Friday, April 2, 2010

4/2/2010: UPDATES ON TODAY'S GAMES: Crew Win First Game 5-0 Against Marshall University

The Crew are playing the colleges of Marshall University and Michigan State University today at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. to keep in shape with an extra week off. The Crew won their first game against Marshall University 5-0. The lineup in this game was half reserves, a few starters, and a few trialists. Guillermo Barros Schelotto played in this game and appeared frustrated with the lack of support around him in this game.

However, according to those I talked to at the game, new French trialist Leandre Griffit looked good as he had some good touches and scored a nice chip shot from the left side of the box, tucking the ball around the goalie and in near the right post.

On the other side of things, according to who I talked to, the big time Colombian signing Sergio Herrera was "slow, out of shape, and looked like crap." Sergio was further apparently getting beat by Marshall kids the entire game. Herrera did have a goal but according to who I talked to "it was nothing special."

Also, Danny O'Rourke did well again on the left side overlapping and making runs into the final third. It may not be long until we see O'Rourke's first goal and it may be a while yet before we see Padula in the starting eleven.

**In other news, Sirk has his notebook up from the Toronto game. Many amusing quotes from the players about Moffat's shank including Duncan's thoughts:

"I've heard nothing but awful things about it. I heard he broke away and tried to open up his hips for a Thierry Henry-like finish, but he ended up rolling the ball to the goalkeeper like a Scottish girly-man."

**Although O'Rourke has been occupying Padula's spot, he may have it back for the next game as according to Mitchell, Brunner went down with a concussion against Marshall.


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