Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26/2010: Renteria & Mendoza On Goal Scoring Form For Playoffs; Will That Continue Against Colorado?

Putting the call out for starting time in the playoffs: Renteria and Mendoza are on nice form heading into the playoffs. Renteria has 3 goals in his last 2 games, Mendoza has 2 goals in his last 2 games (Pictures by Sam Fahmi/Massive Report).

Consistent scoring is an area that the Crew haven't been able to rely on from any of their strikers for a few years now, well since Brian McBride and Stern John. Nevertheless, it appears that two Crew strikers are getting in form at the right time with the playoffs right around the corner; As Emilio Renteria has tallied three goals in his last two games and Andres Mendoza has found the net twice in his last two games.

Even though these goals were against Joe Public on Tuesday and the Philadelphia Union on Sunday (quite possibly the worst teams respectively in the Champions League and MLS) it is still nice to be scoring consistently; as a goal scoring streak leads to confidence for both players no matter the opponent. Further, it gives confidence in the midfield that if the Crew midfield feeds Renteria and Mendoza, there is a good chance that either will finish the opportunity currently.

Therefore, I hope Warzycha sticks with the sort of lineup he trotted out against the Philadelphia Union (minus Hesmer because of his injury):

I also hope to see Mendoza coming off the bench for Renteria around the 70th minute; As Warzycha has to gift those who are scoring with starting time. I will be immensely frustrated if (despite Renteria and Mendoza scoring in the last two consecutive games) Waryzcha for reasons unknown decides to start either Lenhart or Garey.

Renteria and Mendoza are in goal scoring form, they are the higher quality strikers on our team and their showing it at the moment, further they have some confidence in themselves at the moment. I went from highly pessimistic about the playoffs to slightly confident about the first round as long as both of them are seeing minutes up top. I believe we can take Colorado with both seeing minutes at that striker position.

What are your thoughts?


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