Sunday, August 15, 2010

8/15/2010: Real Salt Lake Tries To Manufacture A Rivalry With The Crew Over Hesmer's Comments.. Umm, No Thanks.

An injury riddled Columbus Crew went back to the level of play produced a couple of weeks ago against Chivas USA, losing to Real Salt Lake 2-0 last night. The Salt Lake win last night was apparently fueled by some tame and truthful comments from Crew goalkeeper William Hesmer. The comments were made back in April by Hesmer after the Crew won at home 1-0 over previous champs Real Salt Lake. After that game, Hesmer said that Royal Salt Lake (sorry the name Real Salt Lake is even a joke) were a sub-par .500 team and not champion caliber throughout the season last year; and therefore, Hesmer didn't get why the Crew, who had the best record once again last season, had to knock Salt Lake off any sort of pedistal. In the minds of Hesmer, most Crew fans, and most logical soccer fans the Crew had a bad two game series in the playoffs vs. RSL in 2009 that wiped out their previous 30 games where they were the best team. Further, anywhere else in the world, where playoffs do not exist in soccer, the Crew would be two time champs going for their third in 2010.

But, apparently in MLS you're just supposed to pat the "champions" on the back and say "good job, yeah your the better team," even when that team made the playoffs on the last day, was sub .500, and went on a run in their last four games. Apparently, it's a crime for Hesmer to think that his team is the better team.

So, Real Salt Lake hates William Hesmer and Real Salt Lake is dying to create something with us and be our rivals, what's new welcome to the club, move a cheek TFC. But, what is there to hate about Real Salt Lake other than their name? Got to dislike something to have a rivalry.. And all I can dislike is Kyle Beckerman's Battlefield Earth haircut and Robbie Findley pretending to be national team quality.

From the Columbus Dispatch, Hesmer confused in lamens terms about Real Salt Lake's menstrual cycle:

"Those quotes were from April," Hesmer said. "They were meant as no disrespect to Salt Lake. The disrespect was meant toward the media because they came in saying, 'Well, you guys have to beat the defending champions' and this and that. and I was saying 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's take a step back.'"

The home team stoked the fire one final time in the moments before kickoff when the video board at Rio Tinto Stadium flashed Hesmer's picture and comments about how Salt Lake was a sub-.500 team last season and were "walking around like champions."

Followed up by another message saying William Hesmer is the guy on the other team protecting the net; as it's unlikely most RSL fans knew of Will Hesmer or his comments before it got plastered on the video board. Lol, let's be REAL.

But, let's review this.
A.) Were Real Salt Lake sub-.500 last year? Yes.
B.) Were they walking around like champs? See below.

And the problem is?

I get that Real Salt Lake wants their opponents, including William Hesmer, to just say "yeah it feels great beating the defending champs, I'm so honored." But, playing like crap for a whole season and then winning your last four games isn't going to get you those comments.. So, get over it Real Salt Lake, your playing more like champs this year, if you go all the way again then everyone may respect your club.

But, it's unlikely we'll have to respect their fans, according to MLS Soccer:

Spurred by Kreis and his players’ comments to the media about Hesmer, the Salt Lake fans were delighted by the goals and razzed the 'keeper all game.

“It was what I expected,” Hesmer said. “It was rowdy. I would say it was overly disrespectful. It surprised me that the stadium or security would let the fans chant what they did, but it is what it is. It makes for passionate fans. Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe not.”

Apparently, mormons are now in the swear game as a Salt Lake fan said in the above article that they were chanting "we f'ed your grandma." Haha, ohh the two sticks we can make about that. Really, Salt Lake? Not the hot wife? Your going straight for that grandma loving?

Ok grandma pounders, if they want to play all cool with their supporters group of 50 people, we can give their side a good verbal pounding from the Nordecke next time they're in Columbus.

I'll have ratings and more up later tonight.


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