Thursday, March 25, 2010

3/25/2010: Preki Concerned With Toronto's Negative Waves

Ahh, man I hate this town.

From, Preki wonders why TFC is so negative compared to the LA press who probably had no clue who or what Chivas USA was:
“We do have a plan (were just not sure what it is yet) and we’re working and talking all the time,” Preki said. “We’re trying to get better, but the better thing for us would be if we can see the city of Toronto gather around the team. Because in the short time I’ve been here I haven’t seen too many positive things around the team.”

Come on you guys, huzzah! TFC hasn't been in the playoffs ever and Preki drops four or five contributors and doesn't replace them. I can definitely see where this plan is going, can't you?

“It’s just a very negative setup around the city in terms of the press, the media and at some point I’m going to have to cut it off because my job is to defend these guys [and if it doesn’t improve] we’ll lose that relationship, all of us.”

Ohh, snap.

"I understand the results in the past, I fully understand that, but (I'm here now and I'm pretty awesome and) unless we get together and stick together as a city and an organization here we’re not going to go too far because that bridge has to be better and we have to see more positive things on the press side,” Preki said. “Obviously we want to see a better product and hopefully we’ll get that side a little bit better, and maybe we can get this [media] side a little better and we can get everyone more excited about the team.”

I'm kind of confused what the Toronto media has done so negative. They have a crap team and yet they still cover this crap team. The Toronto media should be getting Mo Johnston happy endings for this. And, this is good for Columbus because you can see that not even the coach is totally focused on Saturday yet. So, I see a blowout on the horizon.

**I'll have a match preview up early tonight, as well as some other stories.


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