Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11/23/2010: Crew Lose Out On Former Trialist Bas Ent, Ent Signs 3 Year Deal With Toronto F.C.

23 year old Bas Ent impressed MLS clubs Toronto F.C. and the Columbus Crew during his time in America with the Dayton Dutch Lions. Ent trialed for Toronto for a week and played 45 minutes for the Canadian club against EPL side Bolton Wanderers. Then Ent got a week trial with the Crew after impressing in a friendly matchup against the Crew (above). But, apparently Toronto will nab the young Dutch winger over Columbus.

11/23/2010: Crew Lose Out On Former Trialist Bas Ent, Ent Signs 3 Year Deal With Toronto F.C.

Dutch Topklasser League website, Topklasser.nl, which is the league website of Bas Ent's Dutch side, Katwijk, reported today that 23 year old Bas Ent has signed a three year deal with MLS side Toronto F.C.; A popular Dutch soccer website, VoetbalPrimeur.nl, has also picked up the story. Both of these stories confirm what I've personally heard (used to work at DDL F.C.) from a former Dayton Dutch Lions co-worker a week ago, who said that Ent has signed a three year deal with Toronto F.C.

The Columbus Crew battled Toronto F.C. this Summer a little over Bas Ent; as both TFC and Columbus invited Ent to week long trials. Ent had to say the following about his trial this Summer with the Columbus Crew, "I consider this trial as an appreciation for my performance this season. It gives me confidence. The Crew's level is very high, it's obvious that they are the front runners in the MLS by far. In terms of organization you can see this is a very big club. This trial is the icing on my cake."

Nevertheless, it looks as if TFC won the battle or that Warzycha and Bliss didn't rate the Dutch winger as highly as Toronto did. Therefore, Ent will not be a part of the Crew's youth plan, as the Crew have decided to go younger and faster after parting ways with veterans Schelotto, Hejduk, Padula, Oughton, and Carroll. However, Ent shouldn't take it too personal as it's fair to say that the only overwhelmingly positive signing in the last two years for Columbus has been Renteria.

Last month, some Crew fans wondered why the Crew signed Cleveland International player Josh Williams (who rarely played for PDL side Cleveland and had less than spectacular stats in the PDL) over a better known PDL commodity in former Dayton Dutch Lions player Bas Ent. Hopefully that decision, along with many others of the Crew in this last week, doesn't come back to bite them.

Will see in our first game against Toronto in 2011. If Ent torches the inconsistent Shaun Francis and Eric Brunner, there's your answer.


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