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Saturday, February 27, 2010

2/27/2010: Rest In Peace, Wonderful Jed Zayner Blog

Apparently, Jed Zayner has had enough of the blogging world after the fun police (likely the Crew front office) told Zayner to take down his last post.

Zayner's Twitter: Took down the post, not gonna do it probably for good. I do not like the anxiety that it brings. Always gotta watch what you say.

I hear Zayner on that one. In a perfect world, bloggers could share whatever they wanted without everyone with a stick up their butt, flipping out over it. But, tis' not a perfect world, and apparently Crew fans cannot know about Kenny Schoeni's HUGE, THUNDEROUS, TERRIBLE SMELLING POOPS, FREQUENTLY and that Schoeni listens to children's music.

I think that makes Schoeni a human being.. Everyone poops. But, whatever. It was a great week of blogging from Zayner that the fans really liked. And, if the powers that be had any sort of thinking prowress, they would give Zayner a small select set of boundries he cannot cross and set him up with his own professional looking blog. Things like those posts from the week in Bradenton, Florida will be something that will bring more fans to the club. Good fans want to cheer on and support good people.

Two stick ideas:
"We Shall Overblog"
Kenny Schoeni on the toilet, "when I'm in the middle of a huge, thunderous poop. I always reach for mo johnston charmin or tfc-nelle."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/25/2010: The End Is Near, And Most Crew Fans With Actual Financial Problems Cannot Understand Why?

The end is near I'm afraid. Big, bad MLS will not accept free agency because that leads to what happens in every other league, ridicoulous salaries that players do not deserve. Further, in actuality, all the big leagues, such as the NBA and NFL, are trying to push new clauses into their next CBA's to decrease these ridicoulous salaries. In response to that, players making millions upon millions are looking to strike in those leagues. While MLS players are looking to strike, for the opposite, because they do not have the same free agency freedoms or make lots of money (if $100,000 isn't considered a lot) like other athletes in other leagues. Of course, they want more player movement freedom, because no one has to be a rocket science to realize that with more freedom, also comes more money that teams have to plunk down to make a player forgo that freedom and stay where they are at.

So, at the moment, some of the players appear too dense (or are willing to bluff) MLS despite the fact that they have to realize as well that MLS needs to remain a low salaried, single entity at the time being. And, that their overall demands if complied with will likely, eventually wreck that. And, sure everyone including MLS agrees that the players at the lower end need and deserve a higher salary cap and that appears to be agreeable between both sides (as it was reported a couple of weeks back that the salary cap will increase from $2.3 million to $2.6 million, which gives $300,000 to give better contracts to the lower salaried players). But, as far as the other demands, there is a well documented history of why that just cannot happen now (See Fraser v. MLS or read in depth about the NASL). The interest in soccer and MLS in America, although improving, is simply not there yet to give more player movement freedoms for players. And, I wish the players could realize that instead of toying with the emotions of those who do not have a vote such as the fans and the regular employee's of MLS.

Also, it appears that the players are too dense to realize that 75% percent of them have no soccer future outside of MLS. And will likely get paid less in the real world; as otherwise they would be working in the real world, and wouldn't be soccer players.

Further, there starting salaries doing really boring jobs compared to soccer, for most, won't be much better than those we all get (and that they usually get) at a starting salary which is around $30,000. Also, there isn't as much increase financially if you do well in the real world, whereas if you do well in MLS, you'll make six figures a year or two after your rookie season. How ridicoulously unfair.

And most do not have much of a future looking for soccer jobs elsewhere, as mentioned by Colorado Rapid fan Deron:
Fans of each team can do this little exercise....

If the Rapids players needed to job hunt...

Pickens - Maybe Scandinavia or USL, neither have a huge demand for a middling keeper
Ceus - out of soccer
Kimura - a gig in Japan
Baudet - retirement
Moor - about 50/50 he has a future without MLS
Palguta - out of soccer
Earls - back to Ireland
Murillo - back to Colombia
Holody - out of soccer
Borak - out of soccer
Dalby - out of soccer
Mastroeni - retirement
Larentowicz - about 50/50 on a foreign gig
Clark - bad time to recover from injury - out of soccer
Thompson - out of soccer
Smith - back to SPL
LaBrocca - out of soccer
Ballouchy - out of soccer
O'Brien - out of soccer
LaBeaux - out of soccer
Casey - Germany to bounce around 2nd division
Diz - back to 2nd div Argentina
Noonan - out of soccer
Schunk - out of soccer
Cummings - back to Jamaica
Akpan - Wall Street.

A lot of players could get the freedom they so desperately crave.

Further, the players overall appear too dense to realize that the reason why Hartman and Dave Van Den Bergh do not currently have teams and are in their current stituations is because they are not worth their current salaries to their previous teams and are not worth their current expected salaries, along with a small compensation (usually a second round draft pick) for another team.. Hartman should have been smart enough to work out his sticking points (such as whether he had one of the few tickets for first class instead of coach, and whether his dental insurance is covered :-) ) and Van Den Bergh should have made himself indispensable to FC Dallas, as he was in New York. Further, Van Den Bergh can play in just about any second division in Europe, so not so sure what is keeping him. But, apparently because no one wants to give up a draft pick to pick them up, or would likely pick them up anyways (as both are getting up there in age for their salaries and are not worth their current salaries), MLS is unfair for their stituations, although similiar stituations happen in any other league.

Further, who the hell has guarenteed contracts in the real world? Play well, make yourself indespinsable to a team, and you won't find yourself in their stituations. Same with the real world. Work hard and you won't be fired.

And, Hesmer is starting to get annoying with the whole, "hopefully someone is respectful enough to pay for our flights back from Arizona.." routine. Yeah I'll feel really bad if someone due to make over $100 K has to pay for their own flight. Most of the Crew fans that flew all the way to LA paid for their own flights and make less than $20 K. So boo hooey.

Overall most of the players make more than a lot of people do, playing a fricken game. And those that don't make that much, should get an increase, but at the end of the day they can make a choice to leave and join the real workforce. I can't even feel real bad for those players on the lower end as I survived on $13,000 in loans in Columbus for a full year. In contrast, I would have loved to to be a player at the lowest salary making $18,500 dollars of my own money to live off of (just for showing up to practice eight months out of the year, for a hour a day). I bet most of the poor and unemployed people that cheer on the team in the Nordecke would take that gig in a second. Further, you play a game in a country where that sport isn't popular, so at the time you cannot get the same rights as the players in the rest of the world. So just play the damn game, go to another of the 100's of leagues out there, or get a real job. Those are the options today. Deal with it or be quiet already.

You won't get much sadness from the fans that are actually poor and don't have an option to do really well at a job and possibly get a six figure salary in a few years. And, as far as the owners and Garber, sure they can be cheap wads and they should increase the salary to $3 million and get the season started. I think that is fair enough. And, for the Hartman's, play your ass off and you'll never find yourself where your at. Other than that, god play the game already. I'm so sick of Hesmer on his pedistal about the league being so unfair, when the guy is due to make $100,000 K playing soccer in America. Trust me a lot of other lives are way more unfair.

I do not feel bad for the owners or the players. I only feel bad for the loyal MLS fans and all the employees that will be laid off and screwed this season if there is actually a strike. Further, if there is one, it will be the end of MLS. So, I'm glad everyone is being so rational when it comes to the CBA. So, I'll end this with a question, does anyone on both sides see the rammifications past the next few weeks?

By the way, the Toluca game is so so important to us Crew fans. If we have to forfeit that I just might have to look for something else to cheer on, because that is just gut busting.. I have watched this team go through it's 2005 to 2007 suckitude. Now we get to this place and we have to forfeit? Really? Fuck that!

In the end the players deserve more and will get it if MLS continues to improve. At this point though, I think that some of them (such as Onstad, Hesmer, etc.) need to swallow their pride and do what is best. Because at the end of the day they'll never get what they're asking for if there is a strike. Because there are not enough fans that will come back after a strike.

What are your thoughts Crew fans?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2/23/2010: Crew Fans Jamming Out

A cool new video from a different angle in the Nordecke:

2/23/2010: Definitely T.V. Commercial Worthy

A new clip from Crew Communications, they really should make a new commercial out of a version of this. As our commercial from the previous two years has been rather craptastic:

Two thumbs up on a commercial such as this.

2/23/2010: New Crew Song By Columbus Band Antaean

Been kind of slow on the news front around here lately.. Apoligies I have a project due Feb. 27th, two on March 3rd, and one due on March 6th in my Sport Management grad program so been kind of forced to ignore most of everything else.

I did type up my thoughts on the annoying CBA negotiation stituation twice in the last two days, mainly about how pissed I'll be if we have to forfeit to Toluca.. But, I wasn't still logged into blogger either time, so lost the work on that and after long cries both times haven't tried to formulate my argument again.. Maybe I'll give it another shot later tonight..

Anyways, here is something pretty rad from Columbus band Antaean, who have a new Crew song out called Black & Gold.. You can check it on on their myspace page at this link, http://www.myspace.com/bandantaean. Much better than the last Crew song I have heard.

The band will be playing their song at old HSH stomping grounds, Ruby Tuesday's (everyone should be able to find that place), on this Thursday the 25th at 9:45 p.m.. So, if you want to rock out, with your Crew cock out go there this Thursday night. I'm guessing there is a pretty good chance they'll be singing this song judging on the locality.

Also, sounds like a good song for my next Crewture video. Thanks for the link Kev.

Monday, February 22, 2010

2/23/2010: Crew Preseason Training Video

Update on camp:

If me and Frankie Hejduk were ever to talk on Massive Radio, we would break a record for "you know's."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/21/2010: Something For Our Friends At TFC

My boy Rafalski with the hat trick. Suck on it losers.

Friday, February 19, 2010

2/19/2010: Guillermo Barros Schelotto Crew Legend Video Series, Volume I

Crew legend Guillermo Barros Schelotto enters his fourth year for the black and gold (Pic on right by Crew fan Christopher Uhler).

Rivals call him a diver. Crew fans call him a hero that has a legitimate claim of being the most influential player in the history of the organization. Guillermo was the catalyst and piece that was built around to bring the Crew to their current success and status. As Guillermo's arrival took the laughing stock on and off the field (before his arrival) into the team that could not be rivaled either on the field or in the supporters section. Guillermo's arrival ushered in a whole new era and belief. With over 40 assists and 24 goals in 74 league appearances and with one to two years left in the tank, Crew fans cannot wait to see the end chapters of Guillermo's playing days with this club. As this season Guillermo will likely hit the 100 caps mark with the Columbus Crew; and hopefully be able to lead them to the promise land of another MLS Cup and even possibly a place in the Club World Cup Competition.

Many players and staff have helped make this turn around possible, it was a team effort but there is no if's, and's, or but's that Guillermo is a legend and will always be idolized by the Crew faithful.

Guillermo! Guillermo! Guillermo!

Volume I of III of a Crewture CCTV Mixtape of the last three years with Guillermo:

For larger version, click here. The next two will consist of quotes from Guillermo, Crew fans, rivals, etc. as well as nice assists, some goals missed, and tons of pictures.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2/18/2010: Trailist Update- 3 Dumped, 1 Stays, & 1 Joins

New Mexican-American trialist Jose Carlos Diaz in a league match for W. Connection.

Former Cracovia Krakow 25 year old striker Kamil Witkowski and former Monterrey Mexican League prospect- the 18 year old Doudou Toure, both have failed to receive an extended stay with the Crew past Brandenton. Further, former OSU and FC Dallas keeper Ray Burse looks unlikely as well to continue trialing for the team once the Crew head to Arizona. Only one of the current trialists will continue onward, and that's former Shaktar Donestk player Yevhen Brudun, who has been with the team on trial since the first days of camp (coming in with Venezuelan youngster Hugo Acosta who was also dumped).

One trialist will join Bredun in Arizona, and that is 22 year old Mexican-American striker Jose Carlos Diaz. Diaz doesn't exactly have the most impressive overall resume, he did however play for the Mexican national U-15 side ten times scoring five goals, and then the U.S. U-20's making three appearances with no goals. He then made the jump from the PDL to one of the most popular teams in Hungary, Ferencvaros, who had some trouble while Diaz was there but have secured a spot in the Hungarian top flight this year. However, Diaz didn't find any time on the field with Ferencvaros and was instead loaned out to Hungarian Third Division side Tokol KSK where he made six appearances scoring two goals. Figuring Hungaria wasn't the place for him, Diaz then transferred to W Connection in Trinidad & Tobago, Diaz has found some success there scoring 3 goals in 3 league appearances and also making multiple appearances with some goals in this past season's Champions League.

**I'll have a new Schelotto video with goals and assists from the last three years up sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16/2010: Notice- Crew Supporters Recording Session This Thursday

"We are the Crew, were going to win MLS.. Ohh yeeah"

From Crew Supporters Group, Crew Union:
Supporter's Recording Session

After a lot of discussion, it was decided it would be a good idea to get together and record a number of the supporter's songs to make them easier to learn and also try to increase the variety of our songs/chants. We've set up a recording session at Claddagh Irish Pub in the Brewery District on Thursday at 8pm for those that can make it. We 'll be compiling song sheets of our standard songs and some of the other ideas I've seen posted. If you have any ideas please bring them as this is the best time to try them.

We're just planning on drinking some beers and singing some songs so come on down if you can make it.

Here are some chants that could be sung at the sesh:

2/16/2010: On To The Next One... Crew News.

** I found some better software that allows Crewture to capture videos in higher quality and do some other things with the CCTV videos. I'm going to look at starting a new, more in depth Crew run up to the 2010 season video over the next couple of days. It should be better than my usual as I spend usually only a few hours making videos. And, I'll work on this over a couple of days.

I'm thinking of using this tune as the backdrop:

As it pretty much screams, "I'm going to kick your ass." Which is what the Crew will do to everyone in 2010.. Yeah even you Toluca.

**I also plan to get a Massive Radio up at some point (been really busy with school this week) and I have started my first banner of 2010. I'll post pictures of those on the 94' Boys private facebook when their done. So, if your interested got to become a member, sorry, don't want our rivals seeing them like we did last year.

**As for the team, not much going on in Crew world, as the team is back from Bradenton, Florida, and is taking a nice four day break. According to Mitchell, the team will resume practice on Wednesday and Thursday here in Columbus before flying to Phoenix, Arizona on Friday. The Crew will play the Los Angeles Galaxy on Sunday and Chivas USA/C.D. Los Angeles on February 27th.

**Also, here's a story from Shawn Mitchell, regarding Moffat attempting to put his injury woes behind him, just in case you have missed it.

2/16/2010: If There Are No More Chivas Girls, I Don't Want To Live.

CHIVAS AND CHIVAS USA TO BE RENAMED? All I gots to say is if there are no more Chivas girls, I don't want to live.

Other than that, I think Chivas USA being renamed is a good thing. Thank the MLS soccer gods, and while were at it can we change the ridicoulous Real Salt Lake name?

As, apparently, Chivas/Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara has lost the rights to the Chivas brand name. Oh, the horror. For Mr. Vergara, this is predictably a very bad thing for Chivas Guadalajara, but for Chivas USA it's probably a great thing. As the Chivas USA name likely turns off a lot of Mexicans and other Latinos in the Los Angeles area who are not fans of Chivas. I mean if Vergara was smart from the beginning he would have tried to create his own Latino-inspired team in Los Angeles that did not steal the history, logos, and colors of a team just over the border. As legacy stealing is probably not a good thing for MLS squads, when most have no legacy. Further, a logo and etc. created from scratch invites all Los Angeles latinos to get behind that club, so bring on C.D. Los Angeles.

While we are at it, can we change the damn Real Salt Lake name already to Royal Salt Lake. As Real Salt Lake has about as much in common with Real Madrid as Beckerman does to Ronaldo in terms of talent and acceptable hairdo's.

2/16/2010: Shorty, yeah, yeah, yeah..

Someone shorter than most grandmas may be joining TFC (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images Europe).

Apparently, Mo Johnston is going to try to solve TFC's scoring woes by replacing one over the hill, tourist of all English leagues with another. As TFC is trialing 5'5, 37 year old Paul Dickov, who has about four goals in the last two years and was recently bypassed by League One side Leeds United. Being turned down by Leeds makes Dickov likely worth less than former Duke University and current Leeds United player Mike Grella. Therefore, when Dickov can't make it on that team, chances are he isn't the salvating striking option he once was in 2006.

Further, in comparison to TFC's laughable 15 trialists a year system, I'm glad that the Crew at least went out right away and signed a 28 year old striker in Herrera compared to going after a 37 year old one; as I don't think signing 37 year old strikers, not used to playing in hot weather- such as a game in July at FC Dallas, are going to cut it in MLS. Plus, it's only about a one year solution for TFC, if Dickov can still find a net.

Dickov did have a solid resume from 1996 to 2006; but it is unlikely shorty will have the legs for the hot summer months. Further, since 2006, Dickov has a combined 2 goals in 60 appearances for Manchester City, Crystal Palace, Leiceister City, and Derby County. Dickov's only good spell was with Blackpool in 2008 where he scored 6 goals in 11 games.

But, at least TFC trialist Paul Dickov made it into camp compared to the oft-injured Portuguese wash up Jorge Andrade, who decided not to even show up for a scheduled trial for that pequeno club from the North. As the third division of Portugal was a bigger draw for Andrade.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2/13/2010: Crew Up 1-0 On D.C. United in 8th Minute

This new Barley fellow that DC United has on trial doesn't sound too good, lol.

You can follow the preseason game here, if you're really bored, via DC United's twitter.

2/13/2010: 2010 Nordecke Video, Crew Play D.C. United At 4 P.M. Tonight

Nothing special, just another video I made because I'm suffering from Crew detachment in this offseason. I'll likely make a better run up to the 2010 season video in the next few weeks, trying to find some better software as well to get more options for what I can do with my videos. Still some cool pictures I doctored, some cool pictures in between that I have never used before, and some cool music. Think I had a pretty cool premise in the beginning and got tired near the end:

**I'm shooting to have a new Massive Radio up by tomorrow night. Been kind of swamped as of late with four projects for my Sport Management program.

**Also, I'll try to dig up some news and hopefully a video from the 4 p.m. scrimmage the Crew has against D.C. United today. So, check back here later for that.

**Further, if you haven't seen it, there is a new Crew Xtra broadcast up at Crew Xtra.com, first of the season. There is also a new amusing blog up at Jed Zayner's blogspot, from Gino Padula.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2/12/2010: All You Need To Know About TFC

From Jed Zayner's blog, in the words of Jason Garey:
We were watching TFC play in a scrimmage against UCF (college team) and they were losing to them until the final minute. They scored and you would have thought they won the MLS Cup Championship. Steve and I looked at each other and were wondering why they were freaking out about scoring against a college team that they just tied.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/10/2010: Crew Highlights From A 2-0 Leisurely Stroll Against U-17's

This video is from a day or two ago, just posted up tonight. It seems like Guillermo is picking up where he left off with a deft cross and a deft free kick for the goal and assist:

2/10/2010: Crew Keep Themselves Occupied & Entertained In Camp; Plus Other Crew News

Pic via the Jed Zayner blog..

The Jed Zayner blog, run by the Crew right back seems to be getting better and better each day. The blog is quite the fan favorite as the website has gotten 62 followers in the last week. And, today's installment might be even the best yet, as it just follows some of the conversations the team has; this one includes some fun that Guillermo, Lenhart, and Robbie have when they're not in training. One thing this team never seems to have a problem with is locker room trouble or, for that matter, being boring.

**Apparently the Crew will not play against Toronto FC this Thursday as TFC likely wants to delay their beatdown until the season. As Toronto FC has declined the Crew's preseason request and has decided to instead play someone they might have a chance against, the University of Central Florida.

** Also, more from Shawn Mitchell, as Garey appears to be hungry to make himself known this season; as the striker, who just signed a four year deal, scored a hat trick today against the IMG Academy U-19 side. Moffat also notched one. Duka had a pair of assists, Witkowski had one, and so did Brunner.

It appears from the daily lineups, that Warzycha is trying his best not to wear anyone out in preseason and is giving everyone a turn now on seperate days.

**More on the Crew's new signing Sergio Herrera. Herrera seems to be coming into his element and hitting his stride as a striker. His 2009/2010 season with top Columbian side Deportivo Cali was one of his best yet, the 28 year old Herrera notched 18 goals in 34 league appearances, and also notched a goal in Deportivo's one Copa Sudamericana appearance. Herrera's second half of the season, just this past Fall, saw the Columbian international on likely his best form ever as Herrera scored 10 goals in 14 appearances during that part of the season in the Columbian top flight. Sergio had an injury hit him at the end of last season, not too different than Danny O'Rourke or Brian Carroll's stituation, and because of that partnered with his salary and the fact that Deportivo wanted to go a younger, different route; Herrera was dropped from Deportivo despite a strike rate of 10 goals in 14 games in his last half season. Their loss, our gain. Herrera then went on after being dropped by them to try to get on a couple other Columbian top sides, but he wasn't 100% percent fit at the time and was bypassed. A few months down the road, Herrera appears to be 100% percent fit and connecting well with Guillermo Barros Schelotto, according to Jed Zayner's blog.

If Herrera is 100% percent fit, he is coming right into his prime (as a lot of people say that strikers hit their stride around 27 or 28; as can be witnessed by 10 goals in his last 14 outings) and Herrera could be the answer to the one thing we are missing on this team. A creative finisher up top.

Let's hope the good signs turn into good results starting March 9th.

**Also, I'm looking to do a Massive Radio this weekend sometime to discuss all the new signings, trialists, and happenings around the Crew. I'm looking for a co-host. Not sure who yet. If you have an interest, feel free to email me.

2/10/2010: Dayton Dutch Lions Lineup Video

Here is a little video I made last night for the signings that the Dayton Dutch Lions have made so far. I may be moving there for an internship with the team, so I figured making a video would be a good way to get off on the right foot. In upcoming weeks I'll likely make a fan website for them with a fan forum and a website for 94' Boys as well. Here's the video:

Monday, February 8, 2010

2/9/2010: Zayner's Blog Is Quite Rad

If you haven't heard about Jed Zayner's blog, I don't know where you have been. But, some very cool, daily updates from the players in Bradenton, Florida at Jed's blogspot. Also, leaked the news about Sergio Herrera and I think DouDou (or rather DuDu) Toure as well.

Some great pictures as well, like Steven Lenhart doing the jerk:

And, here are the thoughts of the self-proclaimed facebook creeper and Bachelor watcher, Chad Marshall. And, as someone that watches the Bachelor as family bonding night with my mother, I have to say the dude is fake and Ali's job making her come back is the best thing to happen to that girl. I mean, she's a little hottie:

So, I hope that dude ends up with crazy eyed Vienna, leave the good girls like Ali for the non-douchers:

Hey it's the offseason, got to get into something, lol.

2/8/2010: Trailist DouDou Toure Could Be A Great Guy To Round Out Roster

There hasn't been that much hype about this kid in Crew circles yet, since the Jed Zayner Blog and Shawn Mitchell, both identified DouDou Toure as the second mystery striker/trialist in camp the last week. But, this kid has quite a resume and could be a great guy to develop and give the opportunity to get some minutes at the bottom of this roster. As according to his Sports Agents website, Sports Management WorldWide, DouDou could be quite the beast in the future as a 6'2 189 pound, 18 year old attacking mid/striker.

DouDou has also impressed just about everywhere he has tried out. First, Toure impressed the Empoli Serie A staff to get an offer to stay at there U18 Academy a few years back, turned that down. After that DouDou was offered a Developmental Contract with FC Dallas, and turned that down as well to go on to accept an offer with Monterrey FC of Mexico's first division. DouDou played mostly for Monterrey's reserve side, Monterrey-2, and was offered another contract, despite not scoring in 8 appearances last season, but turned that down to pursue other options, which has led him to Bradenton, Florida with the Crew.

It may be harder for DouDou Toure or Kamil Witkowski to make the roster with the signing of Sergio Herrera. But, since the Crew have been trying to sign a few top strikers, like Herrera, before they eventually signed Herrera; wouldn't the Crew know they wouldn't necessarily be looking at Witkowski or Toure as guys who would be the starters from day one and were instead looking at both as projects who may get a chance.

And, what if one of these strikers impresses more than some of the other guys the Crew currently has or what if they impress more than Dike? Will the Crew make a tough decision there (I mean if DouDou impresses more than Dike and is four years younger)? Or will they even put one of these guys, who may have more upside, on the roster instead of Elenio and Grendi, who are unlikely to see much time in the midfield anyways with all the options we have there, especially with the addition of Dilly Duka? Anyways, it is going to be harder than ever to just slide on the roster and I think there is going to be a hell of a lot of competition for spots 18-24 these last three weeks before roster compliance.

Sure, some of the sure things might be enjoying themselves with some bass fishing, but I'm sure some are looking over their shoulders as the Crew have a ton of options and could trade some talent if they wanted.

So, who do you think makes it out of trailists Bredun, Toure, and Witkowski? Can you see anyone on the roster from last year, being left off this year?

2/8/2010: Schelotto Really, Really, Really, Really Likes Columbus.

A Crew legend. (Pics by Studio 79, Sam Fahmi).

So, why did Guillermo Barros Schelotto, winner of 18 trophies, take a pay cut to stay with the Crew in 2010 and possibly 2011 as well? Well, according to the Columbus Dispatch and GBS himself, he really, really likes Columbus.

"I come back because I like Columbus," he said. "We needed to fix some numbers on the new contract, but most important for me was to (stay) in Columbus. The United States is beautiful, but I love Columbus. It is best."

He also likes how he isn't hounded in America compared to how he is in Argentina:
"Columbus is beautiful and clean, and quiet. You can do everything without problems. When you are in Argentina, when you are at your house and you want to go to another place, you need to think about a lot of things. Here, it is very simple."

I was amused by this fact, at the 2008 playoff rally in the Mall, Crew fans left Schelotto almost completely alone except for a couple "hi, how are you doing's?" Guillermo was just standing off to the side with his kids, listening to someone speaking, with fans all around. But, the fans were not bothering him, just giving him nervous or amused glances. I mean just about everyone at that rally knows who he is and bows to Guillermo weekly on corner kicks, but seem to have enough respect to give him his peace and it appears to have paid off.

But, I have to admit, when I see Guillermo at the Season Awards playing roulette at the same table as I'm playing... It is pretty hard to just be like, "oh, yeah there is Guillermo, no big deal."

Also, Guillermo knows he wants to be a coach in the future (and had quite the offer to coach Boca Juniors a few weeks back) but feels that he can still play at a high level for Columbus and he has from his 40's to retirement to coach. Plenty of time. The interesting thing is will he coach back in crazy Argentina, where the stress and pressure could be too much for anyone at times, or with his new green card- will he join up on the Crew's staff and possibly be the Head Coach of the Columbus Crew someday.

I don't know about you (and I'm guessing with all the angry emails sent to the FO, according to the Dispatch, about resigning Schelotto- you're on the same page) would be alright with many, many more years of Schelotto.

Further, I'm glad Schelotto took the pay cut. I feel that he might of felt it was necessary too for the team, because they needed a guy like Sergio Herrera who could finish what GBS starts. And, according to Jed Zayner's blog, it appears that GBS might be really liking the decision nowadays.

2/8/2010: Dayton Dutch Lions Sign 3 Year Jersey Deal With Under Armour

On Sunday, Dayton's new team- the Dutch Lions- announced a 3 year partnership deal with Under Armour. The popular brand known mostly by soccer players as being a good thing to wear underneath the jersey to keep warm, appears to now be looking to make a move up top, into the jersey business as well.

The DDL F.C. ownership appears to be very happy with the move, here are Mike Mossel's thoughts: "Under Armour is a very ambitious quality brand that is looking to become a leading brand in the US soccer market. It is the same ambition we have as a club. But besides that they have a trendy design that matches our branding as well. The fact that we are partnering for at least three years shows that we both want to invest in this relationship."

For more information on the deal, check it out on the Dayton Dutch Lions website.

2/8/2010: Jozy Altidore Scores First Goal; Salutes Haiti and the USA

US National team striker Jozy Altidore scored his first league goal for Hull City against Manchester City on Saturday, which helped secure a crucial 2-1 home win for the Tigers. There would be no better time than now for Jozy to go on a scoring run in the top flight, as the USA could really use his form; especially, with Charlie Davies unlikely to make a full comeback in time for the World Cup in June.

Here's a video of his goal, a deft touch to the right corner that beat Shay Given in the 31st minute:

During the goal celebration, Jozy, kissed an armband that had the USA and Haitian flags on it. If you want to help Haiti, here's a good link in general from the American Red Cross and also a Crew fan is working on donating soccer balls for children in Haiti, and that link could be found here.

Friday, February 5, 2010

2/5/2010: The Crew Have Their Goalscorer, Columbian Striker Sergio Herrera

The Crew end the week on a high note and acquire 28 year old, Columbian striker Sergio Herrera from top Columbian club Deportivo Cali. Herrera has 190 caps in his career and 76 goals, mainly for top Columbian sides and rivals America de Cali and Deportivo Cali. Herrera has also played in Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Argentina. However, the Crew will hope to get some of Herrera's Columbian form, especially from 2003-2004 where Herrera scored 38 goals in 62 appearances, in comparison to his overseas form; as Herrera's previous overseas venture with Al-Ittihad only led to 4 goals in 11 appearances from 2004 to 2006.

At Herrera's last stop, Deportivo Cali, Sergio had 33 goals in 93 appearances. Herrera also has netted four goals in eleven appearances for the Columbian national team.

Here is Sergio scoring two goals for Deportivo Cali a few months ago:

Here is Herrera scoring in 2004 against Guillermo's Argentina:

Hopefully, the long wait for a goalscorer is over and Herrera can finish what Guillermo Barros Schelotto gives him. If Herrera can find a successful partnership with GBS, there is no limit upon how far the Crew can go, not only domestically but in the Concacaf Champions League.

I like the signing. What are your thoughts? Is this the missing piece? Will the Crew lift the MLS Cup again? And, can they get past Toluca?

More information on the signing can be found on Shawn Mitchell's blog.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/4/2010: Geert Den Ouden Is The Seventh Dutch Player Signed By DDL F.C.

The 33 year old Den Ouden, who most recently played his soccer for a top club in Malta and had an extensive career before that in the Netherlands and Sweden, has been on the Dayton Dutch Lions radar since the beginning of the new year. Today, they finally made the partnership official, as Den Ouden has signed with the Dayton Dutch Lions for the 2010 season.

Here is Den Ouden chatting about his time in Malta.

And, here is a nice goal from Den Ouden, two years back, against Feyernood in the Dutch top flight (goal sequence starts at 3:54):

It sure seems that DDL F.C. is leaving most of it's attack up to Dutch players, while most of the backline will likely be Americans.

2/4/2010: Crew Announce Schedule; First Big Away Trip For Supporters Should Be To New NYRB Arena

Are you ready?

The Crew will only play two games in April, to make way for a Champions League final run; if the Crew get past Mexican side Toluca in their home and away series starting March 9th. The Crew will at least play 39 games this year, but can play as much as 52 (not dissimiliar to most English squads) if they make it far in all of their competitions.

First road trip:

Also, the May 20th, ESPN Thursday game at NYRB Arena should be the first big away trip for Crew fans, even though it is a weekday. Wherever I'm working in May, I'll be definitely trying my best to get those two days off.

In other good news 13 out of our 15 home games are on Saturday's, which should help boost the Crew's attendance.

03/27 - Saturday Toronto 4:00 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
04/10 - Saturday at FC Dallas 8:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
04/24 - Saturday Real Salt Lake 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
05/01 - Saturday at Seattle 10:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
05/08 - Saturday New England 7:00 p.m. FSC, FSE
05/15 - Saturday Chivas USA 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
05/20 - Thursday at New York 8:00 p.m. ESPN2, Deportes
05/23 - Sunday at Kansas City 4:00 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
05/29 - Saturday LA Galaxy 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
06/02 - Wednesday at San Jose 10:00 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
06/05 - Saturday at Colorado TBD DK, MLSnet.com
06/26 - Saturday D.C. United 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
07/03 - Saturday Chicago 8:00 p.m. FSC, FSE
07/10 - Saturday at Houston 8:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
07/14 - Wednesday Kansas City 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
07/17 - Saturday New York 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
07/24 - Saturday Houston 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
07/31 - Saturday at Chivas USA 10:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
08/05 - Thursday at Philadelphia 8:00 p.m. ESPN2, Deportes
08/14 - Saturday at Real Salt Lake 9:00 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
08/21 - Saturday Colorado 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
08/28 - Saturday FC Dallas 4:00 p.m. Telefutura
09/04 - Saturday at D.C. United 7:30 p.m. FSC, FSE
09/11 - Saturday at LA Galaxy 10:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
09/18 - Saturday Seattle 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
09/25 - Saturday at New England 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
10/02 - Saturday San Jose 7:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
10/08 - Friday at Chicago 8:30 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
10/16 - Saturday at Toronto FC 4:00 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com
10/24 - Sunday Philadelphia 4:00 p.m. DK, MLSnet.com

2/4/2010: Crewism's "Dude"

Some more good stuff from Rick Thomas(Thoma) on the Crew manga front:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2/4/2010: Polish Trialist Is Kamil Witkowski, Played Formerly For Cracovia Krakow

A 25 year old, 5'11 Polish-American striker is in camp with the Columbus Crew. Witkowski has scored 10 goals in 47 regular league appearances for both Cracovia and Gornik Leczna of the Polish Second Division.

This may be more like it, here is Witkowski scoring a hat trick against Lech Poznan in 2008:

I'm all about it as a polak myself, even though Witkowski played for Cracovia instead of Wisla. Polska do boju!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2/2/2010: Renteria Plays No Part in 0-0 Venezuelan Draw, Caper Steals IPod From Crew Offices; And Other Crew News

Current Crew striker Emilio Renteria was available for selection and former Crew striker Alejendro Moreno played 90 minutes, as Venezuela played out a scoreless draw against Japan (Getty Images).

**Former Crew striker Alejandro Moreno got a full 90 minute run out for Venezuela against Japan in a friendly in Oita earlier today. But, according to the Venezuelan federation website, current Crew striker Emilio Renteria found no time on the field during the 0-0 draw.

**According to NBC 4 Columbus:
A caper armed with a brick smashed into the Columbus Crew offices this past weekend and ran off with just a $150 dollar iPod. Hopefully the iPod at least has some good tunes on it; As the damages to the window were $1,000 and the jail time isn't likely going to be worth a $150 dollar iPod for the street caper. Obviously, the thief wasn't up on the likelihood that a couple MLS trophies might be worth more than an iPod.

And, gladly, none of my tifo's from last year, that are stored somewhere in the Crew front office (or have been thrown away by now), were reported missing. Whoo!

**Also, just about everyone has seen the following links, but since we have no update on the new strikers that joined the Crew in Bradenton, Florida, I'll post them here just in case you missed it.

-Sirk is back with an update on Lenhart and etc's great offseasons, worth the read per usual.
-At the Black & Gold Standard, The Crew have some pictures from training camp last week synched up to some music that sounds like a mix between elevator and 70's shaggedelic.

-The Crew have selected a new Strength & Fitness Coach, Mike Tremble, who worked with Boston University's soccer team as a graduate assistant. Tremble replaces Steve Tashijan who joined Everton of the EPL last season.
-The Crew have also reportedly selected a Digital Content Editor. If you don't know what that is. Apparently, every team is picking up a blogger that knows html and etc. to help with their digital content.

I actually got sent the job link by a reader and figured what the heck. So, I threw a resume in for that job, since I somewhat do Digital Content every day for the Crew for free, and even have gotten their name out to some publications in Europe (one in Norway, one in Poland). And, I figured I'm pretty adept at html code, javascript, videos, podcasts, etc. The skills needed for that job. So, I threw one in. I didn't get selected and I'm not surprised on not being picked. First off, Crewture can be a bit controversial at times. Secondly, I could be overlooked or be underrated as just some kid with a blog. I just hope it was Steve Sirk. And, I hope whoever it was is not a fan of corny slogans, and will get rid of them once and for all, like this one:

Maybe it is just me but I'm not a huge fan of these slogans that all MLS teams have on their websites. At least that's not as bad as San Jose's horrible question slogans at the top of their website last year:

How about, what's a Mickey Mouse league?

It's not like Manchester United's website has one of these things that say "Kicking ass for years" or the Cleveland Browns have one that says "Playing Like The Collective Dawg Pound's Litter Box Since 2000."

All you got to put on the top of the page is Columbus Crew with a picture of our trophies. Or Columbus Crew: A Massive Club, with a picture of the trophies and maybe one overview shot of the players and the fans jumping around in the Nordecke at a Supporters Shield celebration. Maybe a flash one like Man U. has, would be better as well, something that grabs your attention.

Something like that.. Instead of we came, we saw, we conquered. Or were playing some serious ball over here. Also, they could change up and make the work hard, play harder (now two year running) commercial a bit more exciting. Maybe with real fans and real players, instead of cardboard versions.
But, I digress.

Monday, February 1, 2010

2/1/2010: Dutch Lions Taking Shape; Sign van de Haar, Bas Ent, Jeff Popella

Hans van de Haar (L) and Bas Ent (R)

**The Dayton Dutch Lions F.C. have signed two more Dutch players officially in Hans van de Haar and Bas Ent.

The 35 year old, Van de Haar, has been on the Dutch Lions radar since the new year; Van de Haar has 17 years of soccer experience including a vast career in the Holland top flight, as well as stints in the Bundesliga with SV Ulm and a stint in Austria with SW Bregenz. Van de Haar will bring experience to the Dutch Lions attack on a two and a half year contract. Further, it is likely Van de Haar will assume a GBS-like role, of older, diminuitive veteran in the midfield for DDL F.C.

Bas Ent is on the other side of the age spectrum. At just 22 years of age, he has had some success playing with Erstedivise side FC Volendam. Ent is a speedy right winger that likes to take players on (sort of in the Robbie Rogers mold) and has a good cross.

On Saturday, DDL F.C. had their try outs. 55 American players showed up and one local Dayton player has already secured a contract. That is former Dayton University forward and recent graduate Jeff Popella. Popella was a top player in the A-10 and for Dayton as a striker. [Here's a video of the tryouts]

After taking care of the roster. On Sunday, the ownership group was busy interviewing for jobs and internships. I was actually there with an internship interview. The owners were really cool, energetic, sharp dressers that proclaimed that we would all get Italian suits (at least that is what I heard, lol), and overall I was impressed with their ideas. I would write a little more about the experience, but not sure what else I can share. I hope they pick me though.