Friday, August 6, 2010

8/6/2010: Crewture.TV- Let's Make Fun Of NYRB: A Prelude To Everybody Laugh At TFC

First we made fun of Toronto FC. But, let's face it with Rafael Marquez, Thierry Henry, and Juan Pablo Angel now on NY/New Jersey Red Bulls; our main rival is going to be the New Jersey Red Bulls over the next few years. I believe the Crew has what it takes to hold New York (well.. New Jersey off since they play in Jersey) and will win the division by a good 10 points. But, I'm so sick of hearing about Marquez and Henry and that NYRB will win the division just because of those two players; Despite New York/New Jersey being down already by 10 points and not having the overall team like Columbus does.

So, because I'm annoyed with the new Chelsea of North America. I have decided to make fun of them in hopes that they'll crash and burn like our other rivals. Enjoy.

I'll have ratings and thoughts from the Philly game up tomorrow, as well as some articles on the Zayner transfer and etc.


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