Monday, August 30, 2010

8/30/2010: Ratings & Thoughts From Crew vs. FC Dallas

Man of the Match: Has to be Emilio Renteria once again; As Emilio, after a couple not so hot performances perceding some great performances in early August, had his second game winning assist in a row denied. First, on Wednesday Renteria had a beautiful cross find Iro's head for a 1-0 lead in Santos, however that goal was disallowed surprisingly because Renteria had no number on his shirt. On Saturday, Renteria broke free down the right wing and sent a cross across the CCS grass carpet to a waiting Jason Garey who scuffed the ball on a open net from 5 yards out. It's okay though Garey, your in good company with Manchester City's Carlos Tevez this weekend.

This is all starting to feel a lot more like 2009 then 2008: I liked when the Crew finished strong in 2008. This year the Crew seems to be losing that killer instinct as of late similiar to 2009. We have to be able to outslug opponents like F.C. Dallas at home in this part of the season. F.C. Dallas is a good team but it's no excuse. A win could have had us tied for the Supporters Shield; And even if a tie isn't the worst result (putting us two points back of the Shield) we also now have New York Red Bulls to contend with; As NYRB are now breathing down our backs now with 37 points to our 41, and look to have a lot more of that killer instinct as of late.

Good attendance: The Crew had their second straight 16,000 plus crowd against the Rapids and F.C. Dallas. Which is not so shabby for a non-rival club at this part of the season; as Rapids and F.C. Dallas are usually some of the least exciting and dramatic teams that we can face. Hopefully this is a sign that interest in such an excellent team is starting to pick up and not just a bunch of giveaways.

When the hell is Mendoza going to play: The lack of a finisher was sorely missed against F.C. Dallas. Hopefully, Mendoza fits the bill. The Crew could have used someone like him on Renteria's pass that should of won the game.


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