result again in front of the Crew's Nordecke.

**This may be one of the Crew's best chances of getting hardware in 2010, along with battling themselves back into form by the time of MLS Cup playoffs; As the Supporters Shield looks all but the L.A. Galaxy's trophy, unless the Galaxy have an unforeseen implosion down the stretch towards the playoffs.

6/18/2010: In The Press- Dayton Dutch Lions vs. Columbus Crew

Columbus Crew have champion pedigree, Dayton Dutch Lions look to stake a similiar claim by the end of their inaugural season.

Interest Building For Dutch Lions-Columbus Crew Match

Co-owner Mike Mossel:
“The Crew have a lot of fans in Dayton, so it’s good for them and it’s good for us in terms of trying to get locals interested in soccer and the Dutch Lions,” DDL FC co-owner Mike Mossel said.

“Hopefully, we build this relationship for a long time.”

Crew's Technical Director Brian Bliss:
“It’s a working relationship with a club doing things a little differently,” said Bliss, suggesting there was a good exchange of information.

“The match is an opportunity to get our regular guys back in tune with the game after the World Cup break.”

Local Soccer Squad Eager To Slay The Crew

Sonny Silooy on the big game:
“We have nothing to lose,” DDL FC coach Sonny Silooy said of the upcoming exhibition match Saturday, June 19, with the Crew, who play three levels higher than the Lions. “The boys are excited, especially the younger ones. It will be a great test against such a quality side.”

Midfielder Andrew Giallombardo on the game:
“It’s a massive game,” said DDL midfielder Andrew Giallombardo. “It’s the Battle of Ohio. We want to have a good showing, and we want to put the Dayton Dutch Lions on the map.”

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6/17/2010: Orange Legion-Nordecke Supporters Details For Saturday's "Battle Of Ohio"

**Crew are contracted to play their starters for 60 minutes in Saturday's contest, and would probably look to give their starters a lot of time even if they were not; as it's been a while since the Crew's last game and they need to look to get game fit before their matchup on June 26th against D.C. United. Some Crew supporters are a little iffy about paying the $20 bucks, when most home games in the Nordecke are less than that. However, the Dutch Lions have a lot of players that have played in the Eresdivise and it should be a good match with an intimate atmosphere. Should also be interesting to see what the Crew do to prepare themselves for D.C. United as they try to right their season.

**The Orange Legion has a lot of banners in their section, likewise the Crew have a ton in theirs. I thought it would be cool to make one end just Nordecke and Orange Legion, just a party down there with both the banners we have here and the Nordecke's banners. Since there really is no rivalry there and nearly the whole section are fans of both clubs, could be a fun day out. We'll have a walk through of Baujan Field on Friday and I'll mark out an area for this, at the gate just say you're with The Orange Legion or Nordecke and someone should be able to direct you to this area. Or just look for the banners, every $20 dollar ticket is general admission.

**Also, there is a great bar with friendly staff at the Dublin Pub downtown (not far from the stadium) where World Cup can be watched, make a day out of it.

**I was texted a few weeks ago by Crew supporters and I gave them the number to call of a guy who had more authority than me to get a group rate done. I'm sure he could have worked out a cheaper group rate at that time, still possible if were not soldout before game time. I didn't know a group rate off hand at the time because frankly we never have away supporters in the PDL and most of our "groups" get in half priced. But, nothing was followed through with from Nordecke's supporters groups. If someone is still looking to work out a rate from the Crew supporters, email me at r.kozlowski@dutchlionsfc.com and how many Crew fans are looking to come from the Nordecke and maybe it will be possible to work something out before game time.

I can't make any promises though as it's four days before.

**Dutch Lions fans will have a banner making session Friday night at 6:30 p.m., as we'll make a few things for the Crew game on Saturday. It will be at the 4123 N. Linda Drive address, same as usual. I cannot do it earlier because I'm traveling from Dayton to Rochester to Niagara Falls to Cleveland back to Dayton with the club this week and won't be back until 2 a.m. Thursday night.

**Overall, I think it will be a fun day out, good intimate atmosphere as will likely try to pack 2,200 into Baujan which only seats 1,700. Hope to see many fans from both sides.

**If you have any questions email me at crewture@live.com or r.kozlowski@dutchlionsfc.com.

Friday, June 4, 2010

6/4/2010: Props To Hudson Street

I got to give them props for this, a supporters bar with an awning of a Nordecke supporters group. Straight up legit:


And aww man can't wait to get back to this a bit more:

I see you guys, I see you. Love the passion.

6/4/2010: Ekpo Courted By Turkish Club, A Move Ekpo Would Be Best To Make

According to Shawn Mitchell, Ekpo's days with the Columbus Crew may be numbered; As apparently Ekpo is being courted by a Turkish club and Ekpo is making no secret that he wouldn't mind a move overseas.

I'm also not surprised if a top Turkish club sees some extra quality in Emmanuel Ekpo, despite what some might say as an ineffective 243 minutes so far this season.

Ekpo has the quality but for whatever reason he just never got a real solid opportunity, even when Rogers was shaky to start off this season. The Crew have never given Ekpo a full opportunity and what Ekpo has needed to succeed. So, what might be best for the winger's career is to try his luck overseas in Turkey. It's time for a new adventure for Emmanuel Ekpo and I wish him luck if the deal goes through.

If he stays with the Crew, I will be happy because I think he is one of our top bench players and if given a real spot in the 11 for more than one game, could be a key player real soon. However, that is unlikely as I feel the Crew never instilled any real faith in Ekpo.