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Saturday, July 31, 2010

7/31/2010: Hudson Street Hooligans Bar In Columbus Dispatch

Just some quotes from the main article, For Crew fans, Hooligans set the bar by Shawn Mitchell of the Columbus Dispatch:

The HSH Hooligans Club is believed to be the only private, licensed club in the state created solely for the purpose of supporting a professional sports team.

HSH Hooligans Club operates with a D-4 liquor permit. According to Ohio law, the permit is reserved for social clubs that have been in existence for at least three years, are "operated in the interest of the membership of a reputable organization" and maintained by dues-paying members.

The Hudson Street crew has taken some heat for using "hooligans" in its name, implying that they are troublemakers prone to violence. That couldn't be further from the truth, they say, and their club, open daily, is clean and welcoming. Although it takes some cues from European soccer pubs, this is no back-alley haven for thugs. Even the restrooms sparkle.

"We want you to come in and watch a game. We want to create a soccer outlet in
Columbus. If it's for you, fine. If it's not, that's fine, too.

But we think if you have a couple of cocktails in here you're going to want to go to a game with us" HSH Vice-President Jon Winland.

and if that doesn't do it, the proximity to players on goal celebrations for HSH does the bidding..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

7/29/2010: Crew's Guillermo Getting Big Press In Argentina For NASA Visit

One of several Argentinian articles and pictures of the Crew's Guillermo Barros Schelotto checking out NASA. The event was more newsworthy in comparison to Guillermo's and his MLS peers performance in the All-Star game last night; as the MLS All-Stars were downed 5-2 by Manchester United.

Highlights from last night's All-Star Game:

7/29/2010: Crew To Sign Kwaku Nyamekye At Beginning Of Next Season

Crew draft pick Kwaku Nyamekye could not start this season with the Columbus Crew because Kwaku was finishing up his economics degree at Harvard. However, Switzerland international Nyamekye did spend the last two months training with the Columbus Crew, receiving minutes in a friendly against the Dayton Dutch Lions and a couple of other college teams.

Crew Head Coach Robert Warzycha and Technical Director Brian Bliss liked what they say in Nyamekye's abilities; However, with the July 1st guarenteed contract date good and gone, the Crew could not sign Nyamekye without eating another player's salary.

Therefore, with the agreement of Nyamekye, Nyamekye will look for a short-stint in Europe with a lower division club and then rejoin the Columbus Crew from the beginning of training camp in 2011.

I find what the Crew are doing for next year very interesting. It's almost like Columbus has a waiting list for players; As Kwaku Nyamekye, Stern John, and Dayton Dutch Lions Bas Ent may all be joining the Columbus Crew from the start of 2011.

Have to appreciate the forsightedness of the Columbus Crew management; If the Crew stockpile options for next season then there is less panic and an easier sense on how to fill positions, if a Robbie Rogers or a Chad Marshall or someone else leaps to Europe.

7/29/2010: Crew Were To Sign Stern John, But Injury Changed Plans

According to the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, the Columbus Crew were to sign Stern John this Summer. But, John had to have surgery a week ago to repair damage in his knee from a previous ACL Injury. This will put that transfer on hold for six months, the Crew might bring John in from the start next season.

Here's the main part discussing John's delayed purchase with the Crew:

The disappointing part is that John was set to sign a new contract with
American Major League side Columbus Crew after the 2010 World Cup; which would have seen him make a return to the club where he first rose to international
prominence with a record tally 26 goals in 1998. “The Columbus Crew were going
to sign me but the deal is on hold now until I’m fit again and back playing,”
the 33-year-old John said on Tuesday from Ohio. He had been released by Crystal
Palace at the end of last season.

7/29/2010: Peruvian Striker Trialing With Columbus. Andres Mendoza Would Make Sense

From Crew Xtra:
--The Crew has declined to reveal the identity of the Peruvian striker set to trial with the team but he is expected to arrive soon pending approval of a visa. Warzycha said the Crew still has some other lines in the water, as well, and hopes to land a forward during the current transfer window.

From all I have looked at, scanning names of Peruvian strikers, someone such as Andres Mendoza would make the most sense. 32 years of age, 6'2, 351 appearances in Peru, Belgium, France, Mexico, Turkey, with 128 goals. 44 appearances with 8 goals for Peru. Did well in 2008-2009 with Morelia of Mexico with 13 goals in 27 appearances, only 5 goals in 15 appearances this year for Diyarbakırspor in Turkey. Likely, one year contract with Diyarbakirspor and moving on to the next place. Would fit the mold of someone needing to trial first before the Crew signs them; as that usually means the Crew are not looking at a top, top player. But, someone who could still be resourceful.

Here's some video on El Condor:

Hat trick for Morelia:

2 goals in a minute for Morelia, some game changing ability there:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7/27/2010: Guillermo Hits Up NASA With Giggs, Van der Sar

Guillermo and NASA. Two words that are not usually mentioned in the same article every day.

Guillermo in the company of Ryan Giggs and Edwin Van Der Sar, according to Que, visited the Johnson Space Center today. The visit lasted over an hour and a half, allowing the players to gain knowledge on the whole computer world of the famous Control Center, where the Center addresses various space missions. In addition to seeing the center, the players got to witness the Center in constant communication with astronauts in the space station.

Guillermo had to say:
"It's amazing what I've seen relative to the Apollo mission as their phones are not at all like the ones we use today. The truth is I liked being there and seeing it, seen nothing like it before."

7/27/2010: Guillermo Interested In How Chicharito Will Perform In All-Star Game.

According to SDP Noticias, Columbus Crew midfielder Guillermo Barros Schelotto (who will start in the All Star match) is very interested to see how youngster Javier Hernandez turns out in his debut for Manchester United tomorrow against the MLS All-Stars:
For his part, Argentinian, Columbus Crew midfielder Guillermo Barros Schelotto said he was "interested in seeing Chicharito in action," since this was Hernandez's debut with the English club.

"This will serve to display the Mexican player in what the conditions are. I really like to see how this Javier Hernandez reacts.

If he is able to play before us, with the height of Manchester United, as that has created great expectations.

So that's my expectation, by what I know of Mexican soccer, want to see Hernandez,
" said Barros Schelotto.

Columbus Crew players Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Chad Marshall will be starters in tomorrow's All-Star game, while Eddie Gaven surprisingly missed out.

7/27/2010: Bas Ent Now Headed On Trial To Columbus

22 year old Dayton Dutch Lions winger Bas Ent will go on trial with the Columbus Crew starting the week before the Philadelphia Union game. Sources in the Dutch Lions (says close but blog is written, strangely enough, by the player development manager within the Dutch Lions organization) have commented that Ent will be with the Crew for around 2 to 3 days.

Bas Ent has already been on trial with Toronto F.C.; As Ent practiced with TFC on Monday July 19, Tuesday July 20th, and Thursday July 22nd. Ent also played 45 minutes in a friendly for Toronto F.C. on Wednesday July 21st against English Premier side, Bolton Wanderers (pictured above).

Ent could have used a bit more touches in that friendly for Toronto F.C. against Bolton. But, Bas did well with the touches that he received, creating two goal scoring opportunities for his teammates from crosses.

Toronto F.C. has an interest in signing Ent permanently. But, TFC haven't got the okay to shift around money or to drop someone whose salary is already guarenteed for the year. Although, TFC wouldn't have minded cutting a player or two if they didn't have to pay those players. Cutoff for guarenteed contracts, otherwise known as Sergio Herrera Day, was July 1st.

Toronto F.C. is still interested in Bas nevertheless and if TFC cannot bring him in this year, they'll look to bring him in from the start of next year in January. So, this opens a little door for the Crew if they actually have an interest in stepping in.

Bas was actually first noticed by the Columbus Crew in a friendly against the Crew on June 19th (pictured above). Ent was reportedly one of two players that caught the eye of Crew Head Coach Robert Warzycha and Technical Director Brian Bliss.

However, from what I heard, from a Crew source, was that initially the Crew were more keen on giving Dayton Dutch Lions, American-born George Davis IV a look; as the Crew were saving their foreign spots for someone possibly like Stern John. Therefore, it may be more of a case of the Crew saying "heck, we mise well take a look since Bas is in our backyard and TFC apparently liked him."

Therefore, I think for the most part this will be a glorified workout, where if Bas impresses the Crew might have a light battle with Toronto F.C. for his services at the beginning of next season; As I cannot see the Crew eating even a $30,000 to $40,000 dollar salary to sign Bas Ent this season. I could see the Crew doing that for a bigger name and the Crew have the money to sign two, bigger foreign players actually.

From Bigsoccer poster, current Crew cap space:
Crew Total Base Salaries = $1,928,912. (2,550,000 - 1,928,912) = $621,088 in cap space. Almost enough for two full DP's ($335k against the cap).

Either way, Bas is coming in for a work out next week with the Crew. I'm not too sure if Ent would be extremely useful unless Rogers left and Ent got his game up to that level. Although, Ent would add another speed option on our flanks and is probably a better crosser than we currently have. Could possibly add something different to a deep midfield, just depends on what the Crew's plans are for Ekpo and Rogers.

7/27/2010: Tifo Of The Week vs. Houston

Got to be a tie between this individually massive effort per usual by Thoma:

And this collective, group effort from those that call themselves the Cincy Crew:

Monday, July 26, 2010

7/26/2010: Ratings & Player Performance Review Vs. Dynamo

Columbus Crew 3 vs. Houston Dynamo 0 (7/24/2010)- Ratings & Player Review

It was total control for the Columbus Crew on Saturday night as they brushed aside a struggling Houston Dynamo side thanks to great teamwork, as well as some strong individual moments.

Man of the Match- Emilio Renteria has four goals in four starts. His pressure unnerved Tally Hall into a David Green-type moment that led to Renteria's second goal in two games. Renteria may have been forunate to get the miscue, but his effort deserved a goal. Especially when considering an incredible run Renteria made before half-time; as Renteria was 10 yards away from the ball and beat both a defender and the goalkeeper to the initial ball and almost slotted it home. For such a stocky guy, Renteria has nice, underrated speed that the Houston defense did not expect. Lenhart, who should be back from injury, should only be coming off the bench at the moment when Reteria tires.

Surprise of the Match- Leandre Griffit The Frenchman did a lot of good in five minutes; as just three minutes into those last five minutes of the game Leandre was composed on a deflection from a tough angle and slotted home the third goal. Griffit has played at Southampton in the EPL before and his composure showed on that third goal. Makes me wonder at times if Leandre would be a better starting option eventually in the midfield in comparison to Moffat and/or Rogers.

Right now I may think this could be our most potent setup in attack:

Total Team Effort: Saturday's performance, along with the previous Saturday's performance, has the Crew outscoring their last two opponents 5-0 and playing by far their most attractive soccer in a long while. Warzycha must keep with what works, which seems to be Renteria and Ekpo in the attack at the same time, along with Schelotto. There is just too many elusive players in the attack with Renteria, Ekpo, and Schelotto and New York as well as Houston could not deal with it; Possibly the addition of Griffit eventually could even make it more complete.. As I haven't been blown away by Moffat's play in a while and Griffit's goal really impressed me.

Francis belongs: For someone from little NAIA Lindsey Wilson College, Francis (one of the last picks in this year's draft by the Crew) was impressive and mostly composed in his first start for the Crew. I think this kid is going to be a hell of a defender for us eventually.

Friday, July 23, 2010

7/23/2010: U.S. Open Cup Semifinal- September 1st, Let's Invade D.C.

D.C. United defeated the Harrisburg City Islanders 2-nil on Wednesday for a matchup with the Columbus Crew in the U.S. Open Cup Semifinal. Which means that the Harrisburg City Islanders will take their $10,000 (given to the top performer in the tournament from each division) and slink back to Eastern PA, while D.C. United will battle for their one and only chance for a trophy this season against the Crew.

The matchup is slated for September 1st, and with a chance to take the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup trophy back to Columbus, the trophy named after our late glorious owner, there has to be a good group of Crew supporters looking to attend.

I say we look to take multiple buses, get 300 fans there as there will likely be only 300 D.C. fans; and we take over RFK and cheer on our side to their first in the line of a treble this season. Who's all going?


7/23/2010: Crew Juniors U19 Reach National Finals, Will Air On FSC Tomorrow

The Columbus Crew Juniors U-19 have fought their way to the 2010 US Youth Soccer Championships final to face off against the FC Delco Hammerheads tomorrow at 9 p.m. EST. The squad consists of mainly soccer talents from the Columbus area including Matthew Wiet (below, from Columbus and attending UCLA), Chad Barson (Lewis Center and attending Akron University), and Justin Luthy (Dublin, OH and attending Boston College). Overall, the Crew Juniors also have 3 others attending Akron University and 3 others attending Wake Forest University. The Crew Juniors squad is full of talent and is considered often the best Nationwide in MLS; Which has to make you wonder when one of these guys is going to get the callup to the first team squad similiar to a Andy Najar (17 year old for D.C. United) and Juan Agudelo (19 year old for New York Red Bull). The Crew Juniors final will be televised at 9 P.M. est on Fox Soccer Channel, check out the second half after the Crew defeat the Houston Dynamo!

7/23/2010: Preview- Crew Face Struggling Houston, Try To Rack Up Vital Points At Home

Dancing-dancing-dancing!: Emilio Renteria will get the opportunity to do more dancing with his second start up top in a row. Can Renteria put together a chain of two goals in two games?

Houston are not the same Houston (5-7-4, 19 points) that everyone is used to, while the Columbus Crew (9-3-4, 31 points) are where they have been at this time of the year since 2008. Currently, the Crew hold first place in the East and find themselves still in the hunt for The Supporters Shield.

While the Crew have had their strongest league play statistically in the win column since 2004, the Dynamo have been weak in league play with three losses and two ties in their last five MLS outings. Nevertheless, Houston's form may have a lot to do with the Dynamo's focus being all over the place; as the Dynamo have played two meaningless friendlies against the Laredo Heat and Aguila, followed up by finding themselves in the middle of Superliga group play.

Nevertheless, Houston won their group in Superliga play beating both Pachuca and Puebla. But, that could have a lot to do with Mexican teams fielding weaker sides. Or it could do with the fact that Houston is improving.

Ebb & Flow

Former Ajax talent Anthony Obadai has joined the Houston Dynamo from Dutch side RKC Waalwijk (after RKC's firesale from being relegated) to hopefully bolster the Dynamo squad. The Dynamo unsurprisingly dropped Mexican phenom Luis Angel Landin to make room for Obadai; as Landin came as a big name designated player and left with only two goals in 16 games for the Dynamo.

If heads or tails can be taken from the Dynamo's Superliga form, as well as battling the Crew and Toronto FC for ties before Superliga play, then the exchange has been a success for Houston.

The Return of Jo-Jo

Ngwenya had some bright moments in some dark days for the Crew in 2006-2007

While Houston's midfield has been bolstered by Obadai, their punchless attack has been bolstered by the return of Joseph Ngwenya (a former Dynamo and Crew player). Ngwenya has an interesting stat with both of his last two previous MLS clubs, as Joseph has 25 appearances for both Columbus and Houston before heading overseas. Ngwenya seems to have learned something with some time at Bayern Munich and Turkish side Antalyaspor, as the 29 year old has 3 goals in 6 appearances this year for the Dynamo. His introduction up top with Ching, whose getting back to full health, has the Dynamo regaining confidence; especially when one factors in the Dynamo's Superliga form.

Columbus should ride Renteria the rest of the way up top

What Crew fans have been saying for most of the 2010 season is "Emilio Renteria should be starting up top." Finally, it appears that Robert Warzycha has caught on that Renteria has better technical abilities compared to Lenhart and Garey... Well, better everything abilities, Renteria is just a bull with surprisingly good foot skills, a nice shot, and better than decent speed.

We all love Lenhart and Garey. But, especially with Lenhart, it comes to the point of playing favorites over who should be playing. And there is no doubt, barring some fantastic striker capture (I'm talking about someone way better than Stern John), that Renteria should be the man in front of Schelotto.

Not to the right of midfield.. Not to the left.. Not off the bench. Up top from the start.

LINEUP: Keep With What Works

The lineup against the Kansas City Wizards didn't work. The lineup against the New York Red Bulls did work. So for the love of god, do not revert back to what hasn't worked. For one, keep Rogers on the bench, Ekpo over Rogers at this point. Ekpo may not be as talented in some people's eyes, but he's better on the field then Rogers right now; As Rogers mind seems to be elsewhere. For two, what we said before, keep Renteria on from the start.. How hard is it to screw that up when the guy plays lights out weekly? For three, enter Shaun Francis over Andy Iro and have Zayner replace the red carded Frankie Hejduk. Since Carroll (right-ankle sprain) is out as well, let's give Duka a run out to see what he has.

Crew Projected Lineup-

Houston Projected Lineup-

Thank you San Jose:

With two goals by a motivated San Jose at the HDC last night the Earthquakes were able to lock the always winning Galaxy to a 2-2 tie result. Therefore, with a win tomorrow the Crew will be 10-3-4 on 34 points with one game in hand on the Galaxy, who have 40 points from 18 games.

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7/23/2010: Nordecke Sells Out Their Away Tickets To Philadelphia

Crew's Nordecke looks to bring same atmosphere to Philadelphia as they did to New York earlier this year.

The Nordecke has sold out their away alottment of tickets to the Crew's game at the Philadelphia Union on August 5th. The supporters were given the option to buy up 104 tickets for the away match and bought up 104. There may be still a few options for other Crew supporters to make the trip but those supporters would have to buy up a 15 pack of tickets to be by the supporters or supporters will have to buy some single tickets and migrate there. This is a possibility since Philadelphia Union hasn't looked jam packed since their opening of that stadium this year.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

7/22/2010: Crew Have Enough Money For Stern John Return, But Do We Want Him Here? Possibly.

A source, connected with the Columbus Crew's team operations, has stated that Stern John's expected salary wouldn't be prohibitive to re-signing the former Crew legend this Summer. But, according to Crew Xtra, the Crew have yet to have any contact talks with Stern John recently about that option.

Ra, ra, ra, really?

So, the Crew volunteer the information that they can in fact sign Stern John but they haven't talked to Stern John about that option? Well, if that is indeed true, I think it's fair enough to say that the Columbus Crew will be talking to John soon. But, should they?

Crew fans are particularly mixed on a re-signing of John; As John isn't the player he was a decade ago with the Crew, when John scored a scintillating 44 goals in 55 matches. Further, John appears to be far from his best English form with Southampton, Coventry City, and Birmingham City. As since 2008, John has 47 appearances with Bristol City, Crystal Palace, and Ipswich Town with only 5 goals.

However, Stern John may be shaking off the cobwebs in 2010; as John looked lively and in good form for Palace recently. Here was John's best performance this April when he scored his 100th English goal:

John seems to be regaining some form in 2010, as he also scored this header for Ipswich Town in a 3-2 win against Coventry in January:

John may have only 5 goals in 47 appearances since 2008. But, in 2010 John has scored 3 of those which might suggest that John is whaking out of his recent funk; As John has had 3 goals in his last 8 Championship appearances.

But, John's contract with Crystal Palace expired in June and Palace said they would not try to attempt to re-sign Stern John. Therefore, John is at the moment teamless and for the right price could be hooking up where it all began for him, here in Columbus.

7/22/2010: Did The Crew Miss Out On Dutch Lions Bas Ent?

Dayton Dutch Lions player Bas Ent played 45 minutes for TFC in the second half of their match against the English Premier League Bolton Wanderers. Bas didn't get an abundant ammount of touches in the match, but when he had touches Ent created solid opportunities. As Ent had two solid crosses, one a screaming bullet across the Bolton box that found the path of O'Brien White but White whiffed; When White whiffed the ball found the path of TFC Academy player Nicolas Lindsay who couldn't put enough power on the ball to beat Bolton keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen. The Ent cross was one of TFC's best opportunities of the game.

Along with the crosses, Bas had his own opportunity to go one-on-one against Jasskelainen but the refereee incorrectly called Ent offsides. Nevertheless, Bas Ent impressed TFC staff and fans alike.

TFC Coach Preki on Bas Ent's game against Bolton:

“He has some interesting abilities. I would have loved to see him with the ball a bit more.”

But, when he did have the ball, Preki said he liked what he saw.

TFC Fan Comments:

"Ent looked very good in the second half as did Mirko Medic who played up front and was also trialing."

"Ent was unlucky to not have earned an assist when OB somehow fluffed that ball four yard in front of goal. I've no idea how that one went through his legs but such is life."

"Agreed on Ent. I thought he was one of the best players on the pitch in the second half. After watching TFC struggle out wide for 4 years now, I'm thinking this is the kind of player we need."

Bas impressed Preki and Mo Johnston so much that they invited Ent to stay on an extra day for practice on Thursday, when the initial trial was supposed to only last up to last night's game. TFC reportedly also has an interest in bringing Bas back into the fold after the Dayton Dutch Lions last game this Saturday against the Chicago Fire of the PDL.

So, did the Columbus Crew miss out on a hidden gem with Bas Ent? Or does Toronto F.C. just have a more dire need for wing players? Yes and no. Bas might be a good backup to the Columbus wingers such as Gaven, Ekpo, Rogers, and etc. But, Toronto F.C. has suffered on the wings for years and a player like Bas may find himself injected into the lineup there much more quickly.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7/21/2010: Crew Have Whopping 0.74% Chance At Nabbing Zizzo

According to MLSSoccer, here are the odds for the Zizzo lottery; Zizzo is a 23 year old U.S. player who played with Hannover 96-

1. D.C. United: 16.67%

2. Kansas City Wizards: 14.71%

3. Chivas USA: 12.87%

4. New York Red Bulls: 11.15%

5. New England Revolution: 9.56%

6. Toronto FC: 8.09%

7. San Jose Earthquakes: 6.74%

8. Seattle Sounders FC: 5.51%

9. Houston Dynamo: 4.41%

10. Colorado Rapids 3.43%

11. Chicago Fire: 2.57%

12. FC Dallas: 1.84%

13. Real Salt Lake: 1.23%

14. Columbus Crew: 0.74%

15. Los Angeles Galaxy: 0.37%

16. Philadelphia Union: 0.12%

MLS clubs can opt out of the lottery and if a team wins the lottery, it will not be eligible to participate in any other lotteries for the rest of the season. In the scenario that all MLS teams join the process, the percentage chances for winning rights to Zizzo are listed below based on each team’s record over their last 30 games.

7/21/2010: Do Crew Have The Overall Quality To Stave Off The Red Bulls And Their Three DP's?


Rafa Marquez has reached a tentative agreement with the New York Red Bulls to join Thierry Henry and Juan Pablo Angel as designated player's for the New York club. A few days ago, Marquez posed in a Mexican sports magazine in a Red Bulls jersey and is on vacation in New York. Marquez will go back to Barcelona on July 26th to negiotiate a free transfer and will be announced sometime after August 1st.

The Crew are five points ahead of the New York Red Bulls, downing the New York club this past Saturday 2-nil with ease as Theirry Henry watched. But, do the Crew have the overall quality to keep that distance over the remainder of the season once Henry and Marquez get comfortable?

The answer is confidently, "yes." I believe that Columbus will not cede first place in the East to New York. Position by position and player by player, the Crew are the best team in the East and debatedly in MLS, along with the LA Galaxy. In contrast, two players don't make a team and whether NYRB can challenge Columbus the rest of the way, depends upon how good of a transition Henry and Marquez make into the New York side.

It could be a seemless transition for the Red Bulls new designated players or it could be a rough one similiar to Beckham's. But, either way, I think NYRB will be dramatically improved. Therefore, I believe that the Columbus Crew need to keep playing like they did this past Saturday and need to keep winning, similiar to what the Crew have done this time of the year in 2008 and 2009, and if the Crew can achieve that they shouldn't have any problems.

7/21/2010: Renteria Enjoying His Football With Crew

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7/20/2010: If The Crew Win The Lotto, What Shall They Do With Sal

According to ESPN:
U.S. international midfielder Sal Zizzo is heading home to the MLS, according to a league source.

Zizzo, who represented the U.S. at both U-20 and U-23 levels, saw his contract with Bundesliga side Hannover 96 expire, clearing the way for him to sign in the MLS. His latest destination could be determined as soon as this Wednesday, when he'll be placed in a weighted lottery. The same source indicated that D.C. United and the Kansas City Wizards will have the best chance of landing the former UCLA standout.

But, then again, anyone can win in a lottery and if the Crew were to land Sal Zizzo would you keep him or trade him to someone else in MLS?

Let's look at Salvatore's stats. Zizzo has 8 games with Hannover 96 over three years, before that only 13 games with Orange County Blue Star of the PDL. His national team appearances are not much better with 5 at the U-20 level, two at the U-23, and one cap at the U.S senior national level. That one cap was 15 minutes in a 1-nil win against Sweden.

On top of that he is recovering from an ACL tear, hasn't played in a year, and has never played in MLS.

So, if the Crew were somehow to pick up Zizzo the best option could be to trade Sal for someone with a track record in MLS. Well, unless Rogers is on his way back overseas and Zizzo can make a fine replacement.

All this talk may be all for naught however, since the Crew have a slim chance of their ball coming up in the lotto. But, if it does what would you do with Zizzo?

7/20/2010: Ratings & Thoughts From Win Over NYRB



The Crew played their best and most complete game of the season. Or the Red Bulls just played as bad as their Head Coach Hans Backe complained in the post game. Either way, the Crew looked like a much better and dangerous team; especially in comparison to the one that trotted out unprepared against the bottom feeding KC Wizards on Wednesday.

The Crew looked much better with Emilio Renteria up top and after Renteria's goal against NYRB, it will be difficult for Warzycha to deny Renteria a starting spot. The guy has just been on fire as of late.

Also, when Guillermo goes, so does the Crew. And man was he going on Saturday as GBS could have had 5 assists on the night if Renteria could stay onsides.

Cheers for Warzycha finally having the cojones to stick Rogers on the bench. Rogers needs to get his mind right and his motivation back to win games for the Crew. Otherwise, Ekpo (if he plays like he did on Saturday) seems a much better option at the moment.

Carroll's goals are few and far between, but when he gets one their always of the beautiful variety. Carroll's second goal against NYRB was fantastic off the bounce; Carroll had another off the bounce volley against FC Dallas last year. Carroll definitely has an underrated ability to tee it up.

While Renteria might of won Dancing with the Stars for his post-goal number, Hejduk was called for dancing stupid all over Carl Robinson's legs in the dying minutes of the second half. We love Hejduk's motor, there is just a time when you should shut it down a bit at 2-0 in the 87th minute.

However, Shaun Francis won't likely mind; as the rookie got his first considerable minutes on Saturday and should have a chance to be vying for more against the Houston Dynamo next weekend with Frankie Hejduk out.


Monday, July 19, 2010

7/20/2010: While The Rest of MLS Signs Powerhouse DP's, The Crew Are After Ibetizo Ogbonna Again and Luciano Emilio.

Just say no to the current Crew transfer targets: Ibetiz-no and Lucia-no.

7/20/2010: While The Rest of MLS Signs Powerhouse DP's, The Crew Are After Ibetizo Ogbonna Again and Luciano Emilio
By Ryan Kozlowski

While the New York Red Bulls somehow find cap space (like it fell off a back of a truck) for Juan Pablo Angel, Thierry Henry, and Rafa Marquez on their lineup. And while every other team bolsters their rosters with the likes of Moldanado, Omar Bravo, Nery Castillo, and etc. The Crew in contrast don't have room for even one designated player. As Guillermo Barros Schelotto no longer counts as a designated player for the Crew; But, even with that being the case, the Crew don't have the cap space for one designated player or a player even of half that worth, while other teams have the cap space for three.

Instead, according to Crew Xtra and Steven Goff, the Crew are taking looks at Ibetizo Ogbonna (again) and Luciano Emilio. How about we just say Ibetiz-no and Lucia-no, Crew.

First, let's talk about Ogbonna. Does the name sound familiar? Well the Crew were looking at the Nigerian two years ago, as this Crewture link shows, when Ibeztio was coming off a better than average strike rate of 1 goal per every 3 games with Hapeol Tel Aviv (37 goals in 117 appearances). Nevertheless, the Crew didn't sign him then and Ogbonna since has struggled with several problems with his knees. From 2007 on, Ogbonna has 19 appearances with just four goals for CFR Cluj, Kaiser Chiefs, and now Albanian side KS Apolonia.

So, we get rid of one striker (Sergio Herrera) with leg problems that actually had a decent strike rate in the two years prior. And we replace him with another guy with bad knees who cannot even score in Albania. Wonderful.

Here's Ogbonna in his Hapeol Tel Aviv glory days (youtube video comes with his agents phone number for the Crew's convenience):

Plus I know my Jewish friend, Dadi (fast forward to 4:12), a Beitar Jersulam and now Crew fan would not approve the signing of a hated rival, a former Hapeol Tel Aviv player :-):

Second, let's talk about Emilio. Sure Emilio was a hell of a player in Honduras (84 goals in 122 appearances from 2002 to 2006) and with D.C. United from 2007 to 2009 where he amassed 41 goals in 83 appearances. But, since the 2009 season, Emilio has not been the same Emilio with just 15 appearances over the last two seasons with 1 goal for Rio Branco back in Brazil. Most recently, during the 2010 season, Emilio only has 4 appearances for a D.C. United team that is god awful with only 12 points compared to the Crew's 31 in the current season.

If Emilio cannot get on the field for that sorry excuse of a team. How would he be of any benefit to the Crew. No thanks we already have our Emilio (Emilio Renteria).

If the Crew are looking for someone cheap that might turn into a hidden gem, this might of been a good option, oh wait too late. Or how about someone cook up another Martin Palermo to Columbus rumor. Been a while since we have had one.

7/19/2010: Top 5 Pics From Crew vs. Red Bulls

Here are some cool pictures from the Nordecke against the New York Red Bulls. I really like the black and white ones from Sam Fahmi, more can be seen here on The Massive Report:






7/19/2010: Marry Me Tifo

The tifo in the background of this picture from the Red Bulls game, at the top of the Nordecke is a "Marry Me Tifo." As someone popped their girlfriend the question at the Crew game in a special way with the Nordecke.

No clue yet if she said yes. Anyone know?

EDITED: Didn't see these, looks like she did, pretty cool-