Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3/30/2010: The Chances Of Us Seeing Some Sergio Ever?

A cartoon by Crew fan Rick Thomas, featuring Columbian forward Sergio Herrera who is looking like a bust so far for the Crew and Warzycha.

So what happened with Sergio Herrera? He was supposed to be the man that changed all the Crew's scoring woes. He was considered by 90% percent of my readers to be the answer for the Crew. Sergio even hooked up nicely with Schelotto on the first day of training camp (for two goals) aweing defender Jed Zayner on his blog who said, "it feels as if Schelotto and Sergio have played together for years."

Fast forward a month or two later and Sergio's behind Jason Garey as the fifth or sixth striker on the depth chart despite Herrera's high salary. Throughout training camp it appears that Herrera has scored, but apparently often times the Crew have leaked the fact to the Columbus Dispatch that Herrera has been disappointing in preseason. Usually when you go to the media about a player being disappointing that player ends up being cut (search Ali Gerba) or the Crew just doesn't think that Sergio Herrera can read English. Or the Crew just doesn't care; Herrera must be that bad. As there would be no other reason to diss in the media an international who has scored more goals than the rest of your forwards combined during his career. Unless this is one of Warzycha's odd motivation tactics circa Schelotto vs. Real Salt Lake 2009.

But, look the Crew signed him without doing their homework, so instead of ragging on Herrera shouldn't they just say we bungled this scouting job like we did with our rationalization for drafting Bright Dike. So, then why are the Crew treating Herrera like dog crap in the media when (if he really isn't good anymore) they obviously looked the guy up on wikipedia, thought his stats looked good, and decided lets sign him to a big contract. I mean really, if they would have read some Columbian press they might have learned that Herrera failed two physicals for Columbian first division clubs before coming to the Crew and therefore might have nagging ankle problems. The fact that the deal came out of nowhere, proverbial left field, makes me feel as if the Crew didn't do their homework on this one.

On the other hand, maybe Herrera suffers from the same South American bug that Schelotto suffers from where he just doesn't get up for the preseason and practices. Way back when, when we signed Schelotto Warzycha asked Sigi if, "he was sure about this guy Schelotto?" Because Schelotto apparently dogged it in practice. Sigi said something along the lines of, "oh yeah I'm sure." If Warzycha was the coach then (instead of Sigi) possibly Schelotto would have gotten cut back in 2007 as well for not being passionate about practice.

If this lack of zeal for practice is the case or even if it's not the case with Herrera. I think the Crew should give the damn guy at least 45 minutes on the field with Schelotto before calling him a big disappointment. If he is a big disappointment it's their fault for signing him. But, if he was just a big disappointment in the preseason (even though he scored often in the preseason which is his only job) the Crew needs to realize that the preseason does not count for anything, so why not give this guy some minutes to see what he has before completely writing him off.


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