Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/23/2010: Around 500 TFC Fans Expected On Saturday, What Kind Of Fans Will They Be?

First off, I was happy to see that a better than expected number of TFC fans are coming down to the game on Saturday, which is good because it helps with the overall atmosphere and the spurious nature of Crew opening weekend (I guess you take the good with the bad on that part). As just having away fans always makes any game more interesting no matter if it's TFC, Chicago, or D.C. United. 500 is a pretty good number considering the larger TFC groups, Red Patch Boys and U-Sector, have decided not to come as a group. The NEE! are still coming and apparently a bunch of randoms are coming; hopefully not the randoms who caused troubles last season trying to fulfill their hooligan fantasies. But, I have some concerns about the group of people that might be showing up. Either they're a bunch of 40 and 50 year olds not attached to the groups and have no clue that RPB and U-Sector are boycotting this game. Or there a bunch of teenagers and 20 something's that despite what the RPB's or U-Sector decided to do, decided to come to Columbus because they get off on causing a ruckus with Columbus fans and possibly even the cops.

Anyways, lets say that out of the group of 2,000 TFC fans last year, there were 200 down on the concourse that wanted to exchange profanities and whatever else with Crew fans. I think it's more than likely that those 200 will be back again compared to some of the TFC fans (RPB and U-Sector) that said enough of this, I'm going to New England. So, more than likely half of the TFC fans will be oblivious older adults just looking for an enjoyable time and the other half will be all the troublemakers from last year.

Just hope security is on top of it this year despite the smaller number of TFC fans. And, I might be totally off and everyone will just enjoy the match. Either way, I figure security will be on top of it this year because the Crew front office will want to keep the venue safe for all fans. But, it may not matter in terms of turning off some families, because some Crew families just skip out on this game and start their Crew season at the next one.


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