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Monday, April 26, 2010

4/26/2010: It Hasn't Been Pretty, But The Crew Have Still Been Effective

An ugly, grind them out win in ugly conditions (Pic by Sam Fahmi).

Robert Warzycha was an attacking player back in his prime at Everton and you would figure that the Crew would play in an attacking mentality similiar to his, no matter whether the Crew only play one true striker on the field. But, if the Real Salt Lake game is a barometer, instead the Crew look like a team this year who will grind out victories, take their one break, after going up they'll pass around side to side, and rely on Hesmer to make some stops to close out the game. I thought Saturday was a step in the right direction but even with two wins and a tie (that was seconds from being a win) so far, I would like to see the Crew play a better brand of football.

Nevertheless, it has to be comforting for Crew fans that despite playing average in three games, the Crew has 7 out of 9 points on the season. Further, there was some great passing in portions of the Crew's second half. Also, if Lenhart, Guillermo, and Moffat would have picked their heads up in the second half to realize they had space to shoot on goal on three opportunities, they could have likely of had another one or two goals. As one of the things that is holding the Crew back (currently and at times last year) is that almost nobody currently on the field (Renteria may be the only one on the whole team) is comfortable with ripping a ball from 15-20 yards out or the players just think it's an unnecessary opportunity to lose possession. But, if Guillermo, Lenhart, and Moffat all tried the open rip from 15 yards out, one of those is likely back of the net bound. Instead it appeared that in the Crew's second half, they wanted to pass it all the way to the net and attempt to pass in a goal. The Real Salt Lake defense, for the most part, had this covered.

Also, I think the Crew benefitted from a pro-Crew referee for the first time in it's history, as the ref probably got annoyed with RSL's captain Kyle Beckerman's constant chats during the game. For example, it was nice to see Rogers make a run that led to a PK although the goal was from a soft PK call and Rogers got nudged most likely by the wind. Other then Rogers PK, he looked his usual "I'm bored" cruising through a game self. It would be great to see some of his USA National Team intensity or for him to go for a ball that is 5 feet away and a 50/50.

No matter, I think the Crew can thank Will Hesmer (and maybe the ref a little) for this dual victory. Hesmer was solid throughout the game making three or four important saves, highlighted by being beat in the first half by the Costa Rican Saborio and diving behind him to get to the ball as Saborio was already past him. Hesmer came up big and without him this was a loss.

So, my man of the match is William Hesmer, he's worked his way back into Crewture's good graces.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

4/24/2010: Crew vs. RSL Preview

Crew would love to get one over on Real Salt Lake, who knocked them out of the playoffs surprisingly early last season.

After being Champions, Real Salt Lake has had a lackluster start to the year, just like the Crew had last year fulfilling the same Champion role. The Real Boys are an uninspiring 1-2-1 to open up 2010; Salt Lake has played well enough and has hit some posts and have had some hard luck (like two questionable PK's in three minutes against the Houston Dynamo in a loss in their second game of the year).

The Crew haven't been exactly scintillating either in their play. They dispatched TFC 2-0, but it took them about 80 minutes to get those two goals. The Crew should have wrapped that opener up way earlier and should have won by at least four goals. In the Crew's next game, they didn't play well either but almost snuck out with a 2-1 win against F.C. Dallas at their place, before giving up a 93rd minute equalizer. So, the Crew have played two games, they have won at home and tied on the road, and have sort of stunk in both games. So, really you can't complain with the four points so far.

The Sad Pirate

Gino Padula is more then likely to make his first appearance tonight for the Columbus Crew as both Danny O'Rourke (red card) and Eric Brunner (slight concussion) are out for this game. Here is what Padula had to say about his new role as a backup to start out this year:

"To be honest, I'm very sad when I am not playing," Padula said. "I'm very sad because I don't want to be on the bench. I want to play. The last two years, I've played every game (when healthy).

"The last couple weeks have been very hard for me. They make me sad. But we have a coach, and he makes the decisions and you can accept them or not. You ask me how I've been feeling? I feel very bad because I'm not playing. I don't want to lie to you and say I feel great."

If Warzycha is playing things the fair way, he'll give Padula an opportunity to win his spot back with a good performance today. Anyways, I believe, even though O'Rourke has played well on the left, O'Rourke is more serviceable in other positions and were a stronger team in defense with Padula on the backline.

Also, Marshall was having some problems in practice this week so it should be interesting to see what backline the Crew employs today. Just now Mitchell has said Brunner is probable and Marshall is doubtful.

For RSL, Ned Grabavoy and Chris Wingert are out. Also, Robbie Findley and Javier Morales may miss the match.


PREDICTION: If RSL is without Findley and Morales I think the Crew squeak out a 2-1 win. If RSL has those two in their attack I see a 1-1 tie.

Friday, April 23, 2010

4/23/2010: Umm, what?

Apparently the Nordecke is a sexy time.

This has to be the oddest article I have seen on the MLS website in a while.

Something about the Crew winning MLS Cup in 2008 and Columbus being voted the City with the most Sexually Satisfied People in 2008. And, something about there being a down tick in the sexy time for residents and the Crew losing. But, now that Spring is Sprung, the Crew and Sex will again be on the rise.

Or something or other.

Here's a question who looks up more porn? A Securities Exchange Commission accountant or the people who write at MLS? :-)

Anywho weird article.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

4/22/2010: Stern John Headed Back To MLS, Crew Likely Played Themselves Out Of The Bidding

Stern John headed back to MLS, but the Crew are likely out of the bidding with the guaranteed money they have sitting on their bench in the form of Herrera.

According to Tribalfootball, Stern John is ready to make his return to MLS:

Crystal Palace’s Stern John is being linked with a return to MLS after more than a decade in England.

The 33-year old Trinidad & Tobago international has reportedly stated his desire to come back to the USA where he spent time with Columbus Crew in 1998 and 1999.

Since then, John has played for several English clubs including Nottingham Forest, Birmingham City, Coventry City, Derby County, Sunderland, Southampton, Bristol City, Crystal Palace and Ipswich Town.

John netted 44 goals for Crew during his time here and comes out of contract at Palace at the end of this season leaving the door ajar for an MLS comeback.

My thoughts: I find it unlikely that this comeback would be with the Crew though. I would rather have another go with Stern John compared to the disappointment that is the Sergio Herrera stituation. But, I think Herrera is under a guarenteed contract this year, and it is unlikely that much of anyone else out there wants him. So, as far as high salaried strikers go, were pretty much stuck with having Herrera rot on the bench this year.

If it was possible though would you drop Herrera and take Stern John right now? I think I would if possible.

Monday, April 19, 2010

4/20/2010: Forget Jozy, Buddle and Gomez Should Start Up Top In World Cup

What is all of this talk about just maybe giving Herculez Gomez and Edson Buddle a call up? In my opinion, not only should they be called up but both should start in this World Cup. Why you may ask?

Well, Buddle and Gomez have a combined 17 goals in 18 games this Spring for the L.A. Galaxy and Puebla respectively. Buddle can be our target man and Gomez can be the crafty player making runs off of Buddle. If most of our midfield and defense is healthy, I think both are our best chances to score up top in South Africa. Not Jozy Altidore, I mean come on when is the last time Jozy has scored, let alone seen more then 15 minutes on the field for Hull City?

It's a tough call to insert both of them into the World Cup cycle so late in the fray. But, there the only two American strikers scoring goals consistently at the moment. You have to go with whose in the best form now. I don't think an out of shape Davies and a bench riding Altidore are the best options for us at the moment.

I hope Bradley realizes that the confidence levels of Buddle and Gomez currently, have revived the U.S.A's chances of getting somewhere in this World Cup. They're playing amazing at forward and how they have been playing, they would score goals in any league. It's better for the U.S. to keep Donovan and Dempsey in the midfield. So, Bradley should take Gomez, Buddle, Altidore, and Davies (if healthy) to South Africa. I will be pissed and Bradley should be sacked if he takes some talentless striker like Ching or Casey instead of Gomez and Buddle.

Overall, Gomez and Buddle just have that hunger right now. They're going out there every day and playing to get on that World Cup squad. Buddle alone has been awesome and you can tell in his goal celebrations that he really, really wants it.

Both on the field are our only chances to score goals in 2010.

What are your thoughts on this stituation?

Gomez scores the first and last goal in a 4-1 route of Cruz Azul, 10 goals in 14 appearances in Mexican Primera:

Buddle four goals in last two games, seven in four appearances this year:

I'm telling you if both make it were going places.

4/20/2010: Cool Video By The Ultra

Worth a watch:

After the RSL game, I'll likely put up some sort of mash up. Cheers.

4/19/2010: Crew Reserves Beat Duquense 5-nil, Lose 1-0 To Louisville

Othaniel Yanez former University, Louisville, carries the day. Despite looking as impressive in these scrimmages compared to last week- Leandre Griffit still about to be signed by Crew.

The Crew employed the following roster against college soccer minnows Duquense:

And won that game 5-0 off of two Jason Garey strikes, as well as goals from Oughton, Ekpo, and Burns. Garey is basically a college scrimmage hero.

For the second game, the Crew Reserves, played (for a lack of a better term) like crap and got surprised by Yanez's former University team, the University of Louisville, 1-0.

In this second game the Crew employed the following lineup:

Here is some footage of new signing Leandre Griffit by Matt Bernhardt at the Cleveland Examiner. Leandre doesn't look like much of a midfield savior in this footage, just jogging around slowly and messing up twice with his passes. Awesome:

4/19/2010: Guillermo Refuses Boca Coaching Job, End Of Story

Guillermo will not be a part of Boca's current mess.

In regard to the Boca Juniors job, Guillermo Barros Schelotto said no to Boca Juniors in a conversation that occurred Friday.

From Netjoven:
"On Friday we were talking to Guillermo Barros Schelotto and he told us that his passion was to continue playing football. We understand, we understand, "explained Jorge Amore, President Boca Juniors.

Well, then Boca Juniors should stop asking if they "understand," Guillermo said no and stated his intentions to keep playing for the Crew a few months ago when he signed a contract for another full year.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/18/2010: Crew To Sign Former Southampton Midfielder Leandre Griffit

The Columbus Crew have reached a contract in principle with 25 year old, creative midfielder Leandre Griffit. The Frenchman, who has formerly played for well-known English clubs such as Southampton and Leeds United, will make around $50,000 this season. Leandre was signed by the Crew after an unsuccessful trial with the Houston Dynamo and last played in the Belgian Third Division last year. Based on the current roster constraints, two players will have to be waived or traded to make room for Leandre Griffit and backup goalkeeper Andy Greunebaum.

So, if you were the manager who would you let go or trade? I could see Burns or even sadly Duncan being let go or I could see Rogers traded along with someone else. Although, I think if we can keep Griffit and our other best prospects, like Rogers, that would be best for the club.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

4/15/2010: Danny "American Gattuso" O'Rourke Fined

The Crew's resident bad ass gets fined.

Danny O'Rourke will be fined an additional $500 dollars, on top of the regular $250 dollar fine players in MLS receive for red cards. The Major League Soccer Disciplinary Committee thought the fine necessary after reviewing O'Rourke's offensive gesture to the field referee on Saturday. O'Rourke made some sort of gesture and then chased the referee to midfield, after a non-call on a hand ball led to a 93rd minute heartbreaking (and game tying goal) for F.C. Dallas.

No information yet whether O'Rourke will get fined another $750 dollars for his Stalin-like beard. And, I'm sure Danny isn't too concerned with losing the initial $750 bucks. Either way, got to love how O'Rourke fights for his home team and teammates. Also, this isn't all bad, as we'll finally get to see our resident pirate, Gino Padula.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

4/12/2010: Crew Haven't Played Anywhere Near Their Best in 2010, Still A Clearance Away From Two Wins To Start Out 2010

A nice sized Crew, away contingent celebrate Schelotto's second goal in a 2-2 tie with FC Dallas on Saturday.

The Columbus Crew once again did not look much on the dangerous side of things in their attack in the Crew's 2-2 tie with FC Dallas this Saturday. As even the players that I have been lobbying to get more time, such as Renteria and Ekpo, looked rather average and not ready to seize the day (and possibly a starting position). Overall, it just seems like Columbus are still going through the paces and are not yet clicking.

Despite not playing attractive and together soccer, the Crew can still feel good about gaining the win at home and the tie on the road. At this point last year the Crew had zero points and still won the Supporters Shield, this year they have four points and have gained those points doing what every team strives to do, win at home and tie on the road. But, what's more satisfying to me is that the Crew have gained these points while playing rather awful compared to their usual standards. Which means if the Crew find a way to start clicking, they'll start blowing teams out of the water.

Therefore, despite some Crew fans fuming about the end of the game. And, despite the Crew players and some fans feeling robbed by the 93rd minute goal by Dallas's Eric Avila. I think 2-2 was the just result the Crew deserved, as we would have made out like bandits with a win last night at Pizza Hut Park. So, in the end, how we were playing defense and giving FC Dallas so many chances around the box, we deserved to tie.

Further, I don't get the big hoopla over the handball. As I feel like both Avila and Guillermo might have knicked the ball with their hands. Plus, Guillermo is a veteran, but that was a rookie move to complain in that stituation, as he needs to learn that you keep defending at that point, let the referee make the call. You don't leave your mark unopposed outside of the penalty box to moan to the referee. If the referee sees it fine, if not focus on closing the game out.

Anyways, hopefully when the Crew have less bye weeks, they'll get more into a weekly rhythm.

** In other action this week, the MLS was really exciting with some quality finishing around the league. Edson Buddle had a brace against Houston and is looking hot and deserving of a call up for this World Cup. While surprising hat tricks were registered by Sebastian Le Toux and rookie Zach Schilawski.

Man, wouldn't it have been nice if we would have picked up Schilawski in the draft compared to Dike. As Schilawski looked better then all of the strikers we have combined in his performance last night against TFC.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

4/10/2010: Columbus Makes Jim Brennan Retire

When I think of Toronto it makes me want to quit my job (Rene Johnston/Canadian Press).

Remember a smug looking Jim Brennan giving cocky looks to the Nordecke while taking a throw in on March 27th. Well, less then two weeks later, Mr. Awesome has decided enough is enough with TFC as Jim Brennan has retired at 33 years of age.

I'm not saying that Columbus had everything (or much of anything) to do with Brennan retiring. Most likely Brennan's body does not feel right because of the joke of a team he's currently playing on. I mean come on if you lose to Columbus 2-0, when Columbus is about a quarter as good as they're capable of being, what hope do the Reds have for the rest of the season?

Nevertheless, when someone quits the second week of a season. It's not a body thing, it's a heart thing. And, all of Brennan's heart for TFC got sucked out in Columbus. Be it the result or being called a "Norwich reject" one last time.

Anyway, come the Crew's game in Toronto this season, Crew fans may not recognize any of the familiar faces on Toronto's roster. As Brennan's replacement is a Latvian 23 year old defender, Raivis Hscanovics, who according to Mo Johnston has "some very good experience from playing in challenging leagues in Europe." Raivis has only played in Latvia. Umm, since when has the Latvian league been challenging?

Friday, April 9, 2010

4/9/2010: Crew vs. FC Dallas Preview

The Battle of the Hunt teams commences Saturday (pic by G. Bartram).

The Columbus Crew come into this game with a 2-0 win over TFC, that could have been easily 4 or 5-nil with some decent finishing. FC Dallas, on the other hand, comes into the game trying to get their first win; as FC Dallas had a bore 1-1 draw with Houston in week one of MLS. FC Dallas has one advantage compared to their first game. As Kevin Hartman will likely make his first start of the season for FC Dallas this week and will likely be attempting to make an impression after getting shafted by the Kansas City Wizards during the anti-climatic climax of the CBA offseason drama.

Hartman on his new gig:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

The Crew in this game will be hoping for some better finishing up top. Hartman and company will look to woo Pizza Hut Park with their first win. And, for the Crew to come out on top on the road in this game they'll have to finish and execute much better. Thankfully, the Crew are on the same page, are not satisfied with their finishing, and have tried to remedy the issues between the long bye week.

Crew practice strategy from Gaven, interviewed by Merz-
“The past two weeks we’ve been trying to do better on the last pass. The last game we weren’t sharp in the passing. That was the main problem but I think we’ll do better this week.”


The Crew should look to make some switches in this game. I would trot out the following lineup-


Ekpo and Renteria deserve some minutes over Moffat and Rogers when you look at how Moffat and Rogers played in the last game. And, how well Renteria and Ekpo played in the CONCACAF Champions League. Renteria especially deserves some time on the field. If not in the midfield, then Renteria should be up top in front of Guillermo, as Lenhart didn't exactly have an awesome game against TFC.

If Marshall is healthy enough to start, then he should be starting no matter how well Brunner and Iro have been playing. The return of Marshall would usually mean a backline of Hejduk---Marshall---O'Rourke---Padula. Nevertheless, it appears that the Crew are really happy with O'Rourke and his forward runs at left back and I don't see him moving back to the central defense unless he messes up out there. Therefore, I give Iro the nod in the middle with Marshall. As Iro had too good of a game against TFC to sit him on the bench the game after. Especially since, Iro hasn't always been much on the scintilating side for Columbus during his time here. So, help out his confidence and keep him on the field tomorrow.

fc dallas

Dax McCarthy---Ferreira---------Shea

Attendance note: People complained with the Crew's 14,000 attendance for their opener. But, almost no one was around to mention the horrible attendance of FC Dallas fans for their inter-state rivalry against Houston, as only a little over 8,000 fans showed up.

Prediction- FC Dallas is a better team than the TFC team the Crew faced in week one. But, I still think the Crew will fix their scoring woes. And, will especially dominate if players that really should be on the field (like Renteria) are on the field. Crew 2, FC Dallas 1- Renteria (30th minute), Guillermo (77th minute), Harris (85th minute)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

4/8/2010: Crew Bring In Another Trialist, Nigerian Striker John Owoeri

Ekpo's comrade: Nigerian striker talent John Owoeri joins the Crew's camp.

The Crew have brought in another striker with a nice pedigree, John Owoeri, who has had enough talent to attract interest of clubs such as Feyernood Rotterdam of the Eredivise and K.V.C. Westerlo of the Belgian First Division. Right now Owoeri plays back in Nigeria and was a teammate of Emmanuel Ekpo's at Enyimba a few years back.

The Columbus Dispatch assured that this doesn't mean there will be immediate changes to the club roster. But, left winger Leandre Griffit and striker John Owoeri both do play the positions of two players that have been underperforming as of late, according to the fans (in Robbie Rogers) and according to the coaching staff (Sergio Herrera) respectively.

The Crew's coaching staff has stated in the Dispatch that there won't be any changes now, but that there might be some changes closer to Summer. One could surmise if bad form continues for RR and Sergio, that the Crew will offload Rogers if he continues to underperform into the Summer (and before he goes to Europe..) and replace him with Leandre Griffit. Secondly, the Crew will possibly drop Sergio Herrera and his salary if Herrera continues to underperform and replace him with John Owoeri.

However, if Herrera and Rogers start playing out of their skin, as well as other players, no changes will likely be made to the roster this Summer. Therefore, the Crew coaching staff is probably just being smart in keeping everyone in the club on their toes and working hard; As a bad month could lead to a skilled trialist or two taking up your spot on the roster. And, that goes for any player, as Garey, Burns, Oughton, etc. could be headed out instead of Herrera and/or Rogers.

In Bliss's words-
"You have to bring guys in," Crew technical director Brian Bliss said. "We like our squad and are very deliberate about tweaking or tinkering with it. But you have to keep looking. If you don't, you're stagnant."

Here's a video of Owoeri:

**Crew vs. FC Dallas preview is upcoming tomorrow

4/8/2010: CSC To Stare At Nordecke For Three More Years

"Put the flag down sir or you will face the consequences!"

According to Fox Business, CSC will continue to provide security around the Nordecke and the rest of the stadium for the next three years. CSC also provides security for Chivas USA, DC United, Los Angeles Galaxy, and Real Salt Lake.

CSC has their ups and downs. Usually they let a lot go, some of their security guys are great, and they're nowhere near as bad as Chicago's security. But, once in a while, when their girlfriends or wives are withholding love making the above scenario occurs.

Monday, April 5, 2010

4/5/2010: PR Islanders Italian Cristian Arrieta Was Crew Target, Opts For Philadelphia Union

The Columbus Crew may be the deepest team in MLS, but they're always looking for more depth. This time around they were taking a serious looking at bolstering their squad with the gifted PR Islanders right back Cristian Arrieta, according to Primera Hora.

The Columbus Crew played against the Puerto Rican Islanders MVP and right back Cristian Arrieta in the 2009 version of the CONCACAF Champions League twice and were so impressed with the Italian that they had contract negotiations with him this offseason. However, so did the Philadelphia Union, which is who Arrieta selected to go with today because it was more likely for Arrieta to see starting time in his position with the Philadelphia Union.

With Columbus Arrieta would have to compete with Hejduk and Zayner at right back and Gaven at right midfield. Columbus may have been looking to try to convert Arrieta to left back as well, to replace Padula in a year or two after Gino retires.

Arrieta made 7 appearances with Serie B side Lecce in 2006-2007 before playing with the Puerto Rico Islanders. Arrieta garnered 54 appearances and a surprising 17 goals with the Islanders as a defender.

4/5/2010: Boca Still Somehow Think Guillmero Will Be Their Head Coach, Not Happening Anytime Soon.

Although, Guillermo Barros Schelotto respectively declined the head coaching spot at Boca Juniors stating that he still has quite a future playing with the Crew. And, despite saying that when he is done playing in MLS, he would like to stay in America and coach here instead; as there is a lesser ammount of pressure on coaching here and Guillermo can live a more comfortable life here.

Still, the Argentinian press believes Schelotto is still the number one candidate to replace Abel Alves as Boca's Head Coach this Summer.

From SietepuntasDigital:
Guille not expect to sit. Guille waiting game. And beating. And attending. And figuratively. Jorge Amor Ameal, president of Boca, it was to find his house La Plata, in the summer. Basile first, Alves later, his name always in the limelight but ... Nothing here, nothing there. Only the eternal promise of being the No. 1 candidate for the leadership, 'the' name of weight. Although ...

The old 7 Guillermo Barros Schelotto, wants to sit in the electric chair but did not want to become like one who pulled down the lever on Juan Roman Riquelme. Then, he prefers playing for the Colombus Crew, as he always did. Classy. A week ago, on his debut in the 2010 season, he had a goal and against Toronto FC, with a free kick, one assist. 36, and sometime champion (2008) with the yellows, the Melli has been playing football in Major League Soccer since 2007, with already 27 goals in 79 games.

Melli ensures his immediate future on 10 April in Crew's second date of the season, he will face FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park. Still, the best part is coming ...

By still the best part is coming means that Boca Juniors expect that best part to be as their head coach. Boca Juniors will likely make another run at Guillermo this Summer but his contract doesn't run out until the end of 2010. Further, if Guille keeps playing as well as he has so far in 2010, he may be with the Crew on the field in 2011 as well. Further, he may stay on as a Crew assistant after that.

Boca needs a head coach this Summer. Not three or four years down the road. So, it would probably be best if Guille's old club looked elsewhere.

Friday, April 2, 2010

4/2/2010: UPDATES ON TODAY'S GAMES: Crew Win First Game 5-0 Against Marshall University

The Crew are playing the colleges of Marshall University and Michigan State University today at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. to keep in shape with an extra week off. The Crew won their first game against Marshall University 5-0. The lineup in this game was half reserves, a few starters, and a few trialists. Guillermo Barros Schelotto played in this game and appeared frustrated with the lack of support around him in this game.

However, according to those I talked to at the game, new French trialist Leandre Griffit looked good as he had some good touches and scored a nice chip shot from the left side of the box, tucking the ball around the goalie and in near the right post.

On the other side of things, according to who I talked to, the big time Colombian signing Sergio Herrera was "slow, out of shape, and looked like crap." Sergio was further apparently getting beat by Marshall kids the entire game. Herrera did have a goal but according to who I talked to "it was nothing special."

Also, Danny O'Rourke did well again on the left side overlapping and making runs into the final third. It may not be long until we see O'Rourke's first goal and it may be a while yet before we see Padula in the starting eleven.

**In other news, Sirk has his notebook up from the Toronto game. Many amusing quotes from the players about Moffat's shank including Duncan's thoughts:

"I've heard nothing but awful things about it. I heard he broke away and tried to open up his hips for a Thierry Henry-like finish, but he ended up rolling the ball to the goalkeeper like a Scottish girly-man."

**Although O'Rourke has been occupying Padula's spot, he may have it back for the next game as according to Mitchell, Brunner went down with a concussion against Marshall.

4/2/2010: Some Nice Videos From The Nordecke vs. TFC

Nordecke Highlights:

TFC fans looking for some aggro, but held in check by their girlfriends, haha: