Monday, April 5, 2010

4/5/2010: PR Islanders Italian Cristian Arrieta Was Crew Target, Opts For Philadelphia Union

The Columbus Crew may be the deepest team in MLS, but they're always looking for more depth. This time around they were taking a serious looking at bolstering their squad with the gifted PR Islanders right back Cristian Arrieta, according to Primera Hora.

The Columbus Crew played against the Puerto Rican Islanders MVP and right back Cristian Arrieta in the 2009 version of the CONCACAF Champions League twice and were so impressed with the Italian that they had contract negotiations with him this offseason. However, so did the Philadelphia Union, which is who Arrieta selected to go with today because it was more likely for Arrieta to see starting time in his position with the Philadelphia Union.

With Columbus Arrieta would have to compete with Hejduk and Zayner at right back and Gaven at right midfield. Columbus may have been looking to try to convert Arrieta to left back as well, to replace Padula in a year or two after Gino retires.

Arrieta made 7 appearances with Serie B side Lecce in 2006-2007 before playing with the Puerto Rico Islanders. Arrieta garnered 54 appearances and a surprising 17 goals with the Islanders as a defender.


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