Friday, June 4, 2010

6/4/2010: Ekpo Courted By Turkish Club, A Move Ekpo Would Be Best To Make

According to Shawn Mitchell, Ekpo's days with the Columbus Crew may be numbered; As apparently Ekpo is being courted by a Turkish club and Ekpo is making no secret that he wouldn't mind a move overseas.

I'm also not surprised if a top Turkish club sees some extra quality in Emmanuel Ekpo, despite what some might say as an ineffective 243 minutes so far this season.

Ekpo has the quality but for whatever reason he just never got a real solid opportunity, even when Rogers was shaky to start off this season. The Crew have never given Ekpo a full opportunity and what Ekpo has needed to succeed. So, what might be best for the winger's career is to try his luck overseas in Turkey. It's time for a new adventure for Emmanuel Ekpo and I wish him luck if the deal goes through.

If he stays with the Crew, I will be happy because I think he is one of our top bench players and if given a real spot in the 11 for more than one game, could be a key player real soon. However, that is unlikely as I feel the Crew never instilled any real faith in Ekpo.


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