Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10/13/2010: Peruvian Piero Alva Wants To Join Mendoza At Crew?

According to a few reports out of Peru, 31 year old Peruvian striker Piero Alva wants to partner fellow Peruvian Andres Mendoza at the Columbus Crew. Apparently Alva's agent, Ricky Schanks (also Mendoza's agent- surprise there) forgot to tell Alva that the American transfer deadline was nearly two months ago and that the only partnering he will likely be doing with Mendoza is catching splinters on the bench. You know, since Mendoza hasn't been seeing much time as a starter since he joined the Crew.

Schanks has stated that Alva would be emigrating to American soil ASAP and Alva's current Peruvian team Universitio de Deportes can do nothing to keep him. Well, other than of course offering him a lucrative salary so that Alva won't be tempted to sit in Ohio for the next four winter months waiting to join the Crew in February to see if he can be the latest South American forward disappointment along with Herrera and Mendoza.

Mendoza and even Herrera have better resumes, Alva is a 1 goal every 5 games striker mainly in Peru. Further, Alva has 16 caps and only 3 goals with the national team. That's just scintilating.

Sadly, the only time I would probably be interested in a guy like this is right now. As I would throw anyone in there hoping they could score a goal. In contrast, the Crew need to look for a real 20 goals a game, DP striker next year. Not previously good South Americans looking for an American vacation.

Here's another story on Alva to Crew eventually.

Anyways here's Piero Alva doing his thing if there is any interest in 2011 and if Mendoza is still here to partner with:

An awful penalty kick from Alva two weeks ago:


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