Monday, April 19, 2010

4/20/2010: Forget Jozy, Buddle and Gomez Should Start Up Top In World Cup

What is all of this talk about just maybe giving Herculez Gomez and Edson Buddle a call up? In my opinion, not only should they be called up but both should start in this World Cup. Why you may ask?

Well, Buddle and Gomez have a combined 17 goals in 18 games this Spring for the L.A. Galaxy and Puebla respectively. Buddle can be our target man and Gomez can be the crafty player making runs off of Buddle. If most of our midfield and defense is healthy, I think both are our best chances to score up top in South Africa. Not Jozy Altidore, I mean come on when is the last time Jozy has scored, let alone seen more then 15 minutes on the field for Hull City?

It's a tough call to insert both of them into the World Cup cycle so late in the fray. But, there the only two American strikers scoring goals consistently at the moment. You have to go with whose in the best form now. I don't think an out of shape Davies and a bench riding Altidore are the best options for us at the moment.

I hope Bradley realizes that the confidence levels of Buddle and Gomez currently, have revived the U.S.A's chances of getting somewhere in this World Cup. They're playing amazing at forward and how they have been playing, they would score goals in any league. It's better for the U.S. to keep Donovan and Dempsey in the midfield. So, Bradley should take Gomez, Buddle, Altidore, and Davies (if healthy) to South Africa. I will be pissed and Bradley should be sacked if he takes some talentless striker like Ching or Casey instead of Gomez and Buddle.

Overall, Gomez and Buddle just have that hunger right now. They're going out there every day and playing to get on that World Cup squad. Buddle alone has been awesome and you can tell in his goal celebrations that he really, really wants it.

Both on the field are our only chances to score goals in 2010.

What are your thoughts on this stituation?

Gomez scores the first and last goal in a 4-1 route of Cruz Azul, 10 goals in 14 appearances in Mexican Primera:

Buddle four goals in last two games, seven in four appearances this year:

I'm telling you if both make it were going places.

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  1. It's probably gonna be Donovan who decides (behind the scenes of course) since he's running the show on the field. I can see Buddle having a chance since he obviously works well with Donovan. Gomez had his shot and couldn't connect - I doubt he'll even be considered.

    England has no goalkeeper and lots of player problems. The first game should be interesting...i'm just sayin'...