Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7/21/2010: Do Crew Have The Overall Quality To Stave Off The Red Bulls And Their Three DP's?


Rafa Marquez has reached a tentative agreement with the New York Red Bulls to join Thierry Henry and Juan Pablo Angel as designated player's for the New York club. A few days ago, Marquez posed in a Mexican sports magazine in a Red Bulls jersey and is on vacation in New York. Marquez will go back to Barcelona on July 26th to negiotiate a free transfer and will be announced sometime after August 1st.

The Crew are five points ahead of the New York Red Bulls, downing the New York club this past Saturday 2-nil with ease as Theirry Henry watched. But, do the Crew have the overall quality to keep that distance over the remainder of the season once Henry and Marquez get comfortable?

The answer is confidently, "yes." I believe that Columbus will not cede first place in the East to New York. Position by position and player by player, the Crew are the best team in the East and debatedly in MLS, along with the LA Galaxy. In contrast, two players don't make a team and whether NYRB can challenge Columbus the rest of the way, depends upon how good of a transition Henry and Marquez make into the New York side.

It could be a seemless transition for the Red Bulls new designated players or it could be a rough one similiar to Beckham's. But, either way, I think NYRB will be dramatically improved. Therefore, I believe that the Columbus Crew need to keep playing like they did this past Saturday and need to keep winning, similiar to what the Crew have done this time of the year in 2008 and 2009, and if the Crew can achieve that they shouldn't have any problems.


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