Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8/18/2010: Free Andres Mendoza

The 32-year-old Peruvian striker Andres Mendoza has been practicing with the Crew for the last three weeks. Mendoza has further agreed to a contract with the Columbus Crew. Just one problem Mendoza's Turkish team, Diyarbakirspor (try to say that three times), has denied the Crew's request for Mendoza's International Transfer Certificate.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Mendoza did not leave on the best of terms in Turkey as apparently Diyarbakirspor owed Mendoza money but did not pay him, so Mendoza left before his year contract was up.

Diyarbakirspor may be upset that themselves and Mendoza were not a match made in heaven. But, why did Diyarbakirspor reject the Crew's request when a.) Mendoza will never play for them again and b.) Mendoza is no longer under contract with the Turkish club? One cannot be sure if Diyarbakirspor are more upset with Mendoza leaving or with the fact that Mendoza only gave them 5 goals in 15 appearances on Diyarbakirspor's way to relegation from the Turkish Super Lig.

Either way, the Crew are hoping to get this all resolved and to have Mendoza playing in the canary yellow by next week; as Mendoza traveled to the Mexican consulate in Chicago today to gain the correct paperwork to be eligible for the Champions League trip against Santos Laguna on August 24th.

If Mendoza receives his international transfer certificate by August 24th, expect Mendoza to start for the Crew against Santos Laguna. As the Crew will look to lean on Mendoza's previous success in Mexico; as Mendoza scored 13 goals in 27 games for Morelia in the 2008/2009 Mexican campaign.

On the other hand if Diyarbakirspor continues to be stubborn, the Crew will miss out on Mendoza for one of the reasons the Crew are looking to buy him. Mainly to add that lethal aspect to the Crew's attack and to have someone used to scoring against Mexican sides, as Mexican sides are the only teams in the way of the Crew's aspirations for a Club World Cup bid.


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