Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11/3/2010: Play Like Gareth Bale Today! Should Be The Crew Midfield's Motto On Saturday

Gareth Bale is the most magnificient player I have ever seen after watching his performance against Inter Milan yesterday. A player that Robbie Rogers, Eddie Gaven, and Emmanuel Ekpo should attempt to emmulate in the midfield; As Bale always makes the right decision (the most important thing in football). Further, Bale made world class Inter defenders look like orange cones yesterday. Bale had 3 goals and 2 assists in 2 games against Inter Milan (quite possibly the best defense in club football). Quite simply Bale is a special, special player who doesn't take any play, any run down the line off. I would take Bale anyday over a Lampard or Gerrard.

What winger is going to step up for the Columbus Crew on Saturday and put in a faultless performance like Bale? I'm going to call all three out and say they have been lazy at times and always haven't given their 110% percent, with Gaven being the least offending. It's time for them to step up and play like they can, because the defense nor our strikers have the ability to save our season and give us some hope of a cup this year. That prospect lies solely on our midfield.

And credit to Warzycha, who has finally got it right in the midfield and has his best three midfield talents on the field at once with Ekpo and Rogers on the wings, and Gaven commanding the middle. But, each have taken a game (Gaven), or games (Ekpo), or half a season off (Rogers). Let's go through each:

**Gaven is the smartest player out of the bunch when it comes to decisions. But, Gaven could be more decisive and commanding. Gaven doesn't always need to pass the ball off. More runs like the one he had at the end of the 2009 season against F.C. Dallas would lead to higher stats for the Crew's most composed midfielder.

Gaven needs to take more of a leadership role in the middle and hold others accountable. I just don't think that's in his personality yet. He could also use a little more work on his fitness because once in a while he has a bad game due to being worn out.

Gaven started playing in this league at 16, he has the ability to be a phenom and a U.S. National team star if he just puts in that extra little work. I believe with a little more confidence Gaven will be a winger at a World Cup for the U.S. someday.

**Ekpo was recommended by Nigerian and African champs Enyimba to start for the Nigerian National team before Ekpo came to the Crew. Ekpo has flashes of pure brillance for the Crew, the only problem is those flashes have been few and far between. He hasn't played bad this second half, much better than his first. But, if he were to play more like he did against Colorado in 2008, Kansas City in early 2009, Municipal in Champions League in 2010 then he would be incredible. Problem is it seems like Ekpo just has one or two games a year where he takes over and balls out.

The rest of the time he makes bad decisions 50% percent of the time. If he would put in more performances like he is capable of, maybe Ekpo wouldn't wonder why he isn't in the Nigerian picture like he was when he was eligible for the U-21 team.

**Rogers has dropped off the face of the Earth since being a solid player for the Crew in 2008. Rogers was a U.S. National team phenom with moves and ability that a lot of people haven't seen before at the Crew, he has seemed disinterested since the start of the 2009 season. Further, he told Colorado Rapids goalkeeper Pickens last week that he shouldn't bad mouth the Crew. But, then Rogers went out and played a subpar, stinker of a game.. Rogers could of caught up to a couple balls last week that he let go past him. Also, Rogers just nonchalantly plays with the ball when he could finish it.

What all three need to do is get a game tape of Gareth Bale's performance in Tottenham's 3-1 win over Inter Milan.. And get inspired. Otherwise, the Crew's season ends Saturday. Period.

Bale's performances against Inter:

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  1. Who exactly is going to finish all these beautiful crosses from Rogers, Ekpo, and Gaven?

    Bale is sweet. Go Crew!