Monday, April 19, 2010

4/19/2010: Crew Reserves Beat Duquense 5-nil, Lose 1-0 To Louisville

Othaniel Yanez former University, Louisville, carries the day. Despite looking as impressive in these scrimmages compared to last week- Leandre Griffit still about to be signed by Crew.

The Crew employed the following roster against college soccer minnows Duquense:

And won that game 5-0 off of two Jason Garey strikes, as well as goals from Oughton, Ekpo, and Burns. Garey is basically a college scrimmage hero.

For the second game, the Crew Reserves, played (for a lack of a better term) like crap and got surprised by Yanez's former University team, the University of Louisville, 1-0.

In this second game the Crew employed the following lineup:

Here is some footage of new signing Leandre Griffit by Matt Bernhardt at the Cleveland Examiner. Leandre doesn't look like much of a midfield savior in this footage, just jogging around slowly and messing up twice with his passes. Awesome:


  1. I was at that, too. Griffit and Herrera (that was the first time I'd seen him) looked very disappointing. Maybe Herrera just really needs Guillermo, but still. Ekpo's best friend, as I called him (the trialist who used to play with Ekpo in Nigeria) looked pretty decent, though. Better than Herrera. Didn't see much out of Duka, either.

  2. Griffit looked good against Marshall.