Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3/31/2010: Crew Trialing French Midfielder Leandre Griffit

The Crew are now trialing 25 year old, French midfield-winger Leandre Griffit. Griffit has played for clubs Amiens SC, Southampton, Crystal Palace, and IF Elfsborg, among others. Griffit hasn't really stuck at any one club nevertheless, only making 64 appearances total professionally with just three goals. However, Griffit did have something to strike the eye of Southampton when they were in the Premiership and Crystal Palace when they were in the Championship. Griffit most recently made 5 appearances for Crystal Palace in 2009 before departing ways with the London club. Griffit also made two U-21 appearances for the French National Team back in his youth. Most recently Griffit was on trial with the Houston Dynamo in the preseason, before coming on trial to Columbus.

What's most interesting about the trial is why would the Crew need anymore wingers? We already have Rogers, Gaven, and Ekpo? Unless were moving Rogers or he is headed to Europe. Just seems a bit odd when our midfield, especially on the wings, is already quite deep.

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  1. With how Rogers played against Toronto (and last season), I would be estatic if he left the team.