Thursday, August 26, 2010

8/26/2010: Santos And Officiating in Mexico A Complete Joke! Revenge In Columbus Upcoming.

It didn't matter that Santos has a team salary about 20 to 30 times higher than the Crew, or that the Crew sat out most of their starters and played reserves, or that the Crew were more focused on their domestic campaign, or that players like Dilly Duka got their second start all year in this game.

Even with all of that SANTOS AND CORRUPT CENTRAL AMERICAN OFFICIALS NEEDED TO PULL SOMETHING OUT OF THEIR ASS TO GIVE SANTOS THE WIN OVER THE CREW. It's bad enough that Mexican players feel the need to get knocked down by the wind every time a Crew player is within 10 yards of them. But, seriously would the fricken world end if officiating was fair down there? With how much Mexican teams have won against MLS in Mexico and with how much more money is put into their squads, is there really a NEED TO CHEAT TO GET A RESULT? No, no, nope. Salary-wise Mexican clubs should win by tons, without needing to milk referee teet's and without needing to be a bunch of overpriced divers. "Professional" clubs such as Santos should have the talent to win fair and square. But, nope to taste sweet CONCACAF victory they need to call off a Crew goal and fit six minutes of extra time in three minutes to get the win. Hooray, I HOPE YOU ALL FEEL DAMN PROUD DOWN THERE IN SANTOS.

What happened in the first half when the Crew scored a completely legitimate goal is something Santos fans shouldn't even be proud of (well except for that posse behind the net who deserved something for being the only people alive all game in the stadium). Anyways, the disallowed goal WAS A TRAVESTY, A JOKE. The referee waived on Crew player Emilio Renteria (Renteria even checked to make sure it was okay to come back on multiple times), and then Renteria served a beautiful ball in on the free kick which was headed by Andy Iro to make it 1-nil Crew. The goal was given and the Crew, who were more dangerous most of the first half, had a deserved lead with their reserves.

The Crew came into Santos's house with a team of half reserves and dominated the first half; They put the ball in the net; They celebrated. Then the fourth referee (who just happens to be Mexican) called it back for whatever misaligned reason he could think up in his little head. Something like "okay, I let Renteria back on but I didn't realize he still had blood on his shirt until he celebrated." Or "okay, I waved him on but he forgot to ask the main official to come on so were going to give him a yellow card and waive off the goal." Or "Renteria watches desperate housewives, which is against the law in Mexico, yellow card." Or "I'm a Santos fan, and no matter what I'm calling the goal off."

Whatever the damn reason. It was a complete diaherrea of a call. The Crew have written a protest. Crew fans have stated what the hell is even the point of worrying about CONCACAF, when Mexican teams already have all the advantages and still need to make up advantages on the fly with the referees to win games in Mexico now. WE CAN'T GET EXCITED ABOUT A TOURNAMENT WHEN EVEN WHEN WE DESERVE SOME SORT OF RESULT, WERE COMPLETELY SHAFTED.

I agree with what was echoed by many in the Nordecke, that when we play Santos every damn person who supports the Crew should be there with a MASSIVE fireball of steaming vulgarity. The Nordecke and the whole stadium should be on these jokers asses. September 21st everyone should be there to protest CONCACAF, to insult Santos, and to get revenge for such a ridicoulous call.

Also, apparently according to CONCACAF, it was a disallowed goal because Renteria was not wearing a shirt with a number, lol seriously? What is this refereeing crew Bruno and the Fashion Polzei? Silly Renteria with his bandaid and missing name shirt looking like a homeless brooke shields, aus!

Anyway, if the referee waives you back on and doesn't realize his mistake, what does the shirt have to do with the goal? A yellow card and a disallowed goal for the shirt your wearing, lol? How about you waived him on, he scored, why not tell him after he scored to please go to the sideline and change your shirt. It's not like a shirt without a number gives you a distinct advantage over your opponents:

And if CONCACAF wants to get all damn picky about everyone being accounted for with the right players in their correctly matching kits, I don't think many are going to confuse Renteria with many other people on the field.. Since you know he's the dude with the bandaid on his head! From taking a red card, Jackie Chan inspired elbow minutes before in the game!

And what the hell does it matter? Apparently no one could give the CONCACAF announcer an updated lineup on Concacaf's video webcast. So Ekpo was Marshall, and Oughton was Moffat, and Eddie Graven was playing for Eddie Gaven. So what's a little uniform switcheroo?

Whatever Jack Warner Champions League and Santos Laguna Beach..

All I have to say is enjoy hell when you come to Columbus, Santos :-):

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  1. Thank you for venting what I have been stewing over the last 2 days. Waving Iro's goal was complete nonsense. Crew deserved a draw at least.
    Be proud of how they played. Let's return the favor when Santos visits Crew Stadium.