Monday, March 8, 2010

3/8/2010: Massive Radio Toluca Podcast, Crew Movie Documentary, And More On Tomorrow

Emilio Renteria readies himself for Toluca (Picture by Sam Fahmi, more pics can be found at the Massive Report- a new website with a good collective of Crew fan writers and photographers).

**Here is a quick Massive Radio breakdown for tomorrow's Crew vs. Toluca game. I'm hoping to find someone good to do some podcasts with through the season, so feel free to email me at if you have an interest.

Crew vs. Toluca podcast here:

** Two documentary film makers from New York sent me an email a few days back, Mark Kendall and a guy named Pepe. They'll be in town tomorrow taking a documentary look at a day in the life of soccer supporters. They picked the Crew supporters for this game, so if you see them around and they ask you some questions about the supporter lifestyle, I think it would be a good idea to help them out. From Mr. Kendall's website (appears to be down the last few days) it appears that they have done some pretty quality work. Could be some good free PR for the section, something even better than the Columbus Alive piece from a year back.

** I'll be taking my flip video tomorrow to do my own day in the life video for Crewture for the Crew vs. Toluca game. Whatever footage I get that is PG rated will be on Crewture Wednesday sometime.

** The Ultras group that me and some others planned went kaputt when some of the other guys got cold feet in the past few weeks.. So, that put a dent in my banner making ideas (which needed a posse to complete), I only made a two stick for this one. So, nothing elaborate coming my way as far as banners for this game. I hope to get back to it for the Toronto FC game, hopefully some people in the Nordecke could come together with a plan for that one.. The two stick project from last year took months, so I'm not sure how good this year's TFC display will be.



I was hoping an ultras group dedicated to banner making could change this. But, like I said, isn't going to happen.

** With my ultras group falling apart, plus the work I have been doing for a new internship with the Dayton Dutch Lions, this has also put a dent in the banners for this game. If you're from Dayton you might want to check out the beginning of my Dayton Dutch Lion supporter website, The Orange Legionnaire, and the supporter forum, The Orange Legionnaire Forum.

**Finally, let's start 2010 off with a win tomorrow. Go Crew, Columbus Til' I Die!


  1. Nothing? Just cuz you aint involved means theres nothing? Your a loser.

  2. Lol, I'm guessing this is one of those people who were so against an Ultras group because they thought the current rag tag I'm an Ultra when it's convenient (every six or seven games) non- Ultra group can get it done?

    There might be something very, top secret planned. But, since I don't know it and no one else I know, knows it.. And, I have made the second most ammount of displays in the section. I'm guessing whatever it is (if there is anything) will likely not be good since these genius people are not smart enough to allocate with those who actually know there stuff when it comes to banners and would be willing to pitch in.

    If I don't know about it and I know (or try to know) just about everything supporter-related (and there is no ultras) then I'm not sure what else I can think? If I'm a loser for making assumputions based on the zero out there on plans, then yeah guess that is me.

    And, no there might be something, since I'll likely make something. But, I'm pretty damn sure it won't be like last year.

    By the way, if you don't have nads enough to include your name when you call me a loser. How about just not posting on my website. K? Thanks. Just FYI, I spent around $1,500 on banner materials since 2008 and can free hand just about anything you would need a projector for. So, instead of being a jerk off on my website, you should learn some respect, you loser. Actually, loser is probably not harsh enough for your dumbass.

    Also, the only person who can tell me anything when it comes to banners is Thoma, if you are not him you can screw off.

    Too many dickweeds come on here that have made one or two things and all of a sudden think they can tell me off. Lol, who are you? What have you done? Because apparently someone who has...

    Came up with the Nordecke name. Is a loser.

    Ran this website for two plus years, when most Crew websites cant last half as long. Is a loser.

    Got permanent marks on my knees for finishing most of the "Forza Crew" banners, along with many others by myself. Is a loser.

    Brought up the idea of the "We Love You" chant. Is a loser.

    Brought up "Columbus Is The Greatest Team" chant. Is a loser.

    Spent many hours of my free time making tons of Crew videos when none existed at the time on youtube. Is a loser.

    Brought the two stick idea together with Thoma and a few others when no one at the time was interested in banners. Is a loser.

    What does that make you then?

    Seriously, some Crew fans need a damn history lesson before calling me that. Wow, does the lack of respect that Crew fans have for there fellow fan really piss me. And, yeah, buddy I'm so sorry that I thought there was nothing planned yet since there hasn't been anything, anywhere asking others to help out and it's only weeks away. Whoever's planning this awesome secret display is real smart not to post a general message on bigsoccer asking for help with costs and etc.

    Whatever, winner.