Sunday, May 9, 2010

5/10/2010: I Missed A Crew Game & My Heart Aches..

As you may or may not know, I'm interning with the Dayton Dutch Lions F.C. for my Sport Management masters (here is my website for them,, one of the many things I do with them, including trying to build a supporters section similiar to the Nordecke there).

With my duties with that and taking three classes online (plus insane car troubles as of late), it's been beyond tough to update everything the last few weeks. But, I just finished my finals this past Friday and I believe I can update both Crewture, The Orange Legionnaire, and complete everything else I need to do here now. I look to get back to getting one or two stories on here again a day starting tomorrow, I'll do whatever it takes to try to get that done.

Also, with media responsibilities during the game, as well as trying to build a supporters group (which means you have to be there) I had to miss the Crew game last night because the Dutch Lions game against the Cincinnati Kings was at the same time. Let me just say (that although I'm enjoying my time here with the Dutch Lions) my heart completely aches with missing a Crew game, especially when the Crew win on a late game winner with everyone jumping around behind the net there. That looked like a spectacular little moment.

If it was half as good as the 92nd minute winner against Tornonto last year, I'm so fricken jealous.

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Well, I'll probably have to miss 4 or 5 Crew games this year. Sucks that some games were scheduled on the same days as the Crew. Because if I were consulting the Dutch Lions before their season then I would have told the Dutch Lions to have their games on other days (or at least try their best) as more than half of my supporters section went to Columbus this week to watch the Crew. I bet a good 200-500 Dutch Lion perspective fans for the week were also in Crew Stadium, maybe more.

Anyways, I'm just about to watch the second half. I'll have some thoughts on the game up sometime tomorrow and I'll likely make a highlight clip with the goals so far this season in the upcoming days. Cheers.

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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Hesmer and Busch are tied for most shutouts for the Crew. If I'm right, shouldn't this be a big deal? Shouldn't we be counting downs the days at Crew games until the troll's record is broken? I believe they each have 25 shutouts for the Crew. Come on Hesmer, one more. Also, he needs to get some kind of fan award for this for sure.