Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8/11/2010: Bas Ent On Week Trial For Crew, TFC Still Looking To Sign Ent

Dutch Delight? I would not be shocked at all if that Zayner roster spot ends up being for Bas Ent. Griffit and Ent could be $40,000 dollar starting wingers quite possibly.. And I doubt both Ekpo and Rogers (and there $150,000 to $200,000 dollar salaries) stay in 2011 based on their production the last two years. Also, Ent may not be around after this week (explanation below).

22-year-old Dayton Dutch Lions player, Bas Ent, started his rumored week long trial (mentioned first on Crewture on July 27th) with the Columbus Crew this Monday according to The Columbus Dispatch's CrewXtra. Ent, a former Eresdivise player for F.C. Volendam and former U-17 and U-20 Netherlands NT player, had 2 goals and 6 assists in 16 outings for the Dayton Dutch Lions this Summer.

This will be Ent's second trial with a MLS team in the last three weeks. Ent had a four day trial with Toronto F.C. that ran from Monday July 19th to Thursday July 22nd; That trial was highlighted by an exhibition game against EPL side, Bolton Wanderers, where Ent impressed the TFC coaching staff and fans alike.

Bas Ent isn't off Toronto's radar either. From what I heard from a conversation I had Sunday (I formerly worked with the Dutch Lions team this Summer and have a few contacts still there); Mo Johnston has been in contact with the Dayton Dutch Lions about enquiring Ent this Summer and are working hard to make that happen now. Problem is Toronto F.C. does not have an open roster spot at the moment for Ent.

However, Mo Johnston is attempting to move some players in a trade to open up a roster spot for Ent. Toronto is high on Ent; as Ent likes to hug the line and has a good cross making him a good wide option that can spread out defenses for TFC. TFC have been missing a good wide player over their existence as a club.

But, whether Toronto F.C. can open up a spot for Ent depends upon whether any other team in the league are willing to take TFC's bottom of the roster players in a trade; As Toronto are not willing to cut a player making $40,000 a year, pay that cut player for the whole year, and pay Ent $40,000 as well.

Unlike Toronto F.C., the Columbus Crew curiously have a roster spot now open with the departure of Jed Zayner in a trade to D.C. United on Sunday. The Crew have said multiple times since that deal that they'll likely fill Zayner's spot with their unsigned rookie defender Kwaku Nyamekye. However, maybe the Crew are pulling a quick one on TFC and the Crew's open roster spot, that opened up just as Ent got onto the Crew practice field, could be meant for Ent; As before Zayner's spot opened up the Crew already had an agreement in place with Nyamekye to come back at the beginning of next year, sign, and work the preseason for a job. On the other hand, if Ent isn't signed after this week trial it's likely he'll be in Toronto F.C. colors by the end of August.

Therefore, with looking at next year, the Columbus Crew could be looking to sign a cheap winger like Bas Ent now (will cost the mimimial $40,000) to go along with their other cheap winger Leandre Griffit (not costing much more than $40,000 and not looking like much of a drop off from Ekpo or Rogers) to have two cheap, serviceable wingers in place for next year; as I find it greatly unlikely that both Robbie Rogers and Emmanuel Ekpo will be here next year. I would keep one or the other around, preferably Ekpo because I think he shows up more lately, but there is no way that the Crew will keep both around at their $150,000-$200,000 salaries; Especially with the production the Crew have been getting out of Ekpo and Rogers over the last two years.

So, I wouldn't be surprised if this roster spot was meant for Bas Ent, if Ent impresses over his week long trial this week; As everyone was surprised when the Crew signed yet another winger in Griffit, but it's a smart move. The Crew are stocking up on wingers so they have other options for next year if either Ekpo or Rogers leave, or both. Champions are always looking three moves ahead.

Or the Crew could sign Ent just to snatch a wanted player from their rivals Toronto F.C., just to piss TFC off. That at times can be an even more satisfactory reason to sign a player.

Bas Ent assist and goal in second half of 2-1 win over Michigan Bucks (start at 3:35):

Bas Ent three assists and a goal in a 4-1 route of Kalamazoo:


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