Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26/2010: Say What McCullers? At The Crew Awards

Columbus Crew GM Mark McCullers sure knows how to pull the silver lining out of a crappy few months. From the Crew's Twitter, this is how the Crew GM described the umm, "successful" Crew 2010 season:

"Were the only team in MLS history to reach the MLS Playoffs, Open Cup Final and Quarterfinal stage of CONCACAF in one season."

That may be true, but McCullers could have also said:

"Were the only team in MLS history to have a real good chance at the treble a few months ago: Supporters Shield, U.S. Open Cup, and MLS Cup. To go from that, to blowing two of those three opportunities and only being picked by the most optimistic of Crew fans for the third."

That more realistic statement probably would have drawn more applause; I'm sure everyone at the awards ceremony had the same thought when McCullers made that statement and if you didn't you're lying... And I get that awards ceremonies are a wank-fest so I'm being particular.

Some other thoughts on the awards ceremony:

**Fan of the year went to Herbert Bressler. Could someone scoop me in on who Herbert Bressler is?

I'm not being rude, just curious.

I'm sure Herbert(based on the name Herbert) is and hope he is some 72 year old guy who has been to every Crew home game since 96'. But, I thought it would of been someone like Sameh Fahmi, Blake Compton, or Kevin McCullough. Someone who spends money and a great ammount of time outside of the game to bring more fans to Crew games; Or someone like Fahmi who takes 80 brillant pictures a game as the National Geographic photographer of the Nordecke; who I'm sure would like to just stand, drink a beer, and chant for a game from the Nordecke. Or someone like McCullough and Compton who have made sure that around 100 Crew fans have made the trek to New York, Philly, D.C., Chicago, Toronto, and etc. this year. Trips that take lots of time to coordinate and end up costing someone 200 bucks a trip usually.

Oh well, I'm sure Bressler is deserving for one reason or another. I hope this is Bressler, as showing up to a game as JC is reason enough:

Anyways, I just hope he isn't some investor guy who bought the trophy by giving the Crew a little cash. To me at least, fan of the year isn't just showing up, it's sacrificing a lot to promote your club. I hope Bressler has done this in one way or another.

**One thumbs up about this year's ceremony, I'm glad the Crew are recognizing their youth players at multiple levels; Congrats to Will Trapp, Aaron Horton, and Brandon Silva for winning academy player of the year at U-16, U-18, and U-20. Hopefully we will see one of these guys in the senior team someday.

Crew Soccer Academy U15/16 Player of the Year
2010 Winner- Wil Trapp

Crew Soccer Academy U17/18 Player of the Year
2010 Winner- Aaron Horton

Crew Soccer Academy U19/20 Player of the Year
2010 Winner- Brandon Silva

**A thumbs down for me is missing a Casino Night, just about the best part of the Crew season. However, I'm saving up my money and requesting November 6th off since I have been putting work before being a Crew diehard this season. Obviously my priorities are screwed up and it's time to switch those around again. I blow all my work money on booze anyways :-). Kidding.


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