Saturday, April 10, 2010

4/10/2010: Columbus Makes Jim Brennan Retire

When I think of Toronto it makes me want to quit my job (Rene Johnston/Canadian Press).

Remember a smug looking Jim Brennan giving cocky looks to the Nordecke while taking a throw in on March 27th. Well, less then two weeks later, Mr. Awesome has decided enough is enough with TFC as Jim Brennan has retired at 33 years of age.

I'm not saying that Columbus had everything (or much of anything) to do with Brennan retiring. Most likely Brennan's body does not feel right because of the joke of a team he's currently playing on. I mean come on if you lose to Columbus 2-0, when Columbus is about a quarter as good as they're capable of being, what hope do the Reds have for the rest of the season?

Nevertheless, when someone quits the second week of a season. It's not a body thing, it's a heart thing. And, all of Brennan's heart for TFC got sucked out in Columbus. Be it the result or being called a "Norwich reject" one last time.

Anyway, come the Crew's game in Toronto this season, Crew fans may not recognize any of the familiar faces on Toronto's roster. As Brennan's replacement is a Latvian 23 year old defender, Raivis Hscanovics, who according to Mo Johnston has "some very good experience from playing in challenging leagues in Europe." Raivis has only played in Latvia. Umm, since when has the Latvian league been challenging?


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