Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3/2/2010: Crew Owner Clark Hunt Most Eligible Owner For English Clubs?

I'm just assuming that every English club in adminstration or financial trouble looks overseas for a big time American owner to bail them out. They say to themselves, "lets make up a rumor, maybe Mr. Hunt will look in the paper, and say yeah what the heck I'll buy that club." As, Clark Hunt, who already owns a massive club and winner in Columbus must look like a great suitor for English league success.

This is the second club in six months that Mr. Hunt was reportedly buying. Six months ago he was reportedly buying West Ham, although Clark Hunt denied that. Now Hunt is apparently trying his luck in the Championship with Crystal Palace (you sure it was not Crystal Palace Baltimore?). However, Mr. Hunt has denied this buy out as well.

Isn't it weird though that two clubs would report Mr. Hunt's interest in buying them over the last six months? Have to figure that Mr. Hunt is at least snooping around in that market.

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  1. What would Lamar do with the money? Buy up Euro clubs, or invest it in improving the facilities in Columbus and Dalla--ok yeah just Columbus. Come on Clark..once we get our roof over CCS and the Crewzers get a raise THEN you can buy anything you want