Thursday, April 8, 2010

4/8/2010: Crew Bring In Another Trialist, Nigerian Striker John Owoeri

Ekpo's comrade: Nigerian striker talent John Owoeri joins the Crew's camp.

The Crew have brought in another striker with a nice pedigree, John Owoeri, who has had enough talent to attract interest of clubs such as Feyernood Rotterdam of the Eredivise and K.V.C. Westerlo of the Belgian First Division. Right now Owoeri plays back in Nigeria and was a teammate of Emmanuel Ekpo's at Enyimba a few years back.

The Columbus Dispatch assured that this doesn't mean there will be immediate changes to the club roster. But, left winger Leandre Griffit and striker John Owoeri both do play the positions of two players that have been underperforming as of late, according to the fans (in Robbie Rogers) and according to the coaching staff (Sergio Herrera) respectively.

The Crew's coaching staff has stated in the Dispatch that there won't be any changes now, but that there might be some changes closer to Summer. One could surmise if bad form continues for RR and Sergio, that the Crew will offload Rogers if he continues to underperform into the Summer (and before he goes to Europe..) and replace him with Leandre Griffit. Secondly, the Crew will possibly drop Sergio Herrera and his salary if Herrera continues to underperform and replace him with John Owoeri.

However, if Herrera and Rogers start playing out of their skin, as well as other players, no changes will likely be made to the roster this Summer. Therefore, the Crew coaching staff is probably just being smart in keeping everyone in the club on their toes and working hard; As a bad month could lead to a skilled trialist or two taking up your spot on the roster. And, that goes for any player, as Garey, Burns, Oughton, etc. could be headed out instead of Herrera and/or Rogers.

In Bliss's words-
"You have to bring guys in," Crew technical director Brian Bliss said. "We like our squad and are very deliberate about tweaking or tinkering with it. But you have to keep looking. If you don't, you're stagnant."

Here's a video of Owoeri:

**Crew vs. FC Dallas preview is upcoming tomorrow


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