Thursday, April 15, 2010

4/15/2010: Danny "American Gattuso" O'Rourke Fined

The Crew's resident bad ass gets fined.

Danny O'Rourke will be fined an additional $500 dollars, on top of the regular $250 dollar fine players in MLS receive for red cards. The Major League Soccer Disciplinary Committee thought the fine necessary after reviewing O'Rourke's offensive gesture to the field referee on Saturday. O'Rourke made some sort of gesture and then chased the referee to midfield, after a non-call on a hand ball led to a 93rd minute heartbreaking (and game tying goal) for F.C. Dallas.

No information yet whether O'Rourke will get fined another $750 dollars for his Stalin-like beard. And, I'm sure Danny isn't too concerned with losing the initial $750 bucks. Either way, got to love how O'Rourke fights for his home team and teammates. Also, this isn't all bad, as we'll finally get to see our resident pirate, Gino Padula.

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  1. So, not to justify the poor decision to react the way Danny O did, but he responded to and series of minor errors by the ref, that majorly affected the outcome of the game. Even's referee week in review pointed out the error on the quick restart. Danny O: perhaps punished correctly. Ref Jason Anno: ????