Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9/7/2010: Daily Update- Crew Trialist Ent Scoring Back In Holland, Voodoo for Marc Burch, NORonTOUR Continues Stops, No Becks For First Place Showdown

Ent's MLS dreams may have to wait another year, but that's not affecting his form back in Holland.

**It seems that neither the Columbus Crew or Toronto F.C. had enough interest in the end to make a late Summer move for Dayton Dutch Lions 23-year-old Bas Ent. Ent trialed for Toronto in mid-July and for the Crew in early-August, but is now back with first place, third division (Dutch topklasse side) VV Katwijk. Ent scored the winner the previous week here at the 5:33 mark and will square off against another former Dutch Lions striker, Hans van de Haar this weekend; van de Haar plays for second place Spakenburg and will battle Ent for first place in the Topklasse this Saturday:


**After the Crew's 2-1 victory over D.C. United in the U.S. Open Cup Semifinal, former Crew defender turned D.C. United part-timer Marc Burch felt that his team was slighted in the U.S. Open Cup Semifinal loss because in his opinion the Crew "have dirty players" and so Burch claimed him and United "would be out for revenge (in a regular season rematch) on Saturday."

Well, Burch didn't get a chance to be a part of that lackluster revenge.. Lackluster in every way as the Crew would march on to another win with D.C. registering no shots on goal. But, very lackluster for Burch who couldn't even play a part despite his words; as despite looking perfectly healthy in a postgame slam of the Crew for DCUnited.tv, Burch had to miss Saturday's rematch because he required season-ending surgery to his right foot that was injured against the Crew in Wednesday's Semifinal game.

Could voodoo have played a part? I posted the above image. But, a previous one I made had Schelotto holding Burch's right foot; although I figured that was a bit too harsh.. However, it seems my Guillermo-inspired voodoo may have worked on Marc Burch.


**Another sizeable Crew crowd made their way to the nation's capital this Saturday to cheer on Columbus (below). Crew fans have added New York, Philadelphia, F.C. Dallas, and D.C. United so far this year to their usual big trips to rivals Chicago and Toronto (both Chicago and Toronto still remain on the away trips this season). According to the always reliable wikipedia, this phenomenon is known as "NorOnTour". Hey, I like it, add it next to "Massive", "Nordecke", & "Canaries" in your Crew vocabulary.


**Beckham was hoping to make his return to the L.A. Galaxy squad this Saturday in a crucial matchup against the Columbus Crew. Both Columbus and L.A. have 13-5-5 records and Saturday's game is for first place in the league as well as to take control of the Supporters Shield race. However, according to CrewXtra, Beckham will have to wait another week for his return.

Good news for the Crew, who will look to continue the late-season struggles of a Beckham-less L.A.


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