Saturday, July 31, 2010

7/31/2010: Hudson Street Hooligans Bar In Columbus Dispatch

Just some quotes from the main article, For Crew fans, Hooligans set the bar by Shawn Mitchell of the Columbus Dispatch:

The HSH Hooligans Club is believed to be the only private, licensed club in the state created solely for the purpose of supporting a professional sports team.

HSH Hooligans Club operates with a D-4 liquor permit. According to Ohio law, the permit is reserved for social clubs that have been in existence for at least three years, are "operated in the interest of the membership of a reputable organization" and maintained by dues-paying members.

The Hudson Street crew has taken some heat for using "hooligans" in its name, implying that they are troublemakers prone to violence. That couldn't be further from the truth, they say, and their club, open daily, is clean and welcoming. Although it takes some cues from European soccer pubs, this is no back-alley haven for thugs. Even the restrooms sparkle.

"We want you to come in and watch a game. We want to create a soccer outlet in
Columbus. If it's for you, fine. If it's not, that's fine, too.

But we think if you have a couple of cocktails in here you're going to want to go to a game with us" HSH Vice-President Jon Winland.

and if that doesn't do it, the proximity to players on goal celebrations for HSH does the bidding..


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