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7/20/2010: While The Rest of MLS Signs Powerhouse DP's, The Crew Are After Ibetizo Ogbonna Again and Luciano Emilio.

Just say no to the current Crew transfer targets: Ibetiz-no and Lucia-no.

7/20/2010: While The Rest of MLS Signs Powerhouse DP's, The Crew Are After Ibetizo Ogbonna Again and Luciano Emilio
By Ryan Kozlowski

While the New York Red Bulls somehow find cap space (like it fell off a back of a truck) for Juan Pablo Angel, Thierry Henry, and Rafa Marquez on their lineup. And while every other team bolsters their rosters with the likes of Moldanado, Omar Bravo, Nery Castillo, and etc. The Crew in contrast don't have room for even one designated player. As Guillermo Barros Schelotto no longer counts as a designated player for the Crew; But, even with that being the case, the Crew don't have the cap space for one designated player or a player even of half that worth, while other teams have the cap space for three.

Instead, according to Crew Xtra and Steven Goff, the Crew are taking looks at Ibetizo Ogbonna (again) and Luciano Emilio. How about we just say Ibetiz-no and Lucia-no, Crew.

First, let's talk about Ogbonna. Does the name sound familiar? Well the Crew were looking at the Nigerian two years ago, as this Crewture link shows, when Ibeztio was coming off a better than average strike rate of 1 goal per every 3 games with Hapeol Tel Aviv (37 goals in 117 appearances). Nevertheless, the Crew didn't sign him then and Ogbonna since has struggled with several problems with his knees. From 2007 on, Ogbonna has 19 appearances with just four goals for CFR Cluj, Kaiser Chiefs, and now Albanian side KS Apolonia.

So, we get rid of one striker (Sergio Herrera) with leg problems that actually had a decent strike rate in the two years prior. And we replace him with another guy with bad knees who cannot even score in Albania. Wonderful.

Here's Ogbonna in his Hapeol Tel Aviv glory days (youtube video comes with his agents phone number for the Crew's convenience):

Plus I know my Jewish friend, Dadi (fast forward to 4:12), a Beitar Jersulam and now Crew fan would not approve the signing of a hated rival, a former Hapeol Tel Aviv player :-):

Second, let's talk about Emilio. Sure Emilio was a hell of a player in Honduras (84 goals in 122 appearances from 2002 to 2006) and with D.C. United from 2007 to 2009 where he amassed 41 goals in 83 appearances. But, since the 2009 season, Emilio has not been the same Emilio with just 15 appearances over the last two seasons with 1 goal for Rio Branco back in Brazil. Most recently, during the 2010 season, Emilio only has 4 appearances for a D.C. United team that is god awful with only 12 points compared to the Crew's 31 in the current season.

If Emilio cannot get on the field for that sorry excuse of a team. How would he be of any benefit to the Crew. No thanks we already have our Emilio (Emilio Renteria).

If the Crew are looking for someone cheap that might turn into a hidden gem, this might of been a good option, oh wait too late. Or how about someone cook up another Martin Palermo to Columbus rumor. Been a while since we have had one.


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