Monday, March 1, 2010

3/2/2010: Uncertain, Merky, Let's Play Toluca And Eat Some Beef Jerky

A full scale humourous comic of the Roster Compliance Day stituation can be viewed here via Crew fan Rick Thomas's manga cartoons.

Yeah I'm tired after writing page 20 of my sport facility risk analysis.. Hence, the awesome title and why this blog has been a little inactiver than usual. Anyways, there is some semi-fascinating/semi-enough already hullabolu going on around in MLS and elsewhere that I would like to share with you.. So in case you missed it, here ya go.

**I haven't ever liked much coming out of Toronto (suprise, surprise), but I think that there is an interesting take here on the whole CBA thing in this video with thoughts by the Toronto Sun's Steven "Style Guru" Sandor, click here.

Since I can't embed I added a picture of Mr. Sandor in a flashy sweatshirt so you knew which video to click on. Think it's worth a view as overall this was a pretty good three minute, power summary of the CBA situation(by the way, you should click on the link if your from Toronto). Anyways, I hope Mr. Sandor is right about the players having not a lot of leverage for in this economy, because frankly all I care about is if there is a season. Get something done please so I don't have to read anything else on the CBA.

By the way, what is the refund policy if there is a work stoppage?

**Apparently there will be a Toluca game, I think or guess so, well the Crew are still preparing for one. However, it will come as a surprise that Crew main man Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Frankie Hejduk will miss the first game at Crew Stadium because of yellow cards accumulation in the previous round. This is according to Shawn Mitchell, as well as something I saw posted on the Crew Union facebook earlier today.

Not a massive loss in my opinion in regard to Hejduk because Zayner does an above average job replacing Hejduk when he is out these days. But, GBS will be some shoes to fill against such a tough opponent as Toluca. With no Schelotto, I expect the Crew to either go with the two forwards type thing with either Herrera/Renteria or Herrera/Lenhart. Or possibly even give Duka a run out, as I'm assuming he will be groomed as the next Schelotto... But, I think the two forwards type deal is more likely since the Crew are unlikely to want to throw Duka (a recently injured Duka at that) out there as a rookie against a tough opponent such as Toluca right away. Duka, although helluva talented, might have to earn his stripes a little more before he is 100% percent counted on by Bobby.

Hejduk's take on it:
"I specifically remember being told last year that those yellows didn't carry over, but that was not correct, obviously."

Obvi, bro.

**Although I may be working for the Dayton Dutch Lions in a few weeks as an intern (starting around March 11-13).. By the way, I'll also have a fan website up for them around the 10th (like this, different format), when I get a few days of free time, so look for that.. Even though I may be working with them... I'm still looking forward to some bragging rights when Landon Donovan and company tear the Dutch a new one in Amsterdam on Wednesday.

The USA vs. Netherlands game can be viewed live on ESPN2 between 2:30-5:00 on Wednesday, set your DVRS.

Also, the Dutch Lions announced their new head coach today. Ajax former defensive mainstay with over 200 caps for the club in it's 90's glory years, as well as 25 Dutch Caps, Sonny Silooy. Click here for more info.

Here is the Dutch players on the team flanked by owners Erik Tammer and Mike Mossel:

Here is Head Coach Sonny Silooy

Sort of interesting to pick a defensive player to show the Dutch attacking style of soccer. But, Mr. Silooy has quite the resume at Ajax and is a coach that the players definitely can look up to.

Anyways, one team that could possibly benefit from a MLS work stoppage is the Dutch Lions.

**Happy roster compliance day has also been postponed due to the CBA situation. Deadline is in a few weeks, that will also likely be postponed for another deadline that will last a few more weeks after. More info here with Shawn Mitchell.

**Crew goalkeeper William Hesmer being a bad ass per Mitchell as well:
"I understand taking heat right now is part of my job. I am willing to put my neck on the line for what I believe is the best for the collective group of players and the league."

**I'm guessing based on the two goals Herrera had and the one goal and one assist that Renteria had in the 4-1 route of Chivas USA in the scrimmage this past Sunday. That both at the moment are most likely to play up top together in replacement of Schelotto.

**In closing, I have made one banner for Toluca next week. I'm debating whether to make a second or third.. I would like some definitive yes were having a game before I buy more paint. Anyways, hopefully I'll see everybody next week. At least give us one game, it has been a long offseason.

Go Crew. And, I'll be more up to date on this blog after this Wednesday. Education comes first.


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