Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3/25/2010: Trillum Cup Hillarity & TFC vs. Crew Preview Upcoming Later This Morning

Seriously, you could give these awards out by the hour for all the special TFC fans out there, such as this one:

I for one ( all for one ) am dissapointed that NEE are going to Clownbus after the treatment in Year 1 (umm you mean year two right?) by the local douchebags ... these guys deserve a total boycott in their opener. Let them fill their own stadium ( which they cannot do with a winning team ). They need us but we don't need to be tasered and disrepected ... so go to Boston or Chicago which are real cities !!!

Yeah Columbus is actually a city made out of cardboard.

And in response from another TFC fan:
Well, to be fair, the guy that got tasered deserved it. None the less, the police there need to learn how to deal with a football crowd.

So, wait the one TFC fan that got tasered deserved it and the TFC and Crew fans who provoked each other both on the concourse for 45 minutes deserved to both be pepper sprayed for not leaving and acting like morons. Then wait what are they exactly boycotting again? Do not get. As TFC fans hold a grudge more than forty year old women in a book club.

I mean look I could raise a fuss. I got pepper sprayed for being dumb and watching the spectacle off to the side of the cheer off going on, on the concourse in 2009. I deserved it for being in a dumb place at the wrong time and I got over it. Not sure how they're not over it yet, but whatever. I also ran through a melee of TFC fans before at their stadium who were throwing punches; but I'm over it, been over it, and will be back again. So what?

Anyways, apparently there isn't 500 TFC fans coming but like 200 or whatever the Crew front office and some spurious travel outfit called Proway is telling TFC fans today. I hope there are quite a bit though so they can teach us culture.

As I know my dumb ass doesn't look as cool shotgunning a beer and the second dude only took a couple of minutes to tie his shoes, down in Columbus it takes us a good half hour.

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  1. got my minivan blaring Oh Candaidaadaaada ehh?