Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3/9/2010: Renteria On Tonight's Contest, Unlikely To Start?

If Emilio is to have another CONCACAF moment (such as above) tonight, he may have to wait until the second half if a Venezuelan Sports Mag has it right.

Emilio's comments to Venezuelan Sports Magazine Lider en deportes:

Venezuelan striker Emilio Renteria, after four months of inactivity, will return to the playing fields. "After a long preseason, it is time to play against a great team," said the striker, who will depart on the bench.

The U.S. side will face off in the club competition against a rival Aztec side who are candidates to win the tournament. "They are not very well at home, but are favorites to advance to the semifinal," said Renteria.

And the attacker is right. Toluca only has won two in nine games, but has much more games than Columbus, which is waiting for the start of the MLS. "The pace of games will help a lot. We have become friends and had a good preseason, but it is not the same," said Renteria.

Despite the advantage that is given in minutes, Renteria thinks forward. "A good result would be good to go to Mexico with," said Renteria, who made clear their objectives. "The aspiration of us is to win the trophy. We do not play just to compete, we want to be champions." Toluca is the first hurdle.

I'm assuming that "depart on the bench" (since it is unlikely to mean much of anything else) should be understood as Emilio Renteria will be starting on the bench tonight for Columbus, which likely means that either Lenhart, Garey, or possibly even Ekpo could be teamed up with Columbian Sergio Herrera up top tonight.

Still despite apparently not getting the starting nod, if I'm reading this correctly, I'm glad Renteria has the right attitude. Further, if Renteria (with his lack of English) understands that this is the team's goal, then it is likely the whole team's goal as well.


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