Sunday, April 11, 2010

4/12/2010: Crew Haven't Played Anywhere Near Their Best in 2010, Still A Clearance Away From Two Wins To Start Out 2010

A nice sized Crew, away contingent celebrate Schelotto's second goal in a 2-2 tie with FC Dallas on Saturday.

The Columbus Crew once again did not look much on the dangerous side of things in their attack in the Crew's 2-2 tie with FC Dallas this Saturday. As even the players that I have been lobbying to get more time, such as Renteria and Ekpo, looked rather average and not ready to seize the day (and possibly a starting position). Overall, it just seems like Columbus are still going through the paces and are not yet clicking.

Despite not playing attractive and together soccer, the Crew can still feel good about gaining the win at home and the tie on the road. At this point last year the Crew had zero points and still won the Supporters Shield, this year they have four points and have gained those points doing what every team strives to do, win at home and tie on the road. But, what's more satisfying to me is that the Crew have gained these points while playing rather awful compared to their usual standards. Which means if the Crew find a way to start clicking, they'll start blowing teams out of the water.

Therefore, despite some Crew fans fuming about the end of the game. And, despite the Crew players and some fans feeling robbed by the 93rd minute goal by Dallas's Eric Avila. I think 2-2 was the just result the Crew deserved, as we would have made out like bandits with a win last night at Pizza Hut Park. So, in the end, how we were playing defense and giving FC Dallas so many chances around the box, we deserved to tie.

Further, I don't get the big hoopla over the handball. As I feel like both Avila and Guillermo might have knicked the ball with their hands. Plus, Guillermo is a veteran, but that was a rookie move to complain in that stituation, as he needs to learn that you keep defending at that point, let the referee make the call. You don't leave your mark unopposed outside of the penalty box to moan to the referee. If the referee sees it fine, if not focus on closing the game out.

Anyways, hopefully when the Crew have less bye weeks, they'll get more into a weekly rhythm.

** In other action this week, the MLS was really exciting with some quality finishing around the league. Edson Buddle had a brace against Houston and is looking hot and deserving of a call up for this World Cup. While surprising hat tricks were registered by Sebastian Le Toux and rookie Zach Schilawski.

Man, wouldn't it have been nice if we would have picked up Schilawski in the draft compared to Dike. As Schilawski looked better then all of the strikers we have combined in his performance last night against TFC.


  1. It's not the missed handball that upsets me. It was the quick restart on the free kick. If the ref decides to count out the ten yards, then the kick should ensue after the whistle. Poor game control by the ref.

  2. Loved the Crew for 80 minutes, but giving up 3 or 4 ridiculous free kicks on stupid fouls just outside the box in the final 10 minutes shot themselves in the foot. Need to do better than that