Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11/3/2010: Crew Appear To Be Doing A Much Better Job At Promoting.. Will It Lead To Results?

The Columbus Crew have seemed to improve their marketing and promoting of games over the second half of 2010. I haven't seen many games with poor crowds over the second half of the season, except for the Concacaf Champions League games; And it appears that the Crew have stepped it up a notch for the first playoff game this season.

The Crew have done quite a bit of social media marketing for Saturday, they have a Scarf Ohio campaign for the playoffs, a nice video of Cavs players and Jim Tressel repping the black and gold, and they conveniently have no sports competition this weekend with Ohio State on a bye.

Further, the Crew have made some smart cross promotion deals; As the Blue Jackets also have a home game later in the night and the Crew have paired up their playoff game at 4 p.m. with the Blue Jackets game later that night for $50 bucks.

Hopefully, this leads to a nearly full house and an atmosphere much more like Seattle's on Sunday; And less like the Rapids awful atmosphere in the first game of this series where the fans were outnumbered by seats 3 to 1. If it's more like Seattle's atmosphere (hard to be as good without 36,000 seats), but still it will definitely be a lift for a Crew team that didn't look so hot in the first game in the series.

Overall, I'm just glad that the Crew front office is starting to market the team more like a professional club instead of a minor event. No one is going to come to a game if you never market a Crew game like it's something of importance. So kudos there.


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