Thursday, August 12, 2010

8/12/2010: What's The Nordecke's True Potential?

The Nordecke on the best of days can be impressive for an American supporters section (above).. But, have things cooled down a bit since the crazy times of late 2008, early 2009? Were we better then? And do we have the potential to get as great as below?

Here's a video Thoma (the banner making machine) posted on his facebook profile last week.. He said he believes the Nordecke can be as great as this video someday. I too have had a daydream or three of us looking something like this eventually:

However, some things will definitely need to change if we are ever to get there.

1. People have gotten so frustrated with new chants not working out, they just don't even bother anymore with finding a solution or trying to come up with new ones. The last couple of games the chants continue to be all over the place with "We Love You" going off at least 10 times a game because we have nothing else to chant to that effect.

Bullhorns, CD's, Capo's?? Ehh, no one even bothers with worrying about it anymore.. It is what it is.

In the meantime, even the new teams like the Seattle Sounders and Philadelphia Union pass us up in the category of an array of different/interesting chants.

2. I think we were better in 2008 then we are now, I go back and look at that Chicago Eastern Conference game (a cpl new vids below from it), and we haven't matched that yet again- chanting, tifo, everything. Not completely our fault though, more of an issue with closing the Nordecke off from those without tickets. For example, I once had a ticket outside the section for the New York game and finally devised some way to sneak in in the 50th minute. Security has the section wrapped up like Fort Knox there. However, sort of our fault for not blaming ourselves for the issues, and blaming imaginary non-Nordecke types for our problems a few years ago.

But, overall, a Nordecke that was overflowing into other sections at the beginning of 2009- even for a game against Kansas City. Is at about 80% percent capacity for every game that is not the Los Angeles Galaxy.

3. Make the damn thing terrace seating already, clear of anything that can burn (like wood? lol), and take the security goons out of the section and leave them on the field for protection on corner kicks. So, we can have our smoke bombs. Smoke bombs are not going to cause a fire in any sort of stituation except if your a sicko and you light the thing in someone's hair. But, HENCE THE WORD SMOKE BOMBS, OTHERWISE THEY WOULD BE CALLED FIREBOMBS, THEY ARE NOT FLARES, THERE SMOKE BOMBS.

Anyways, will never be on the level of Europe without some sort of pyro.

Chicago Fire fans are allowed to go nuts with flares in their section. I light off one crappy smoke bomb in the Nordecke and I got security up my ass, kicking me out, and being escorted out telling me it's a 3 year prison sentence and I'm lucky..

IT'S A SMOKE BOMB for chrissakes..

When I started a section for the Dayton Dutch Lions in Dayton, Ohio called The Orange Legion. We would light off smoke bombs when we scored and we had one guy called "The Orange Legionnaire" in the section run a lap with a smoke bomb. Did anyone get hurt? Nope. Was there any property damage? Nope. Why? Because no one had to hide the fact they were holding a smoke bomb. So they held it far away from themselves and everyone else.. And there were no problems. And this was at a high school, synthetic field!

In actuality and contrast, because you have to hide the smoke bomb in the Nordecke this causes more of a risk of a fire; Because those that light off smoke bombs pitch it really quick away from themselves instead of holding it safely and then the pitched smoke bomb can come into contact with something on the ground or someone else.

So, really the increased security causes more of a risk of a fire or damage.

4. Needs to be an ultra group. Sure there have been some displays. But, honestly the Nordecke won't ever get like the above without a large ultra group. Other groups still have many other things in mind other than how the section projects themselves and etc. But, I believe it a matter of time before that catches on out of necessity. All the other groups have their roles and usefulness for different groups of people in the section. But, there needs to be a group bringing that ultra game.

5. Need to make the Nordecke general admission again, get it going, so we can add more sections and get it as crazy as the above video.

If we do all of that, we might be like that above video, someday. If we continue to stagnate and not push for changes we'll be singing our same 5 chants 20 years from now. The Nordecke is awesome and continues to be bad ass, but we should always strive for better and more.


  1. dumbass kids who think its cool just to be in the section but then stand(or sit!) the whole game, dont join in the songs and chants and then badmouth the team and league the whole game dont help, espeially while we are already losing to LA and it seemed like most of the nordecke became disinterested in the game, if you arent serious dont waste our time by getting seats in the SUPPORTERS SECTION!!

  2. Yeah spectacle chasers. Wish there was a solution to that, like if your not serious about being here we can boot you to the regular seats. But, I can't think of one for that. Any thoughts?

  3. The one chant I get sick of hearing is the La Turbina one in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish, so I have no idea what it is, and every time I try to learn it, I'm in the Nordecke and already drunk. I realize that it's mostly y fault for getting too drunk to learn a simple 5 or 6 word Spanish chant, but that's not the point. The point is, I hear it at least 20 times a game.

    On the same note, I think we rely too much on La Turbina to be the creative forces within the Nordecke. They are the ones that supply the lead to most of the chants. We definitely need to be a more unified and cohesive unit in that respect.

    As far as new chants go, I think we need to stop attempting to parody hit songs by turning them into chants (like "Yellow Submarine") and focus more on creating actual chants. We need something that creates volume in the stands and not raise eyebrows because people are playing "name hat tune" in their head. They should be getting excited about the massive support going on in our section and desire to be a part of that.

    One last note on chants. They need to be simple with as few words as possible. Not because people are too stupid to catch on to the longer more complex ones, but because people who are not familiar with our chants will more easily be able to learn them as they are being done and join in. This will create more participation and therefore more volume.

    I'm not sure about Ohio law, but I will do some research on it, but the smoke bomb complaint may not be the stadium's fault. There could be a statute regulating use of smoke bombs and particularly smoke bombs in stadiums or enclosed areas. We can't really get angry with the stadium for upholding the law. Though I do understand the frustration.

    If anyone likes my ideas and wants to try and get something done I'm all for it and more than willing to help out.