Monday, June 28, 2010

6/28/2010: A Lot of Locker Room Drama For The Crew In A 2-Nil Win

In Saturday's game, the Columbus Crew had their chances and so did D.C. United early on. The Crew converted their opportunities and had a little bit of luck on a Schelotto handball to get themselves back to their winning ways. The Crew won the game 2-nil in front of a happy sea of over 15,000 fans decked in yellow. But, the Crew seem oddly far from happy overall in the locker room after the win.

A couple of points of concern..
1. Oddly, Warzycha berated Crew star Guillermo Barros Schelotto for ceding the penalty duties to an unconfident Lenhart. Guillermo was just attempting to give Lenhart a boost of confidence with the team already up 2-nil in the 92nd minute. The Columbus Dispatch touched on this and it's definitely odd and a concern in my opinion as well. As I feel that Warzycha should save the battles with Guillermo for another day when he actually does something really wrong (well maybe that is the worst thing Guillermo has ever done in the last few years).

Warzycha said on his frustration with Schelotto ceding the penalty:
"There’s no way they would come back from 3-0 down but as everyone says 2-0 is the worst (lead) in soccer.” Warzycha said.

But, who scores two goals in the 92nd minute with a minute remaining in the game. An odd time to get mad at one of your most influential strikers.

2. Lenhart was M.I.A. from the locker room after the game. Unhappy with his form and likely unhappy to be dropped to the bench.

3. Sergio Herrera was M.I.A. from practice today for "family reasons" which in soccer terms means transfer or we'll likely never see Sergio Herrera again. Kevin "Superstar Savior" Burns is back in practice, and that likely means that Herrera's few minutes of play for the Crew earlier this year may be his last. An odd relationship the Crew have had with Herrera, who was supposed to be our star striker and ended up being a flickering, bench-riding disappointment.

4. Dilly Duka, who looked very promising in a friendly against PDL side- Dayton Dutch Lions- this previous week, is overly frustrated with his lack of a role with the Columbus Crew. The young, talented midfielder has only dressed for three games this season and unless something changes will likely look to ply his trade with another MLS team by the 2011 offseason.

5. Emmanuel Ekpo is unhappy with his time as of late with the Crew and has been nearly snatched up with a Turkish Super Lig side.

So, the question is who is happy at the moment with the Crew? As this has to be the largest ammount of visibly frustrated players on the Crew that I can remember pre-2008. It's suprising for the first place team in the Eastern Conference. And, maybe that's what you get with too many talents and not enough spots for them to play?

Anyways, I think Warzycha needs to find out who is with the ship and who is not during the transfer time of this Summer. It may be time to cut Herrera and a couple of others that may bring the ship down.

The one positive for the Crew, other than getting on the winning route again, is that the Crew are finally playing Renteria as a starter continuously. The guy is balling out at the moment and is a great addition to the starting eleven, even outside on the wing.

The Crew will try to keep building on the positives (and maybe give Duka, Ekpo, Lenhart, Oughton, etc. a start to build overall team morale) in their next matchup which is tomorrow against the Rochester Rhinos in the U.S. Open Cup at 7:30 p.m., Columbus Crew Stadium.


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