Monday, July 19, 2010

7/19/2010: Crew Beaten To Trialist By TFC

Whether this comes back to bite the Crew depends upon if Ent ends up being MLS quality or not with his trial to TFC. But, the Crew had an interest there, as it seems with Rogers coming into the game on Saturday around the 80th minute, that a replacement at that position and a Rogers transfer to Europe isn't out of the question. However, TFC swooped in with the offer of a trial right away and a chance to match up against the Bolton Wanderers for Ent.

Bas Ent Headed On Trial To Toronto FC, May Get Minutes In Friendly Against EPL Bolton Wanderers
From: The Orange Legionnaire

Winger Bas Ent has stood out for the Dayton Dutch Lions with 2 goals and 6 assists in fourteen games with the PDL club. His pace and quickness, ability to get off good crosses, and overall passing ability has Ent currently being targeted by a few MLS clubs. The 22-year old Ent was first noticed by the Columbus Crew in a friendly played at the University of Dayton between the Dutch Lions and the Crew on June 19th (Ent is pictured above in that game). Ent was one of two Dutch Lion players that caught the eyes of Crew Head Coach Robert Warzycha and Crew Technical Director Brian Bliss on that day. The Crew wanted and still want to take a closer look at Ent after the Dutch Lions season, along with another Dayton Dutch Lion player.

However, by then it may be too late for the Columbus Crew to snag Ent; As Bas Ent also caught the eyes of a scout from the Columbus Crew's main rival, Toronto F.C., when the Dutch Lions went on the road to Canada recently. As the Dutch Lions took on FC London and the Toronto Lynx in PDL action and the TFC scout was at the Lynx game on July 11th. That scout was extremely impressed with Ent and contacted the Dutch Lions soon after. Then over the last week the Dutch Lions front office has been in contact with Toronto F.C. multiple times, working out travel arrangements for Ent.

Ent has an exciting few days ahead of him. He'll leave Sunday for Toronto, train Monday and Tuesday at BMO Field with the likes of Dwayne DeRosario and Julian De Guzman, then will likely be inserted in a friendly against the Bolton Wanderers at BMO Field Wednesday night. Over 22,000 TFC fans will be watching Ent's every move, as the Canadian poster club looks to bolster their squad.

The Toronto F.C. game against Bolton is part of the annual Carlsberg Cup where TFC plays a EPL team yearly for a trophy. The game will be broadcasted on GolTV at 7:30 P.M. and if Bas is expected to get a run out, check on The Orange Legionnaire for a live feed in the coming days. Ent, if given a go in the game, will face off against tough defenders such as Zat Knight (below, left); Ent may also get the chance to battle against fellow Dutch footballer Mustapha Riga (below, right).

Despite the pressure, Bas Ent should have the confidence in himself to succeed. Ent has played in the Dutch top flight with FC Volendam (at the club for eight years total). Ent was also on many of the Dutch National teams at the U-17 and U-20 levels.


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