Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10/13/2010: Crew Not Leaving Much Fans Hopeful For Playoffs

Loyal but not cheerful: Crew fall to listless Chicago 2-nil this past Friday in Chicago as Crew fans that made the long trip watch at Toyota Park. Despite recent form, a lot of Crew fans showed up to cheer on their club.

After another ridicously bad performance against Chicago. I can't agree more with this estimation of the Crew's chances in the playoffs, as sbnation ranked the Crew seventh out of the eight playoff teams despite being the second seed in the East:

7. Columbus Crew (46 points): Harsh? Maybe. Whether it's the schedule, the lack of depth on the roster or some other reason, the fact remains that no team has played worse over their past five games than Columbus -- and yes that includes DC United, Houston, Chivas USA and every other bottom-feeding team. Of course they have a chance to turn it around and maybe some rest will allow them to do that, but right now the Crew look like a wounded animal. The only question is whether they are looking for someplace to lie down or for something to attack.

The overall fact is that this team has completely lost their identity, spirit, and unity. I would be shocked and pleasantly surprised if we go farther then the second round.


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