Monday, July 26, 2010

7/26/2010: Ratings & Player Performance Review Vs. Dynamo

Columbus Crew 3 vs. Houston Dynamo 0 (7/24/2010)- Ratings & Player Review

It was total control for the Columbus Crew on Saturday night as they brushed aside a struggling Houston Dynamo side thanks to great teamwork, as well as some strong individual moments.

Man of the Match- Emilio Renteria has four goals in four starts. His pressure unnerved Tally Hall into a David Green-type moment that led to Renteria's second goal in two games. Renteria may have been forunate to get the miscue, but his effort deserved a goal. Especially when considering an incredible run Renteria made before half-time; as Renteria was 10 yards away from the ball and beat both a defender and the goalkeeper to the initial ball and almost slotted it home. For such a stocky guy, Renteria has nice, underrated speed that the Houston defense did not expect. Lenhart, who should be back from injury, should only be coming off the bench at the moment when Reteria tires.

Surprise of the Match- Leandre Griffit The Frenchman did a lot of good in five minutes; as just three minutes into those last five minutes of the game Leandre was composed on a deflection from a tough angle and slotted home the third goal. Griffit has played at Southampton in the EPL before and his composure showed on that third goal. Makes me wonder at times if Leandre would be a better starting option eventually in the midfield in comparison to Moffat and/or Rogers.

Right now I may think this could be our most potent setup in attack:

Total Team Effort: Saturday's performance, along with the previous Saturday's performance, has the Crew outscoring their last two opponents 5-0 and playing by far their most attractive soccer in a long while. Warzycha must keep with what works, which seems to be Renteria and Ekpo in the attack at the same time, along with Schelotto. There is just too many elusive players in the attack with Renteria, Ekpo, and Schelotto and New York as well as Houston could not deal with it; Possibly the addition of Griffit eventually could even make it more complete.. As I haven't been blown away by Moffat's play in a while and Griffit's goal really impressed me.

Francis belongs: For someone from little NAIA Lindsey Wilson College, Francis (one of the last picks in this year's draft by the Crew) was impressive and mostly composed in his first start for the Crew. I think this kid is going to be a hell of a defender for us eventually.


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