Monday, March 22, 2010

3/22/2010: TFC Fans Organize Away Trips Based On Cultural Activities

I guess when your team is such a joke that Ali Gerba is using an attorney to get out of it, you trade Welsh international Carl Robinson to New York for a draft pick (yet TFC is still paying for most of Robinson's salary to command the Red Bull midfield), trialists do not show up and decide they rather play in third division Portugal, and all the fans believe a rumor that Mo Johnston is throwing blows with players; I too would probably only organize my trips around sightseeing.

Your humor for the day straight from U-Sector:
"There are actual cultural type things to do in Boston."

Every away game I have been on from Washington D.C. to Chicago to Toronto, the only culture I wanted to see in any city is us kicking the other teams ass and a bar or a night club.

"I've been to Columbus four times for TFC games already. I'd much rather go to a city with more to offer (Boston)."

Sure they have more to offer. I mean yeah if your taking the trip to also tour Fenway Park and the site of the Boston Tea Party or something. As far as fans, they probably have more to offer as well for TFC "this is our house" types, as TFC will easily take over that place. Last year in Columbus not so much.

If TFC fans want to have a rivalry with a section of 15 people because they're scared of helicopters and mace, that's fine by me. I enjoy looking across the stadium and seeing 50 pitiful looking away support.

I'm hoping no one goes so the powers that be opt for us to play a different team to open our season next time around.

I can assure you it's our massive trips down to the rancid belly of the beast that is Columbus that's motivating the league to put us there first.

If we do things right this year, I bet we get Philly, NYC, or Boston from now on.

Yeah, I rather reinvent a rivalry with New York too so we can visit that lovely stadium two times a year, but rivalries don't work that way. Then again TFC isn't really a rival until they beat us which will be like never.

Fuck Columbush, that shitty won't even be in thish league in a couple yearsh.

We should start lobbying now for them to move to Syracuse or something. ;)

I can assure you that the best team and supporters section in MLS isn't going anywhere. ;-) Three more years of Mo Johnston and they'll have to move TFC because only 3,000 people will be able to bear that joke of a team for much longer.

Also, apparently North End Elite are still coming so they are the ones I can respect the most since they don't have to be treated like princesses to still show up.

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  1. Your correct. They cannot be our rival since they have never even beaten us. They never even make the playoffs. Sad. Just sad.