Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7/13/2010: Sergio Herrera Tries To Find Minutes in Venezuela For Renteria's Former Rival

Deportivo Táchira, rivals of Renteria's beloved Caracas F.C., have signed the just released Columbus Crew player, Sergio Herrera. This is according to Diario de los Andes. Sergio Herrera will be the only non-Venezuelan player on the Tachira's current roster. However, Head coach Jorge Luis Pinto (above) looks to reinforce his Tachira squad with three players from outside Venezuela during their offseason.

Hopefully for Tachira's sake, they looked at Sergio's results with Columbus (1 minute in entirety) and didn't just associate Herrera with Columbus and figured he had to be a good player; As Venezuelans may do with Venezuelan players Renteria and Moreno, who currently do or have donned the black and gold.


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