Friday, June 18, 2010

6/18/2010: Koman Coulibaly A Disgrace, Should Sign Up For Slovenian Passport

The Americans were down 2-0, it looked like their World Cup hopes were done and dusted. I was hanging out at The Pub in Dayton, Ohio; The placed was packed, the atmosphere was jumping, and after 45 minutes there were shocked faces. As I went out to get a cigarette at half (I quit for the last four weeks but the first half was too much), a guy with an American flag draped around his shoulders said, "don't worry man, I'm telling you it's going to be 3-2 us."

I was like, "your off your nut, the U.S. has screwed the pooch again for the second World Cup straight, I'm going to be in shambles for a good few months." But then in the 47th minute, Landon Donovan rifles one into the back of the net.. And everyone was jumping. Then Micheal Bradley made it 2-2 and I almost did a somersault, no way we had a third in us?

Then there it was, a magnificient ball by Landon Donovan and a magnificent finish by Maurice Edu. And seriously, a midwestern bar in the U.S. (11 a.m on a workday) turned into an absolute ruckus, people absolutely jumping up and down, going insane, fully packed, full adrealine and jubalation. 3-2, we got to be in the second round.

I turned around and I see protesting and absolute bullcrap, the goal was called back for a foul that didn't exist. I wind up and hit a wall with my palm open.. And do this to my hand (looks a lot worse than it really was, just a minor cut really). But, ouch it hurt for a good 30 minutes. Thanks a lot Coulibaly..

But, that was just the start of it. Because I was a wee bit drunk at the time, I found my injury predicament a bit amusing because lets face it, I was on my third tall Newcastle at that moment, so for whatever reason I figured I would post it to facebook with a caption about hitting a wall when Coulibaly screwed us. Well, I get a call from a co-worker saying "is everything alright?"

Lol, so thanks Coulibaly, now everyone at work is giving me weird eyeballs and asking if I'm "okay, okay." My day turned into a Zoloft commercial thanks to Coulibaly. And, I had to assure everyone "no, no, it's alright, I'm just really a nut about soccer and this is really important to me." So I had an angry reaction of disbelief because it was a horrible call. It would be like losing the Superbowl on a bad call, if you had a chance to qualify for a Superbowl every four years.

Thankfully, though, all is good at the end of the day as England limped to a 0-0 draw against Algeria and now all the U.S.A. has to do is find a way around the weakest opponent in the group in Algeria in their final game. Which I think the U.S. will do; as I think they started to get the right players on the field in the second half.

So, a win against Algeria next Wednesday and the U.S. moves on. I'm going to try to keep my hands in my pockets that game, hopefully the U.S. makes that possible by getting the result in not so round about a way.

What happened if you somehow missed it:


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