Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/2010: One Minuto, Sergio Herrera Released By Crew

Some overseas signings work for a club and some blow up in your face. The Crew, Warzycha (and Sigi), and Bliss were able to capture some gems such as Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Gino Padula, Adam Moffat, Emilio Renteria, and some inconsistent gems such as Emmanuel Ekpo. But, Sergio Herrera apparently was not one of them. As the Crew's midas touch in the transfer market dimmed a bit on that acquisition. But, the Crew were likely overdue for a mulligan and that mulligan appeared to be Sergio Herrera.

But are the Crew to blame for overvaluing Herrera and deciding to go through with the transfer? Herrera was a Columbian with top experience coming off a strong few seasons with a strike rate of over a goal every third game for Deportivo Cali (93 appearances, 33 goals) from 2007 to 2009. Herrera also played 11 times for the Columbian national team. One would of thought that Herrera could be the missing piece up top that the Crew desperately needed.

However, Columbian fans warned Crew fans online that this could all be a red herring as Herrera was not fit and had injuries (not passing two physicals in December of 2009 with top Columbian clubs). Apparently, this was something the Crew missed and paid for later.

As the Crew paid Herrera nice wages for 1 minute. The Crew also waived Bright Dike, a first round pick, who is killing it right now in Portland. The thing I find odd is why put enough faith behind a guy to take him in the first round or transfer for him and not even give that player a full regular season game to see what he has to give? As practice is practice, you see what a player really has to offer in a game that matters.

Dike is trying his best with the Portland Timbers to show the Crew they were wrong by letting him go. Hopefully, there is no repeat with Herrera but I think we'll be safe there.


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