Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/18/2010: Crew To Sign Former Southampton Midfielder Leandre Griffit

The Columbus Crew have reached a contract in principle with 25 year old, creative midfielder Leandre Griffit. The Frenchman, who has formerly played for well-known English clubs such as Southampton and Leeds United, will make around $50,000 this season. Leandre was signed by the Crew after an unsuccessful trial with the Houston Dynamo and last played in the Belgian Third Division last year. Based on the current roster constraints, two players will have to be waived or traded to make room for Leandre Griffit and backup goalkeeper Andy Greunebaum.

So, if you were the manager who would you let go or trade? I could see Burns or even sadly Duncan being let go or I could see Rogers traded along with someone else. Although, I think if we can keep Griffit and our other best prospects, like Rogers, that would be best for the club.


  1. Duncan Oughton is gone, probably. Burns has promise, and he's younger. I'd keep Duncan in some capacity though, just not as a player.

  2. One thing is certain in a Gruenebaum game.. there will be goals. Out of all the games he played last year, only one shutout. Its time to cut the cord on Andy. Also, I would personally like to see Brunner let go. When you go back and look at crucial mistakes being made, more often than not it was Brunner. I know it isn't all his fault. There is no way an intelligent coach should put a talk, lanky defender on a short and speedy striker see RSL playoff match). Any idiot will just play the ball on the ground. Obviously O'Rourke would have been better in that situation. To sum up, if you want to get rid of liabilities, say goodbye to Brunner and Gruenebaum.